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  1. I had an issue with random misfires under load. It was bad enough it kept the car from attending the Allentown event. After going over ignition related stuff 3 or 4 times with no solution and tins of frustration. I found the large loomed wire harness on the firewall was not tied up high but much lower, about mid way down, Near OX sensor. I pulled up the harness and tied it up high. Problem solved. I was getting inducted signals from the harness.
  2. When it dark enough out side or in you garage with light off. open the hood and start it. See if you have any arcing from the plug wires to ground. I would suspect the rear bank wires first. I you do not see any arcing then it may be bad coil pack, spark plug wire or spark plug. How old are the Wires and Spark plugs?
  3. I use my Cell for Google maps or Waze. I have a modified Stock Radio and use Bluetooth FM module to play mp3 audio and voice prompts from the maps thru the radio. Works Great for me.
  4. Unplug the MAF sensor and see if it runs better. Easy Test. Would help to know if the problem is all the time or only after warmed up and running in closed loop.
  5. 91Tonado. Use the write up for this on the ROJ. Its easier to read there. As long as the bolts work you should be good. You can PM me if you have any questions on Monday.
  6. Thank You Dave for the Update, and Ronnie for having it on the ROA. I am very happy that this is saving lost of cars from the junk yards due to this issue. Hard to believe I did this in 2014. But I can report no issues using these to date.
  7. For Repair use: He has re-done 2 for me. Eddie Voland repairs '88-89 CRTs. Contact him for current prices to get your CRT repaired. eddievoland@yahoo.com (443) 536-9591 (MD)
  8. I am not sure if you need to add the Harness on the 90-91's. I thought the factory added Relays for this to take the load off the Headlight Switches. 88 all the power is drawn thru the Headlight Switch. I think the 89 are the same as the 88's.
  9. I did not use the relays that come with the kit. I already had some 20A Bosch Relays from when I used to do Car Audio Installs that I used. I also mounted my on the Drivers Side by the fuse box instead of the battery side. I have not had any issues since the install. Also not sure if they will work properly with only one light connected.
  10. For me its either an 88 or 91. 88 For the touch screen, Low production, Better Cam, the lower pod that has the 5 switches. This was an 88 Only item. No glove Box Handle. Its easy to add keyless entry to an 88, Mine has a GM Goodwrench Keyless entry that was installed at the Dealer when new. 91 for Engine and Trans, and no Teves, Also low production numbers. Tom I am in the Smithsburg MD area and go to the Leesburg Car and Coffee often on Sundays mornings. Cars and Coffee Leesburg is a Public Facebook Page. There are many pictures of my car out there. If you want to drive mine we could arrange it.
  11. I thought awhile back someone posted about a seized Alternator or AC pulley that was keeping the engine from turning over and starting on a car they just bought thinking the motor was bad. They removed the Belt and it fired right up. Just another thing to look at if everything else checks out.
  12. I only track prices because I am thinking of selling mine this spring. My Car was Free to me when I got it. I was not looking for a Reatta either. I have honored what the original owner requested when she gave it to me. I do have money invested that I will not recoop to to make the car what it is today. Safe Driver and Show car. I would love to see pricing go up. Then it might make sense to have mine repainted. This is all my car needs. You can lookup the My Reatta Story it was posted on the forums. I have been Driving alot since right now there is no salt on our roads. Take it to Cars and Coffee Leesburg VA often, it well received there.
  13. Just about what I would have thought. I have been watching values drop for the last 2 years. 2 years ago a nice 40K mile Convertible would bring 10 to 15K, Coupes 7 to 10. Now you are lucky if you can get 8K for nice Convertible, and under 5K for coupe. The guy who had the Select 60 should have taken the 25K and ran. Its truly a buyers market.
  14. Lot #324 1990 BUICK REATTA CONVERTIBLE, This is an excellent cruiser with only 5,775 actual miles (title reads mileage exempt) No Reserve, Sale is for today's Docket .https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1990-BUICK-REATTA-CONVERTIBLE-237141 Will be interesting to see what this one sells for.
  15. Chris, You need to test fuel pressure while doing your tests. Get a Fuel pressure gauge or borrow one from Auto Parts Store. You need to be in the 40+psi range for proper engine performance. Without gauge you will not be able to tell if there is any pressure differences with any of the tests. If key on looks good with gauge then I see no need to do the other tests. Check the Fuel Regulator, If you have gas is coming out the vacuum line, regulator is bad, and this could be part of your issue.
