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  1. Will the ACDelco - 25530882 work in place of the GM #25533700 abs pressure switch on the Reatta?
  2. here is a pic= came from a 1988 REATTA ****how do I test the pump to see if it works?
  3. Let me rephrase what I have; ***The only 2 parts that I have, are the 'ABS BRAKE PUMP AND PUMP SWITCH' from a 1988 REATTA Will these 2 parts from the 1988, WORK on the '89 '90 Reatta ABS system?
  4. Will the 1988 Reatta ABS system work in the 89-90 Reatta?
  5. How much will a shop charge $, to convert from r12 freon to 134a on a REATTA?
  6. Is it OK to start the engine 'without' waiting for the 'Engine Diagnostics' & 'Accumulator Ball' to Fill?
  7. AZVET- 1] What part of the 'power steering' is leaking fluid? 2] Where did you find those 'diagram pictures' that you posted?
  8. Where can I buy the 'dust covers' for the 2 front struts?
  9. Post-Correct procedure for adding a can of 'FREON12'
  10. Parked the Reatta for 2 months while I was out of town... Found an Oil Leak is on the ground 'horizontal' across the front cross member behind the radiator. Where is it leaking from?
  11. +++This REATTA is too BEAT-UP to race it again next year!!!!
  12. WOW!!! He actually finished this BRUTAL RACE on a stock REATTA
  13. +++Lots of ''discrepancies'' on what fits and does Not fit???? According to the parts sellers The front STRUTS & STRUT MOUNTS are different and say that 88-89 parts are not the same as 90-91???? The 90-91 FRONT STRUT MOUNTS ARE ONLY $8.00 & '88-'89 FRONT STRUT MOUNTS ARE OVER $40.00??? EVEN THOUGH THEY LOOK THE SAME???
  14. Will the '90-'91 Reatta Front Strut Mounts fit '88 '89 Reatta also? See eBAY listing bellow, it says ''they fit the '90 - '91 Reatta?????