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  1. My National Service Data manual shows distributor 635 (with different suffixes) fits a 4 cylinder Chevrolet from 1926-1929. It may be a later replacement. Frank
  2. Bingo! I think you may have it...
  3. Looked for one in Hershey and found it... Plater has it now. He will replace the broken foot. 12 weeks wait, just in time for Christmas.. Frank
  4. I'm not sure what you have there, but it doesn't look correct. The channel just below the windshield frame on the cowl indicates that something was bolted there, most likely a windshield frame. Also, the posts appear to have a crack near the hinge that may have occurred from compressing the posts you have to meet that windshield. The original windshield would never have had that huge gap between the glass and the cowl. I would suggest researching other open big sixes and get the correct windshield. Frank
  5. Just a guess, but based on the front fender design and what appears to be part of a cowl lamp showing, I'd say a 24 Studebaker 7 passenger Big Six with wood wheels instead of the disk wheels below. Frank
  6. Thanks, guys. I am trying to determine who had aluminum bodied cars in the 20's. This will be in Hershey at C4Y 34-37 if anyone wants to look at it. Frank
  7. I have two of the rings pictured, not sure if you can use them. I'll bring them to Hershey C4Y 34-37. Frank
  8. Found a rear section from a sedan body. It is made of aluminum and is 56" wide by 22" high. I don't think it is Ford. Anybody recognize it? Frank
  9. Can deliver to Hershey, if interested. Spaces C4Y 34-37 Frank
  10. The door handles remind me of the acorn handles used by Hudson in 1929. Not very clear, but they appear close... Frank
  11. Will you have some Moxie to go with that Spam? Frank
  12. Why are we calling this car a hot rod? It's pretty obvious that this car was put together in an attempt to commit fraud. A similar story emerged a few years ago about a Marion built from an Overland with similar results. Just goes to prove my theory that if a lie is told enough times, it becomes the truth. Frank
  13. It looks to be left hand wound (like left hand thread), 8 turns, eyes on opposite sides. Please verify that data and ID and OD. I have about a hundred springs. I don't have correlation to those bendix numbers above. Frank
  14. 28-29 with the screw on cap. Frank
  15. I have 5 of the wheel clamps that you have pictured. They look to be the same with a 3/8" fine thread nut. Frank
  16. The only ring seems to be where the keeper for the gear goes. My Ford parts books show the axle and the gear as one part number. I would expect that the gear would be pressed on the axle like it was for the Model T. Frank
  17. I guess I'll have to start looking for the greyhound. I like it much better than the quail... Frank
  18. If anyone has a photo of the greyhound locking cap with motometer, I would like to see it... Frank
  19. I'll have a left front fender from a 1940 Oldsmobile at C4Y 34-37 if anyone is interested.Some surface rust, but otherwise solid. Reasonable offers entertained... 518-755-0986. Frank
  20. Not Model T. Not sure what it is, but I'm sure it's not Model T. Frank
  21. I think the left headlight wires come from the right side headlight socket. At least that is what the schematic diagram indicates. Could be corrosion in the left side socket or the wires are not plugged.... Frank
  22. I have 5 yards of nice heavy wool broadcloth suitable for auto seats or door panels for sale. Purchased from Kanter many years ago, stored in a smoke free environment inside a sealed bag. Pattern is alternating brown and tan stripes about 1/8" wide each with a repeating green thread every 3/4" or so. Nicely understated pattern. $30 per yard for a total of $150. Can bring to Hershey. 518-755-0986. Frank
  23. I would say 1959 Ford Car. This is a photo of just the red lens and Dennis Carpenter's catalog shows an optional taillight door in chrome... Frank
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