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  1. I have been running a A1 Cardone for the last 3 years from Rock Auto with no issues. Prices for 89 ECM Rock Auto, A1 Cardone and AC Delco are about the same $81.79 Cardone and $93.79 delco. The Core charges are $9 cardone, $90 for delco. When I got mine 3 years ago there were no core charges, Wonder if the supply is getting low so now they want the old one back Looked up the 88, no core charges on most of them. Rock Auto shows the part numbers for the years maybe this will help.
  2. From the Reatta Colors book. Bright Red with Slate interior numbers. Black top 16, White Top 8, Saddle Top 1. This car is at least a 1 in 16 or lower depending on the Top Color. Looks to be a Nice car.
  3. The brush on Varnish self levels and smooths out. Spray on may leave a textured finish depending on how fast it drys. Let us know how it works if you try it. Also make sure you can remove it if needed without harming the tail light. Mineral Spirits will remove the Spar Varnish and not harm the tail light.
  4. The TPS is easy to check using an ohm meter. I think the procedure is on the ROJ.
  5. High Idle that won't change like you described might be Throttle Position Sensor. when they go bad that will do this. Both of these can be checked via the CRT but since you have a 1990 you may see if any codes are present. Bad or sticky IAC usually will usually only come in to play when warmed up and in gear like sitting at a red light or stall. Bad TPS will always give you high reading all the time, warmed up or not.
  6. Yes Thank You Barney. Wow 142 in Maryland. I have only ever seen 2 others. One at the Rockville fall car show several years ago and one near where I live. Passed it on a Sunday. I think it was driftwood convertible.
  7. In my opinion Paint Condition is you biggest concern. Car needed a re-paint will easily exceed it value by a large amount unless you can paint it yourself.
  8. I agree with Padgett. My car also set for a long time before I was able to really work on it. When I got mine it had the old fuel pre-ethanol. I would start the car every so often, Knowing it was low on fuel I added some one day while I was mowing. It was ethanol fuel. Car stopped running after a little awhile and could not get it to start again. When I started working to make it road ready again. That fuel mix gummed up the fuel pump and killed it. After getting new pump in Tank Clean , lines clean, new fuel filter. Still would not start, Would start with starting fluid, Fuel pressure was good. Pulled the injectors and all were clogged. You need to do a detailed complete inspection under the car. Engine Cradle Mounts, Fuel Lines, Drop Tank. If rusty inside replace it.
  9. I Bought shims from Rock Auto 2 years ago after getting the car aligned. Shop gave me the values needed for the rear and they said none of their sources had the rear shims available. I also got the Camber Bolt Kit for the front but have not needed it. The rear shims install between the rear hub and knuckle.
  10. Here are some more Pictures, I think Marck's are at better angles than mine. I did not see Jim or Ed on Saturday. Handmedownreatta was there on Friday for the show. There are some pictures on the Show Link. We had a Great Time, Great People can't wait for next year. Jim & Nicks BBQ was wonderful.
  11. Also If you have a long enough socket extension you could try a breaker bar on it. If none of the above helps try a freeze spray or you could soak it with PB blaster, let it soak good and try it again.
  12. Mine is pretty accurate. My main commuting drive is mix Highway with 2 mountains, and some stop and go with a little in town driving. My display reads 24 mpg and hand calculated is a bit higher. If you are getting 16 mpg and not a lot of stop or short trips you car many need a tune up. Bad Oxygen sensor will cause bad MPG along with other issues. On my road trips I have seen 30 mpg on the display and had calculated again was slightly higher.
  13. I usually show my car 3 to 4 times a year. Its about supporting the Local Buick Clubs Shows, Or the get together at the Spring Charlotte Auto Fair Reatta gathering. My Car needs paint and other small things. I go to meet people, answer Reatta Questions, I have a book that shows all the work I have done. I do not care about awards. The Buick Shows I have been to usually have People Choice awards based on classes. I won one last year because I had the only car present in the Class. The Fall Rockville MD show I go to is full of high end cars, No modified cars allowed and I get lots on questions and positive comments about the Reatta every year I go. Just out to have some fun.
