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  1. Dashmaster

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    I edited my comments and removed the only guide to one guide to look at.
  2. Dashmaster

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    DR James. The one guide you need to look at is in the Owners Manual under service intervals. This will give you a list of recommended service intervals. I have and maintain a 2004 Accord and all you need to follow is the service intervals. Honda engines stopped needing valve adjustments in the early 2000's for most engines. Not sure if Acura is the same. The owners manual will show valve adjustments if listed in the service intervals section if it needs it. If automatic trans you may need some service. My 2004 listed trans drain refill at 100K miles or every ten years. Some items are mileage only, others mileage or time whichever occurs first.
  3. Dashmaster

    Last Saturday Night

    I always have a book on my Windshield that has all the production number breakdown, It has all the work I have done on it. This year I took some pictures of the Touch Screen and put it on the Windshield and got lots more comments about it. When the car is off it looks pretty plain, Fire it up and show people and they are excited and amazed it was done in 88. I always tell them them about the diagnostic features also.
  4. Dashmaster

    Last Saturday Night

    Beautiful Car and great weather!! Wish we had that. I take my car to a semi local Car and Coffee and always get lots of questions especially on the Touch Screen and features. My Car need paint but you can't tell from most pictures. I also get good comments at other shows I take it to. Cars and Coffee ( Leesburg VA, Check out their FB page, This a great group its all about the cars and trucks no mater what you drive)
  5. Dashmaster

    Older model vs Newer model

    I was not sure until I looked last Night. Is this the Bright Blue car in PA that has been posted on FB for a long time? The one I am referring to is a 91 with 112K miles on it. It states it was originally a maroon color. I have seen the price drop over time on this from $5500 to as low as $4800. Some of the things you say about this cars suspension noise and brake lines being replaced do not sound like a rust free car. The paint Job looks good but I wonder why someone would re-paint a car in a non original color if they had no plans to keep it for awhile. I think the cost of the re-paint is why this car is priced so high. As of last night this car was listed with $4900 price. If the 88 is $2500 more. I will assume the price on the 88 is $7400. Both of these car are way over priced. I know of a nice 90 Convertible I could pickup at $4900. I think you should do some more shopping around.
  6. Dashmaster

    Cell Phone Mount Help

    Before I changed my cell from Flip Phone to Smart Phone, I used a thin CD case opened and slipped the bottom part between the upper dash and console, let the top hang down, GPS suction attached to this very well. Except for the phone cost I am now paying less for my smart phone plan then my flip phone. PM me if you want to know what cell service I use.
  7. Dashmaster

    Cell Phone Mount Help

    Here is picture that show the dash, It not an up close one. I will have to take one. This is from a picture taken at the Lessburg VA Cars aand Coffee I go to about once a month.
  8. Dashmaster

    Cell Phone Mount Help

    I will have to see if I have pictures. To move the cassette deck back enough for the abs I had to take the front face off the cassette deck. Mine did not work and have no plans to fix it. I then shifted the mounting brackets to shift the deck back a little. The cassette is still in place and is still wired . Mount I used is this one. I screwed it into the abs panel near the top right side. Been working wonderfully the last 2 years. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MR4AO9D/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Dashmaster

    Cell Phone Mount Help

    Nic, Not sure what year car you have. On my 88 moved the cassette deck backwards and installed an abs blank plate in front of it and mounted a magnet mount cell phone mount. Works good with my Nexus 6p. The top of my phone when mounted comes up the lower corner of the touch screen on the right side. Mounting it this way left no holes in the interior. I can see maps clearly and with Bluetooth hear directions thru the radio. This is the only way I could come up with for my 88.
  10. Dashmaster

    Difficulty of installing new cat?

    This is the one I used, MagnaFlow 23422 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter Amazon shows 1 left at $91.00 dollars, I purchased mine from the Reatta Store 2 years ago.
  11. Dashmaster

    Radio Module for 89

    88-94 Chevy and GMC Trucks. Located above the gas pedal on bracket. 10 mm bolts hold it in place. You can get to it from under the dash. There is a tread about modifying your old unit to use aftermarket amp. So if the sound is noisy but radio holding stations you may be able to to the mod and add an amp. I will try and find the thread, I think it was called the ultimate radio mod.
  12. Dashmaster

    Intake coolant leak woes

    Walt I agree. If you have been getting heavy white smoke out of the exhaust that is usually coolant leak into the cylinder. Usually the white smoke or steam will be heaviest when accelerating. If you have the coolant in the oil and its white milky colored you may have have damaged all the crank bearings. You can use motor flush and oil change after the repair to see how it works out. It really depends how long the bearings have been subject to the coolant.
  13. Dashmaster

    Intake coolant leak woes

    WHT89. You said hydro locked. Do you have coolant in the oil? This is the only way the engine can hydo lock if the crank case and cylinders are full of fluid. Intake gasket change it not hard. Use felpro caskets and sealant were it says to.
  14. Jake, When this was on FB I did ask to see if it was a rusted engine cradle. The response I got said no not the engine cradle, it was the Body Side Mount or mounts that are rusted out. This would be a hard thing to replace unless you can fabricate and weld in new mounts. I would have someone near inspect the body side of the engine cradle mounts before moving on it. If you have the tools, time, space to repair such damage then it might be good fit for you. I know I considered it because it was an 88 with blue interior, but after finding that it was not the cradle its beyond my ability to repair it.
  15. Dashmaster

    89' reatta speaker upgrade package question

    The DNR will actually reduce the sound quality. It limited frequency response to reduce amp distortion at higher volume levels, The DNR is build into the output stage that you will be removing for the Mod. DNR did not improve sound. My Radio actually sounds good depending on the station signal, but give it a clear signal via Bluetooth or with MP3 player\ipod thru the input it will sound as good as anything else out there.