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  1. Looks close to Morris 1936-1937,but this car dosen`t seems to have "suisides"doors as most of the Morris have,?and it seems to be a 2 seat coupe model as well.Body built in AU? Leif in Sweden.
  2. You are right Saltbush,it`s a Cleveland probebly 1925. Leif in Sweden.
  3. Leif Holmberg

    Make of speedster?

    Selden maybe? Leif in Sweden.
  4. Leif Holmberg

    Help! Standard pistons size , 1949 Buick super

    Why are you changing the pistons,broken or what???????? They looks really good in the picture. Leif in Sweden.
  5. Leif Holmberg

    Help! Standard pistons size , 1949 Buick super

    There are 2 size of engines 248cu in,and 320 cu in.Try this if your engine is a 248 cu in..https://www.kanter.com/content/Buick/kanter_Buick_1949_Engine_Parts_5793.html Leif in Sweden.
  6. Leif Holmberg

    Help Identify This Badge - 1920s / 1930s

    Looks Packard 1929-1931 to me. Leif in Sweden.
  7. Leif Holmberg

    What is this ?

    You are right Dosmo 1952 looks right. Leif in Sweden.
  8. Leif Holmberg

    What is this ?

    Ford Mercury Monterey 1953 with a modified front bumper. Leif in Sweden.
  9. Leif Holmberg

    Steering Wheel

    Fat man steering wheel,
  10. Leif Holmberg

    Need help on Banjo steering Wheel ID

    Here are the exakt one in a Swedish Volvo PV. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1342&bih=710&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=GncXXMTqM8OcsgHT-auwBA&q=volvo+pv++banjo+steering+wheel&oq=volvo+pv++banjo+steering+wheel&gs_l=img.3...33672.34963..35297...0.0.. Leif in Sweden
  11. Leif Holmberg

    Car from film 'Little Dieter Needs to Fly'

    Yes a 1947-1948 Buick Convertible.
  12. Leif Holmberg

    Whippet truck?

    The angle between the cowl and bonnet-hood are wrong ,the radiator are probebly 1-1.5" too high (2-4 cm.)in my opinion. Leif in Sweden.
  13. Leif Holmberg

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    The door molding looks right on Stoewer too,as well as the higher monted head lights and rounded radiator schrud. Leif in Sweden.
  14. Leif Holmberg

    German photo: Is this a Horch... or?

    Looks to be a Horch 1931-1932 Mod.420 3 litres.
  15. Leif Holmberg

    Wanted Fisher Parts Price Book 1924-1927

    Thanks RODW. But not interrested in this years book.Looking for 1924-1927 years books. Leif in Sweden