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  1. I have a similar set (really, I do) and have had them for over 20 years and was always told the were Buick, but I don't know for sure. I took a photo and put some dimensions on it for your benefit. I must tell you that they are ROUGH. The sockets in some places have split open and they are rusty, but if they are the same as yours, you can always have new sockets made for the cast ends. I hope you can read the numbers. I have both sides, but this is the better side. Frank 518-755-0986
  2. I don't put much energy toward the guy who shows up at the flea market spot with his wife and three kids (two in strollers). They will never buy... Now the lone guy who shows up in the rain with a garbage bag over his head... Now there is the buyer I want. Frank
  3. I'll be at Chocolate North C4Y-34-37 all week, stop by for a hot cup of coffee... Frank
  4. Is that a Johm Deere M?, My friend has two of them and I'll ask him... Frank
  5. Try vintagepowerwagons.com. We recently bought some used 16" wheels to replace the combat wheels on our 40's power wagon with good results. They were extremely helpful. Frank
  6. On the subject of misinformation from experts... Back in the 70's, we were on a short tour up through the Catskill Mountains with some family members and my brother was driving is Morgan +4. As we were leaving the breakfast spot, I overheard a young boy ask his father about the marque Morgan. His father replied that it was a Morgan made by it's parent company MG which stood for Morgan Garages... I l learned something new that day.... Frank
  7. 1939 Chevrolet? I was typing while you were... 1939 Olds it is...
  8. No longer for sale on Ebay????
  9. I wish the photo was larger with more detail. The car in the middle may be a late teens Marmon 34. At first I thought it might be a Studebaker Sheriff, but that had a closed car windshield. Frank
  10. So... I'll send you the $3.50 for the lamp, even though it is used... Can you provide free shipping?😀 Frank
  11. Just a Car Guy says it's Keyser after market:
  12. You might want to check this out. He says it's for a Hudson, but maybe the height would be the same... https://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-OF-1913-HUDSON-BRASS-ERA-HEADLIGHTS-WITH-STANDS-NICE-COMPLETE-CONDITION/133150053330?hash=item1f005c93d2:g:rCAAAOSwn0pdPIsi Frank
  13. We started vending in the old Blue Field and have had Associated every time, most pleased with their service. Frank
  14. oldford

    Marmon 34 parts

    I believe all of the distributor parts are gone... no generator... I'll check today on the distributor. Frank
  15. I'll be bringing this up to Waterbury, arriving Friday, mid day... See you in the flea market. $42500 518-755-0986 Frank
  16. Looks like we will be arriving Friday about mid day. I'll be bringing the EMF to try to sell...
  17. Thanks for the info... I think we'll come up Saturday. The last time I went was in 1980 and it rained. We drove our 1912 Ford T all the way from Rhinebeck, but didn't hit rain til we got to Chatham. The rest of the trip was a total wash-out. I'd do it again in a heartbeat... Frank
  18. Any info on the size of the flea market? How many vendors?
  19. The knob appears to be 1941 Ford, but the handle looks to be 1937 Ford. Either wrong knob or maybe non Ford. I'll keep looking... Frank
  20. Late 20's Graham (your photo is upside down...) Frank
  21. I've had American Classics for some time now, and I love them. As stated above, no balancing problems, very comfortable ride, white walls don't yellow... I did not even need Bleech-White to get them clean and white. I would definitely buy again... Frank
  22. Try the Model A guys. I don't know how long a piece you need, but the Model A uses 3 pieces about a foot long each... Frank
  23. Not a letter C or O.... Winged wheel. early symbol for wheels taking flight, so to speak. Frank
  24. Tempted to say 1915 Buick C55 7 passenger touring with accessory wire wheels..... Frank
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