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  1. It looks to be 3 Buicks 1937-1938 to the left.
  2. How about a photo of the Darracq,? I could only find one picture of a Darracq race car,I also found a Motobloc car with a radiator badge similar to the car in question from mässing-nickel.
  3. Registrated owner in 1907 A282 Gustav Eriksson Automobilfabrik ?
  4. Could the reg.number be A999? if so, in 1910 it was registred on Albin Herman Gustavsson Droskägare???? No name on the car so far!
  5. I have similar bumpers market Buick,but I think late 1920s Oakland are more close?Haven`t found any Buick bumpers close to those.
  6. Looks to be Studebaker and Pontiac around 1930.?
  7. Brad. Hope you feel well in those corona times.Here we are staying at home most of the times,but yesterday we did a short trip with our 1956 Buick . This`s the Swedish vehikle testing facility(Svensk bilprovning) and that even include the emissions testing.No problem with the emissions on this Flanders,I had checked it earlier in my garage with my own CO tester All that for the security when driving on the Swedish roads and not to high emissions. If a car has been out of the register you need to do a new registration,this Flanders had been out since around 1925. Older vehikles only do this 1 times then they are free to be driven the rest of it`s "live". All registratet vehikles as MC:s ,cars,trucks,buses,camps, go thu this testing some of them every year and some of them every second year.We have had that since 1960:s The owner have had this 1911 Flanders since 1954 piced up on a "skrap yard"and looked as in the picture here. He`s 87 years young now,"still going strong" as you say.But not able to finished the restoring! Leif in Sweden.
  8. I asked for help last year,and got in tuch with those two people,and I got an incredible help from Daryl in US and Steven in Canada,Many THANKS to both of you. I started the to finish the restoring of a friend of mines started restoring long time ago!Today he has own the 1911 Flanders for 66 year and he told me he never thought he should see this car on the road or hear to the enginge running! I started the ending of the restoring in the beginning of Oktober 2019 to made all 4 fenders as well as running boards as well as a lot other things. Here are the result after 6 month,not much has been done on the car the last 2 month other than small fix.I have spent around 1100 houers on the car. Leif in Sweden.
  9. looks like an ornament on a fender skirt,but dont know what car it will fit.
  10. You have to register on this site.I have a 124" wooden propeller on this site to get info. http://woodenpropeller.com/forumvB/forumdisplay.php?s=1b0513d495aadb6577d1b2a74da07170&f=9 Admin remove if you want,I know it`s wrong place for aero. Leif in Sweden
  11. Kean. Your hub cap looks to be different? Leif in Sweden.
  12. Thanks Gunsmoke and jrbarlett. The wheel will be picked up next week by a friend of mine 500 miles from here,but I don`t think I will have the wheel at home before the end of the summer? But I hope I can have some photos taken by the girl that will pic up the wheels. Leif in Sweden.
  13. Info.from the seller is 10 lug holes and all of them has a lock ring.The pictures are not the very best,really hard to see how many holes there are on the picture,but of course it would be easier it it was 8 holes?.Anyway,I took a chanse and bought them anyway,but they are close to 500 miles from where I live. Leif in Sweden
  14. Kean Thanks. I think you are right,the seller told me the total diameter is 22" that`s why I thought it was a 21" wheel? He also say it is 10 lug holes,but just wonder if it is lug holes or steering holes?To me it looks to be a wheel with an inner hub? just becuse of the "wide" hole in the middle? It very much looks like your picture of a Packard wheel. Have been looking in my catalog but couldn`t find any with 10 lug holes. What make of wire wheels used Packard normaly? In 1926-1927 it seems to be Budd in my catalog. Could it be for a commercial vehicle? Leif in Sweden.
  15. How about Lincoln 1932-1933.The hub caps are close?
  16. Anyone have a clue what kind of car those 21" I think wheels will fit there are 10 holes for the steering up to the center? Seems to have "lockring" I have no more measuring of the wheels so far. Leif in Sweden.
  17. Not a Buick gauge of any year. Leif in Sweden.
  18. The filler tube on wrong side too.But the car in question seems to have a tube between the frames? Leif in Sweden.
  19. This 1929 looks close!http://classiccardb.com/nash/144239-1929-nash-440-barnfind-5-passenger-sedan.html Leif in Sweden.
  20. But the question for me,what make of car is`t just to be 100% sure? Not sure about an Opel! Leif in Sweden.
  21. Here are a picture just outside the Olympiad Stadion in Stockholm in 1912.Just where the car was pictured. Leif in Sweden.
  22. Thanks Varun Coutinho. I have copied and reversed as well,also asked on the facebook side Mässing Nickel here in Sweden if it this picture are taken outside of the Stockholm Stadion? When looking at the "bricks" Varan:s picture is right . Leif in Sweden
  23. How about NSU.http://www.massingnickel.se/orgnsu.html
  24. I think this`s an Overland hood year? Look at the hood on this Overland 1914 just as en example of an Overland hood.