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  1. Dashmaster

    Radio Module for 89

    88-94 Chevy and GMC Trucks. Located above the gas pedal on bracket. 10 mm bolts hold it in place. You can get to it from under the dash. There is a tread about modifying your old unit to use aftermarket amp. So if the sound is noisy but radio holding stations you may be able to to the mod and add an amp. I will try and find the thread, I think it was called the ultimate radio mod.
  2. Dashmaster

    Intake coolant leak woes

    Walt I agree. If you have been getting heavy white smoke out of the exhaust that is usually coolant leak into the cylinder. Usually the white smoke or steam will be heaviest when accelerating. If you have the coolant in the oil and its white milky colored you may have have damaged all the crank bearings. You can use motor flush and oil change after the repair to see how it works out. It really depends how long the bearings have been subject to the coolant.
  3. Dashmaster

    Intake coolant leak woes

    WHT89. You said hydro locked. Do you have coolant in the oil? This is the only way the engine can hydo lock if the crank case and cylinders are full of fluid. Intake gasket change it not hard. Use felpro caskets and sealant were it says to.
  4. Jake, When this was on FB I did ask to see if it was a rusted engine cradle. The response I got said no not the engine cradle, it was the Body Side Mount or mounts that are rusted out. This would be a hard thing to replace unless you can fabricate and weld in new mounts. I would have someone near inspect the body side of the engine cradle mounts before moving on it. If you have the tools, time, space to repair such damage then it might be good fit for you. I know I considered it because it was an 88 with blue interior, but after finding that it was not the cradle its beyond my ability to repair it.
  5. Dashmaster

    89' reatta speaker upgrade package question

    The DNR will actually reduce the sound quality. It limited frequency response to reduce amp distortion at higher volume levels, The DNR is build into the output stage that you will be removing for the Mod. DNR did not improve sound. My Radio actually sounds good depending on the station signal, but give it a clear signal via Bluetooth or with MP3 player\ipod thru the input it will sound as good as anything else out there.
  6. Dashmaster

    89' reatta speaker upgrade package question

    I thought I got the instructions for the Radio Mod from the ROJ. But I just looked and do not see it. I think I may still have the instructions. You will need a good soldering iron, solder sucker or solder wick to remove the components and solder in the RCA jacks. This also eliminated the Dynamic Noise reduction. You are taping into the pre-amp outputs. You can ship this if you want and wire in your amp using the speaker level inputs. The problem with using speaker inputs when the radio output distorts its passed into the amp and it will amplify the distortion. Distortion kills speakers.
  7. Dashmaster

    89' reatta speaker upgrade package question

    That will give you a input but not pre-outputs for amp. I use Bluetooth FM transmitter to play sound from my Phone. Very Clear and works well. My car is stock in appearance except I put a black plate in front of the cassette to mount a phone mount.
  8. Dashmaster

    89' reatta speaker upgrade package question

    You can get Radio Modules from 89 thru 93 Chevy and GMC Trucks. It located under the dash just above the gas pedal. When my original got noisy I got one out of a 92 Chevy I used while I modified the original. I used the Instructions on the ROJ for this. I replaced all my speakers with Sound Ordnance Separates from CrutchField. I did not use the SO Tweeters I used the OEM Tweeters with SO crossovers. Running older Sony 4 channel amp wired in stereo in 2 channel and Mono to 8 inch JL sub. I found the Fade Ft to back was not needed.
  9. Another Thought. When I was tracing wires for E041 code awhile back I discovered factory wire splices that connected power and grounds for the Crank, Ignition Module and Cam Sensors. I found them under the car in loom. They are just like the splices done under the seats. I was tracing back from the Ignition module and found them. This is when I was showing E041 when the car was not having any running issues.
  10. Just another thought. Does the car try to start at all misfire or seem like it wants to start? I had an oxygen sensor that would stall the car when it went into closed loop. I do not remember if it would re-start or not. But this would be an easy test. Just unplug OX sensor and see if it stays running. It will use computer defaults to run.
  11. Dashmaster

    Seat Removal

    If the seat is in lowest position the bolts may not release because they will hit the lower track. These are fine threaded bolts and lots of turning to get them out. Hope you can get the seat out easily. Lots of good suggestions here.
  12. Dashmaster

    Seat Removal

    If the seat is in the raised position you might be able to get to the seat bolts but the plastic trim need to be removed. The seat bolts are long and there in not much swing room for ratchets or wrenches. Since I just did a seat swap. The first one I did not raise the seat much before removing from the car. It was a pain and took awhile to get them out, had to use ratchet wrench on the bolt near the top of the motor. The second seat I did I raise before removal, This was much easier. The plastic trim still needed to be removed. I think this would be very hard to do in the car. if you can turn the motor cable adjusters by hand to move the seat might be the best way if you have no power.
  13. Dashmaster

    Catalytic converter broken

    I installed the Magnaflow that is listed above on my Car. I had no issues installing it from under the car on jackstands. Good soaking of the flange bolts with PB Blaster and a long 3/8ths extension was needed.
  14. Dashmaster

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    Welcome to the Forum. After looking at the pictures especially the passenger side that show the flow thru vent. There are lots of things that appear to have rust around them. I think this might be a flood car. Look at some of the door jam pictures and the way the carpet is stained. I think I would move on from this car.
  15. This is listed on Facebook market Place. You will have to look it up on FB marketplace for Battle Creek MI. Pictures posted on this car show Very Good exterior and Interior. Rear Carpet is not faded. Says has rusted Frame rail but this is likely the Engine Cradle. This car is a 1 of 8 based on its feature and color combination. 88 for sale runs and drives but selling as a parts car outside is in great shape interior is beautiful, underside not so much, front passenger frame rail neeeeeeeds fixed(rusted through) everything works on this car even the stupid anti-theft. Not mine but I can answer most questions.2000.00 oboPm for more info/ No Trades