  14. Here are picture of the Child restraint parts one not shown that mounted with the side floor seat belt bold. Cassette Holder fits in the top of the console. The Fog light covers were in the car in the bag. GM # 18503633. I am not sure if the Dealer supplied them or if they came with the car. I do not have the Window sicker for the car. I also have a Keyless Entry system installed by the dealer. Here is a picture of the the remote. I also have the Factory Cargo Strap.
  15. Ronnie, I will take a picture and post it. They are still in the original bag I think with part number. I display them with the car when I take it to shows.
  16. I have the child seat hookup parts for the front passenger seat. The Original owners had small child when she bought the car. I also have the cassette organizer for the console no one ever mentions and the Fog Light Covers that came with the car, they have the Buick emblem on them.
  17. Ronnie I used the Wire Kit and Relays, but I mounted the relays on the drivers side underhood Fusebox cover. Was thinking someday of placing them under the cover. I did not want them on the strut tower, that side is crowded already. All I had to extend. was the battery wire.
  18. Bob, Do the relay harness upgrade before trying the LED lights. The relay will take the load off the headlight switch and provide full battery power to the headlights. The new wiring helps also since the headlight plugs are usually weak and corroded. I made this change on my 88 to take the load off the switch. But the silver stars are so much brighter now I see no reason to get LED's. The lights are brighter than the lights in my 97 truck . Bright and Clear.
  19. Mecum selling prices. The 60K mile Coupe $ 2,750. The 1990 240 mile Select 60 $25,850. A new High and a new low for what looked like a nice 89 Coupe.
  20. Change the OX sensor. Bad one will cause stalling when computer the goes into closed loop at warmup. You can unplug it to test. If car stays running the the OX sensor is bad.
  21. Dave You are correct about being much Brighter after the Relay install. I did my car about 3 months ago and WOW what a difference from before. They are brighter then the ones in my Truck. I was looking for an light upgrade and considered the led's. But after the relay install with direct battery power to the lights solved that.
  22. Items that I hope to work on in 2018. Have seats redone due to dry-rotting stitching. Rewire the Keyless entry. Trunk release works good but doors are intermittent. This is a GM keyless system Dealer Installed in 88. I will have to take some picture on the module and key fobs when I rewire it. Plan to continue to dive it more and attend as many show events I can. Happy New Year !!!
  23. After all the work done to make this car road worthy, safe and reliable. The cost on my budget went higher then I wanted. Since I have more in it than I could sell it for I decided to just drive it more. I planned to put no money into this year. I did try to keep the car out of the weather as much as I can. The year started early for the new drive it more. I have a 97 Ford F250 7.3 diesel truck which is my main commuter vehicle. This turned out to be truck problem year. I had 4 events that brought the Reatta in as backup. The Reatta stared the season dealing with spring snow and salt due to Truck Trans failure and 2 other mid year events and one last week on the 4 degree morning. The Reatta performed perfectly on all the forced backup drives and my regular driving and events. Drove it at least once a week on my commuter run of 50 miles round trip. 2017 Events Attended: 2017 Spring Auto Fair, 12 Reatta's attended. Meet some great people. Kudos for Marck Barker who arranged this event. Plan to go again this year. Mason-Dixon Chapter show, June 3, 2017. Great smaller show my second year going. I like to support Buick events if I can. Car actually won First Place In Class Award ( It was the only car in the class attending so it won by default LOL, Every Dog does have its Day!) Rockville MD Fall Car show. My 3rd Year going. Great 200 plus car show, Non judged, Only Reatta present last 2 years, Get lots of comments and questions at this show. Car has been a pleasure to drive and have enjoyed using it more. It still needs Paint and now seat work. Stitching is dry rotting. Get Out and enjoy your cars in 2018. Some event and other pictures for last year.
  24. Congratulations Ronnie. Thank You for taking up this job. Great Choice Mr Earl. Ronnie I know you will do a wonderful job moderating.
  25. This suggestion is out of the box thinking, But had an issue with my car that seemed to be trans locking and causing driveabilty issues at Higher speeds, MAF was causing a De-fueling issue . On my car it turned out to be a MAF Sensor. It costs nothing to test. Just unplug the MAF and give it a drive. Car will be running on default ECM vaules when unplugged. Also ,The CRT will display gear changes an TC lockup if you are in Diag. ECM mode. I have had 3 other GM front wheel car Transmission rebuilds donein the past. In my area a good shop I use cost between $1500 and $1800 with removal and reinstall.
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