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  1. The one next to it towards passenger side looks like the same black stuff but not as bad, Is it a sealant used or caused by heat do you think?
  2. The 3 relays on the firewall, what is the middle one for? It has black stuff all over the wires and socket , looks like something melted here.
  3. Found ECM unplugged, re connected, Diag. for computer communication now says OK, Main Dash display had electrical connect problem light lit. Measured resistance on coils 2 read 11.5K ohms bottom one just over 12K. going to test all wires with timing light and pull a couple of plugs to re-check for fuel. When the pimp quit last year it had old fuel and I added some with ethanol in it and I think it killed the pump. I put treated fuel in it after pump replaced. Also have cruise control error.
  4. Checked fuses OK, Diag. from touch screen giving warning about vehicle computer communication problems. Looking for ECM now
  5. Can the injectors be tested with meter? I also have a code reader but have not tried it on the Reatta. Where is the ECM located? Yes I got a spark but will retest. Going to see what I can find now. Was not sure about fuses will go look now.
  6. 1988 Coupe, This car has set for some time, the car did run fine and would run it when I could, Needed brakes and such. Then it stopped running, had no fuel pressure. Since then I have removed the rear suspension and cleaned and painted the gas tank, New delco pump installed, fixed fuel lines and tested, Good fuel pressure crank with no start, I just replaced the crank sensor, plugs and wires new. While testing from green line while cranking and with fuel pressure gauge in place. oil pressure sensor unhooked. Get average 10.41 volts when cranking with charged battery, fuel pressure 45 psi. Pulled a plug to see if it was wet with gas and was not. Did test for spark and with plug hooked to wire and held to ground. Any more things to check? Also for the database. I have car 903626 White with Blue , 100224 miles, located in Smithsburg MD. I also have the Baby Seat buckles and it still had the fog light covers unused in bag. . Looks like I will need to replace the cradle mounts, read the threads on it, not sure if anyone ever posed a good solution for these mounts.
  7. I did read thru that thread, Seemed like a lot of that was more front than rear. I have the whole suspension sitting in my driveway with bolts, nuts being soaked with PB. I may order what I can from Rock Auto to see how they match up. If I can get the old ones out I may send them to Energy Suspension to see if the can make me a set. Thank for the info. I know this is going to be hard.
  8. I have a 1988 Buick Reatta that has been sitting for some time. When I got it it, busted a brake line in the rear due to rust. I have had it for 2 years and was just able to start working on it. Lots of rust on the fuel, brake, and rear suspension. It was running and then pump failed. So this weekend I stared working on it. I have removed the entire rear suspension, and the gas tank. I am planning to pull the rear suspension apart and replace all bushings, clean each piece up and then POR15 the parts or have them power coated. I plan to POR15 the gas tank due to surface rust, replace the fuel pump. Plan on painting the under body Black (Car is White). My question is do you have any suggestions on where to get rear bushing? I have checked Rock Auto. But would love to get Energy Suspension. Sources and part number would be helpful. Thank You !!
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