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  1. 1923 are smaller than 1925 nuts Larry have on his cars.
  2. Same rear wheel bearing numbers from 1925-1928 Std.models.
  3. No problem to chance these packings,just loosen the brass nuts "left and right threads" remove the old packing and install the new ones.(just remember the left and right threads!)If the axle are rusty or wear it will not help for a long time.Remember to tighten the brass nuts after a short driving or after you stop driving!
  4. Pete.I have conversed many of my 1920 s Buick but I have got the old updraft carb back again on all of them just becuse it didnt help to get a lower consumtion or a better speed,I shoud not recomend to to that on any 1920s Buick.40 years ago I put a SU carburetor on my 1925 std model and I measured the consumtion and it was exakt the same as when used the updraft carb.Leif in Sweden
  5. These Citroén was built in France,Belgium and England.
  6. The threaded bolt goes from outside thru the body to the brackets inside.
  7. Here are the top hold down and the inside brackets an bolts.Different types on mod.34 and 35.
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