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  1. Late 20's Graham (your photo is upside down...) Frank
  2. I've had American Classics for some time now, and I love them. As stated above, no balancing problems, very comfortable ride, white walls don't yellow... I did not even need Bleech-White to get them clean and white. I would definitely buy again... Frank
  3. Try the Model A guys. I don't know how long a piece you need, but the Model A uses 3 pieces about a foot long each... Frank
  4. Not a letter C or O.... Winged wheel. early symbol for wheels taking flight, so to speak. Frank
  5. Tempted to say 1915 Buick C55 7 passenger touring with accessory wire wheels..... Frank
  6. Well, that certainly nails it. Thanks for pointing that out... Frank
  7. Interesting that this car still has 30x3 1/2 tires all about. This definitely makes it a 1926. By 27, the balloon tires were standard equipment. Frank
  8. I've had this post card for over 30 years and have yet to identify it. On the back, written in pencil is Houpt-Rockwell? I've scoured the Standard Catalog and may have it narrowed to that plus the following: Keystone, Locomobile, or Simplex. Any ideas from the gallery???
  9. It might just be a plug that someone put in covering a fixed jet. Frank
  10. As I study the original photo, could the image be the generator with the distributor mounted to the back, rather than the carburetor? If so, Chalmers is still a good match... Also, note the height of the block above what might be the generator... Frank
  11. I googled images for a 1917 Chalmers engine and found this. Carburetor is on the left side. Jugs cast in pairs were used up through at least 1915 but could not find a photo of a 16 engine. The same engine was used, at least to my knowledge up through 1922. I'll keep looking... Frank
  12. Sent you a PM. If you need other stuff for your E75, let me know. A lot of stuff in my stash... 518-755-0986 Frank
  13. I'll look to see what I have and get back to you...
  14. The irons seem to be light duty... maybe for a buggy. I have a pile that are quite similar that came from one.. Frank
  15. The rear hub looks like REO. Frank
  16. The radiator shell on the original car seems to be more arched than the Durant above. Frank
  17. Found this photo of a 1920 Willys-Knight. Very similar hood and radiator but different headlights and windshield. Fenders look similar also... I found another post of the exact same car listed as a 1917, so who knows... Frank
  18. The unknown early firetruck looks to be a circa 1920 LaFrance Type 75 Frank
  19. I think the bumper on the original car does not reach the wheel well and there is a different color wide stripe that seems to go along the base of the hood. Here is a Stude Champion from 1941. I wish the original photo was better...
  20. I called this morning. They were very helpful, but do not have this clip either. Frank
  21. Yes, they do not have these.. Auveco is checking the obsolete stock. Not holding too much hope...
  22. In need of 3 or 4 belt molding clips, PN 358397-S. These are unique to the convertible. Frank 518-755-0986
  23. In need of 3 or 4 belt molding clips, Ford PN 358397-S. These are unique to the convertible. Frank 518-755-0986
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