  16. Welcome to the forums. When you get it running good MPG on CRT should average in 25 MPG range mixed driving. I have gotten over 30 mpg on long highway runs. It takes a couple of tanks for the average to come up from driving. It not an instant MPG system. I am not sure if it uses the in tank fuel level for any of the calculations. My sending unit is bad but MPG averages work the same as before it went bad. I hope you get it sorted soon.
  17. I got my spares from 90 GM trucks.
  18. Chris. I used the directions I found on the forum and might also be on the ROJ. This was the procedure to remove the outputs from the stock amp and wire in RCA from the pre-amp part of the factory radio module. I am running my modified stock unit to a 4 channel amp running all speakers and sub. This setup lets me run the radio as designed, I use Bluetooth FM modulator to send Music and Map audio when I want. Also this radio mod. will remove the factrory DNR limitations in the stock radio which is a bonus. I did not have good results using in the MP3 I had to the Cassette wiring, Not enough volume and no way to easily change tracks. I will try to see if I can find the Radio Mod write up.
  19. Hope you can make it. I am already registered so I will be there for sure.
  20. Hello Everyone. I am going to the Carsile Fall Event tomorrow and will be driving the Reatta, and maybe the Hershey show on Friday. The the Rockville car show on October 19th, This is a great all original show 25 year and older. So if you are in the MD, PA, West VA area come out to one of these events. You can still register for the Rockville show the day of the event. I know there are Reatta's around me I have seen 2 convertibles in my area. So come out and show them !!. Just for fun I ran a Marti report on my 97 Ford truck since I have never seen one just like it. Found out it is a 1 in 4. It will be eligible to show in a little over 2 years so I will be working it it now to make it more show ready. So I have a 1 in 46 Reatta and a 1 in 4, 97 Ford F250 Diesel Time to take the Reatta out and enjoy some shows !!! Let me know if any of you are going to Carsile or Hershey, We could try and meet up.
  21. Jayarbee, After trying to get my car running years ago after it sat for a long time and had mixed old gas and ethanol in it, Mine had the same symptoms as yours. You will need to get a Noid Test light Kit. This will allow you to see if the ECM is sending signals to the injectors. If not bad ECM. Mine had this issue. Then I corrected the ECM and still had issues. I had extremely clogged injectors. I created I injector cleaning station using a fuel rail and wire harness from a 4 cylinder Saturn I had laying around, Old fuel pump and used a battery to power the injectors, and ran sea foam thru them. Got them cleaned up pretty good. I could not get good spray pattern from all of them. I decided to install Bosche III injectors rated and made to work in the Reatta. Summary, Get Noid Kit, test ECM, If ECM is good then you have clogged injectors. Make sure you do have good fuel pressure at the rails.
  22. Here is the Relay harness I ordered thru the Reatta Store https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BMN30HY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I installed this in my car and made huge difference In brightness using the Silver Star Lights. With the harness lights are fed direct battery power and not thru the light switches or the small wires. I hope this person did some research on the LED. The Truck Lights were the only ones people said had good pattern. They may end up with poorer performance over all. The Harness with the Silver Stars is the way to go for performance and cost. I do drive my car often at night. Last 2 weeks I have at least 5 hours of night driving. I hope the harness link helps.
  23. I wonder if the pull downs used in the 80"s and maybe newer Camaro and Firebird Hatches would work? There should be lots of those around in junk yards and maybe in new form from parts vendors.
  24. padgett, Not sure if you are talking about a Reatta or another car. Thoughts. You need to a way to verify temps. A thermal reading device might help to read host temps to see if they are inline with what the car is showing. Have you checked the Temp Sensor for Buildup that could cause errors in temp reading or any other issues with the sensor? Also the trans temp will cause temp rise at idle for the cooling system. Adding if not present a trans cooler may help.
  25. Ken, There is a Photo Sensor in the front plastic cover the controls the panel lights. When bad it will do just what you have described. Being an 88. You can use the CRT diagnostics to test the sensor. It will be in the BCM section, Find sensor and choose override. .To replace you have to remove the panel. There is good documentation on the Reatta Owners Journal about this. it show how to make a pull up tool so you don't crack the padded dash.
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