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  1. Claes G Norström was registred on A4750 15/5 1920, but the 3/7 1920 the car was removed from the register. 40 hk and 6 pers.+driver. He was also registred on A3315 in 1915 ,no other info on this car.Maybe the same car but the number could have been changed in 1916 as many other cars at that time here in Sweden.?
  2. Oakland 1925-1926 looks more right to me,
  3. Thanks Vintman. I`l try googling. Leif in Sweden.
  4. Got this 2 pictures photo from a friend,he is wondering what car it is? Sorry about the resulotion. Leif in Sweden.
  5. How about Commonwelth ? http://www.massingnickel.se/orgcommonwealth.html
  6. Here is a 1928 Buick Master frame with a GMC front axle.
  7. The frame on top is probebly a 1928 Buick .The 2 below are not Buick.
  8. It more looks like a 1910.Pictures from "Seventy Years of Buick"
  9. I think that is from a Willys Knight mid 20:s.