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  1. It looks like a gauge with both vacuum and pressure,but I have no idea where it could have been used for.?????
  2. I think the "frame"are mid 20s Packard.(The picture show a 1924 Packard.)
  3. Can`t belive this`s an Oldsmobile of any kind,it more looks lika a Hynes arond 1920?
  4. As "sagesfinds" say , probebly Hupmobile 1915-1917?
  5. Buick 1927,but the lower part are missing.
  6. The very right year for this Buick instrument gauge are probebly 1924-1925 Master model.
  7. 1927 Stds.Model 24 .(1926 has a splited front window.)
  8. Buick was my first thought too,just becuse of the radiator top shape,1921-1922 Buick has that curved lower windows.But I don`t think it`s a Buick at all,as PFindley say no outer door handles,front fenders not curved as Buick fenders at that time as well as the rear part of the top.?
  9. No Chevrolet,Oldsmobile -Pontiac perhaps?
  10. Looks very close to Willys-Whippet 1925-1928.
  11. English Morris had that type of louvres on the cowl in 1920s.
  12. Willy Knight mid 20s (1926)
  13. It`s for 1924-1925 Buick,depending on the diameter it`s for a 4 cyl. or 6 cyl.1924 or 1925 Std model or Master model same year.Master 1925 or 1924 6 cyl. total diam.10 7/8" smaller diameter for 4 cyl.1924 or 1925 Std.models.
  14. You hade to measur the diameter too? 15" more looks like a boat steering wheel to me!
  15. You have to measur the diameter too?
  16. The closet I can find are coach built Stoewer ,it has the right number of 5 rim bolts as well as the rivets in the wheel center in front and rear.Not the right model but the only one I found.
  17. Need your help with this car,what is it and year? Picture taken in Sweden.
  18. Never seen that number on a SKF bearing?How about to measure the bearing?
  19. Looks to anything to the radioantenna? On-Off maybe?
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