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  1. Hi again, More progress. Have everything removed, and a little discouraged on what we found. It looks like a tremendous amount of rust. Please see attached. Is this unusual? Or typical? Are we looking at a replacement of the fuel tank, sending unit and pump? Thanks again for your knowledge! 4 pics - Fuel Pump, Top of Sending Unit, and 2 inside the tank. Regards, Ted
  2. Sorry for the slow response. Haven't looked at this or the car for a few weeks. Thanks all for your help! Just had some time, and was able to get the lines back together yesterday. Ronnie, your picture was extremely helpful! Now on to the dropping the fuel tank to try and replace the fuel pump. Today we removed the stabilizer bar - the bushings are pretty shot. I see that D-A-N-I-E-L used to sell but recently sold out. Are there any other options here? Any suggestions???
  3. Thank you all for the great advice and insight! Hope to get to this project in the next couple of weeks. I will be sure to provide an update, and likely come back with questions or challenges. Any chance anyone has a picture of the emissions canister that Barney has mentioned, and the connections? Would love to have a guide, but might be difficult to get a good pic. Either way, thank you for the help!
  4. Thanks Ronnie! I appreciate your help and the others!! I guess a little back story may be interesting (but not particularly helpful). This vehicle was purchased new by my parents, and my mother drove it for many years. My wife and I purchased it many years ago prior to having children. It was a daily driver for some time, and now has about 140k miles on it. It has always been a great car, and enjoyable to drive. When we had children it became impractical, and it was driven less and less. Ultimately it started sitting for long periods. At one point, we put the vehicle in my grandmother's garage at a summer home in the Poconos for 2-3 years - unfortunately the garage floor had cracks and significant dampness that rotted out all the brake lines, rotors, calipers, etc. We spent a significant amount of money to get it back to working order and tried to integrate it back in to movement, but it began to sit again (around 6 years ago) - this time outside. The reason we are trying to get this running again is my son is now 16 and has his driving permit (License in about a month) He has a significant interest in the car, and has thoroughly enjoyed the work we have done on it so far, and would really get some satisfaction in getting this running (as would I). In fact, he has quickly become more knowledgeable than I on the vehicle and this project than I. I am not a mechanic, but am handy, and can work my way around if I can clearly see what needs to be done. The instructions for the fuel pump seem pretty straight forward, and one that my son and I would like to tackle. I am, however, reluctant to do that until we have these line disconnects solved. So to better help diagnose our missing lines...does anyone have pictures of their 1990 coupe on where these lines go? Specifically Exhibit G (red arrow), Exhibit D (yellow arrow), and Exhibit C (probably located near the relay box as well). Better pictures to help: In reference to Exhibit A in earlier post. The black line runs from under the air filter and relay boxes down (Exhibit D) under the drivers side toward the back of the car (Exhibit E). It just ends cleanly under the Relay box. A better picture of the actual line after I pulled it out from under the boxes (Exhibit F). In reference to Exhibit B in earlier post. A broader picture of the other vacuum line disconnect (Exhibit G). The Yellow arrow is where it starts, and red is where it ends with a connector, but no line. In reference to Exhibit C in earlier post. The line is not rubber, definitely hard plastic tubing. Let me know if there is anything missing from my pictures or explanations that might help. Thank you! Ted
  5. Well...Ran the fuel pressure test. Did not have any pressure. However, when looking around and following fuel lines we found the following. Exhibit A - Fuel Line that goes under the air filter - disconnected. Exhibit B - Assuming part of the Fuel Line (is this a return?) disconnected. Exhibit C - a random piece of what could be a fuel line just floating around loose in the engine (hanging between the Relays and Air Filter. The question is...is it as simple as connecting the Metal line with to the line under the air filter with the random piece we found floating in the area? Or is there something I am missing? 3 Pictures attached (if you click on them, you get the full image). I am guessing that the fuel pump is dead, or we would have a puddle of fuel. Any insights, or comments?
  6. Thank you Ronnie. We will check the pressure tonight if the weather cooperates, and post results. My son thinks it is likely the fuel pump...can't hear it when we turn the key. SpecialEducation - you are absolutely correct. I edited the post to more accurately describe...thanks for pointing that out! D-a-n-I-el - appreciate the tip. Hopefully we don't go backward.
  7. Hi All, It has been about 6 years since my coupe has been run with any regularity, and maybe about 4 since it has been running at all (the last 4 years have been outside with a cover). I am unable to get the car to start. So far, I have replaced the battery, changed the oil (10w-30), changed spark plugs and wires, while spraying a little W-D 40 in to the cylinders at each plug. Added about 3-4 gallons of gas, because the gas gauge was not showing any fuel. Curiously - after adding the gas, the gauge is still showing empty. Once done with those things, we tried starting and will crank, but not run - we tried a little boost with starter fluid in the air intake. The starter fluid raised my hopes a little - it started a few times briefly, then would stall out. Afraid to continue that route, as we were getting some backfires. I have run the on-board diagnostics and have the E023 code, and an assortment of B codes related to Cruise control and AC. I tried disconnecting the MAT Sensor based on the E023 code, but that had no effect. Any suggestions on next steps? Am I missing any details that would help diagnosis? Thanks for your help (in advance)! Ted.
  8. You guys were right on.... Corroded battery cable. Thanks for your help!
  9. Haven't driven in about 6 months...this weekend I replaced the battery because the old one (about 6 months old) would not hold a charge. This morning I got about 3 miles from home an the whole dash began to blink on and off...it was also a sound that seemed to be coming out of the glove box that sounded like the blinker switch...then, dead. Any suggestions? Alternator? Short?
  10. I have a Door pull that has pulled out of the interior of the door. The hole for the screw is now stripped. Does anyone know what part I would need to have someone fix? Any recommendations? Updated...This is a 1990. I have the pull and only one screw is stripped.
  11. Thank you for all of your help. I must admit, Alf's suggestion seems the most appealing.
  12. I will no longer be using my Reatta as a daily driver. Any advice on how to store a '90 Reatta for the winter? We have a detached garage that is not heated...
  13. I have a '90 reatta for sale. 136,000 miles. Excellent exterior condition. Car has been detailed every year since 1990. Looks great, runs great. No rust. List of trouble areas: Sagging headliner, Bad headlight motors, Sunroof inoperable, intermittent IPC, tape deck does not operate. Otherwise everything is fully operational, and extremely clean... New front suspension in 2002. New A/C in 2001. $3500. firm. email tdavenport@judge.com
  14. If you are at work...it could be your network administrators putting a block on your access.
  15. Ditto the new car payment feeling. $400 bucks could be 1 month payment on a new car.... Be strong.