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  1. For me, vending spaces, but the blurb in the pre-registration package doesn't specify. My guess is that if the don't acknowledge for one, they won't for any... Frank
  2. While completing the pre-registration card for the October meet, I read that confirmation cards will not be mailed this year. Any reason?? With possible mail problems are all too frequent, and the fact that this meet is possibly the biggest for me all year, it seems that a simple confirmation of some sort is warranted. Since Hershey Region has the emails from vendors, can't confirmation be returned via email? When I re-upped my membership at the Hershey meet, I expected to get my membership card in the mail before December. This year, no card. I called when I got the registration package and they emailed me a copy.... simple... My point is that mistakes or oversights happen every day and a simple confirmation might be required. Frank
  3. If by flathead you mean L head, then you're right. No removable head, but jugs cast in pairs... Frank
  4. 1941-1946 American Lafrance Series 500 firetruck. Frank
  5. 1932 Essex I think the 33 had the griffin ornament. What confused me was the appearance of Ryan headlights on the front. I kept thinking Franklin, but I now think its a 32 Essex. Frank
  6. According to the Spotter's Guide, the Coronet had a chrome strip only half way back, stopping at the door. This might be a Royal Sedan 1955. Frank
  7. Yes, from what I can see. But it looks like someone has bent the electrical connections up at a right angle, maybe to avoid contact with the case... Frank
  8. It was mounted to the generator. I have an NOS one if interested... Frank
  9. They look like E&J type 20 lights to me, if so, quite a bit more valuable than that... Frank
  10. Would they be interested in a 24 sedan as you describe? Frank
  11. They are obviously clincher rims with non demountable round felloes. I've seen the multiple valve stems before on other wheels, can't remember what the purpose was. With this custom (probably home made) body and the fancy seat, they could be just for decoration and have no other purpose... Frank
  12. My 1910 EMF (and most likely Bloo's Stude) uses a Splitdorf low tension magneto which simply supplies plus voltage to the high tension coil located on the dash board. The secondary of the dash board coil then sends the high voltage pulse back to the magneto's distributor to each of the spark plugs. VERY poor design, in my opinion. Most of these old Splitdorfs are not rebuildable, since much of the body is pot metal... Bosch's DU4 and DU6 magnetos were far superior... Frank
  13. Definitely Dodge Bros. Anyone need a pair... Frank
  14. Not to pick, but Harry Truman's middle initial should not be followed by a period. I should be Harry S Truman, since he did not have a middle name. When asked about his middle initial he said that since he had no middle name, just put an S there.... True story... Frank
  15. To my knowledge, the only mfg that had fuel pumps as early as 1928 were Graham, Olds, Pontiac, and Studebaker. Most of the others put fuel pumps on in 1929 or 1930. I would guess that the story of the lock on the patent is an urban myth, but I really don't know. I would venture to say that by the time 1928 came around, most of the cars had larger engines that required higher fuel demand and the vacuum pump just couldn't cut it. The need for higher fuel demand created the invention of the mechanical fuel pump. Frank
  16. For my money, I'll deal with Bill Hirsch anytime. Ask yourself this: Why do we in the antique auto hobby accept treatment by vendors such as described above? We seem to accept rudeness, extremely long wait times, sometimes poor service when it comes to our antique cars that we would never accept in other matters. To simply say that this is the nature of the beast is something I will never understand. I have been making antique car parts for over 30 years and can count the number of dissatisfied customers on one hand. I treat my customers with the same expectations I have with the vendors I deal with. Schmoozing the customer is part of the cost of doing business... Frank
  17. Try: John Boorinakis 545 Dairy Road Auburn, CA 95603 Phone 530-885-4956 He has done work for me and is very good.... Frank
  18. If you remove the fan belt, does the noise stop? If so, might be the bearings in the water pump. Does it change frequency with the change in engine speed? Frank
  19. Hope this doesn't sound stupid... Can your distributor cap be turned 180*? I'v had caps that someone in the past has cut another key notch to fit 180 out... Just a thought Frank
  20. I saw him at Hershey this year and he is doing well, indeed. Frank
  21. The nickeled radiator shell points to 1927 or 1928, but yes, it's a REO Flying Clound. Frank
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