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  1. Ronnie, I still think the ROJ is still used a lot. I know I use it. Hoping to do some projects on my Reatta that might go there. My Car is off market for now. If I do plan to sell it again it will be on BAT. Hope you are doing well. I will PM you soon. Thank You and everyone that has been on the Forum and ROJ. As I have said before my car would have been in the scrap yard years ago without both of these sites, and I have learned so much from these sites and from all the work I have done to my Reatta.
  2. KDirk wrote this up. This is the guide I used. Ronnie this might be a good one to save to the ROJ. Hope Everyone Has a Wonderful Day!!
  3. Reatta Colors has it as a 1 of 19 with Black top. I agree about looking good with black, company did nice job with install.
  4. Here is the car from the FB market place. Wow on how much money was spent on this over time. Shame he put in the black carpet https://www.ebay.com/itm/324162017013?fbclid=IwAR1JYq1yDz0ApdYiUZJ5PxGfE6_lqqRf4QZgmFtunigkc-gDcKHo8cvj4O0
  5. If I remember correctly if you unplug the radio unit form the car. And plug it back in it will default to tape mode. Did you select the radio mode on the screen to switch it after you connected it ? Also I followed instructions I found that scrap the outputs of the factory radio. ( this eliminated all the caps and chips for output. ) Wired in RCA out from pre-amp to Sony Amp in trunk. I have been running this setup for 3 or 4 years now with no issues. This also eliminates the DNR function of the radio.
  6. Padget. I am not sure what part was affecting which part with the induction interference.. Nothing showed up on the Diagnosis or out of spec when driving and looking at the running sensor parameters. I think I have an old thread for misfire under load. I really went over all ignition parts 4 times. One thing though this issue started after a MAF failure. Replaced everything, swapping parts back and forth doing testing. I was so frustrated I think I might have put it up for sale at that time. Been running perfect since then.
  7. I had an issue with random misfires under load. It was bad enough it kept the car from attending the Allentown event. After going over ignition related stuff 3 or 4 times with no solution and tins of frustration. I found the large loomed wire harness on the firewall was not tied up high but much lower, about mid way down, Near OX sensor. I pulled up the harness and tied it up high. Problem solved. I was getting inducted signals from the harness.
  8. When it dark enough out side or in you garage with light off. open the hood and start it. See if you have any arcing from the plug wires to ground. I would suspect the rear bank wires first. I you do not see any arcing then it may be bad coil pack, spark plug wire or spark plug. How old are the Wires and Spark plugs?
  9. I use my Cell for Google maps or Waze. I have a modified Stock Radio and use Bluetooth FM module to play mp3 audio and voice prompts from the maps thru the radio. Works Great for me.
  10. Unplug the MAF sensor and see if it runs better. Easy Test. Would help to know if the problem is all the time or only after warmed up and running in closed loop.
  11. 91Tonado. Use the write up for this on the ROJ. Its easier to read there. As long as the bolts work you should be good. You can PM me if you have any questions on Monday.
  12. Thank You Dave for the Update, and Ronnie for having it on the ROA. I am very happy that this is saving lost of cars from the junk yards due to this issue. Hard to believe I did this in 2014. But I can report no issues using these to date.
  13. For Repair use: He has re-done 2 for me. Eddie Voland repairs '88-89 CRTs. Contact him for current prices to get your CRT repaired. eddievoland@yahoo.com (443) 536-9591 (MD)
  14. I am not sure if you need to add the Harness on the 90-91's. I thought the factory added Relays for this to take the load off the Headlight Switches. 88 all the power is drawn thru the Headlight Switch. I think the 89 are the same as the 88's.
  15. I did not use the relays that come with the kit. I already had some 20A Bosch Relays from when I used to do Car Audio Installs that I used. I also mounted my on the Drivers Side by the fuse box instead of the battery side. I have not had any issues since the install. Also not sure if they will work properly with only one light connected.