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  1. I lost to a 1970 HondašŸ˜• There was a car show in downtown Kingman today from 4-6 PM. The entry fee was an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. This was the first annual Christmas show for the infamous "Chillin On Beale Street". There was a raffle for all entrants with a $100 Visa card as a prize. In addition, there was a trophy for the best decorated car. I had 2 strings of battery powered LED lights that I placed on top of the engine bay with the hood up. My engine bay is very clean and looks great. I tried to borrow my wife's 3'tall Mickie Mouse that is dressed like Elf from the movie of the same name to display in the engine bay too. My wife got it from her sister as a gift and they both were afraid he would be stolen! The Honda N600 owner decorated his dinky little car (12" wheels?) with FLASHING lights, candy canes, bows and a large stuffed bear. HE WON THE DANG TROPHY! And just to add insult to injury the dude also won the $100 Visa card too! NEXT year I am going all out. Freakin clown car with a 600cc motorcycle engine. GrrrrrrrrrrrrrršŸŽ…
  2. AZVET

    Difficulty of installing new cat?

    Excellent advice from one and all. Love this forum!
  3. I am old and chubby. I don't have a lift but I do have Rhino Ramps. My wife gives me crap whenever I work under the car although I enjoy doing so. I went to a small local exhaust shop and asked it they could test to see if my catalytic converter might be partially clogged. They said the only way to tell for sure is to cut it apart. They also said the cost to install a new one would be $300. 88 Reatta with stock exhaust and 118,000 miles. Zero rust car as it has lived its life in the desert its entire life. I have done this a couple of times on C4 Corvettes but I was much younger back then. It looks like I can buy a universal fit Magnaflow for around $80. I'm thinking I could do this fairly easily or am I just dreaming. I am not happy with my performance. We owned a new '04 Grand Prix with the 3800 base engine. The car was much more powerful than my Reatta and got better gas mileage. I am only getting 13mpg around town and 17 mpg on the highway. Plugs, wires, fuel pressure regulator, timing chain set, cam magnet and sensor, thermostat, coolant, tranny fluid, exhaust sensor, knock sensor are all new. Fuel injectors rebuilt. All gaskets except for head gasket have been replaced. Idle air control cleaned and Maf replaced. EGR cleaned, New "blow by" valve. No codes or idle problems. Shifts smooth and overdrive seems to work well. Oil and filter recently changed. Brakes do not seem to drag and wheel bearings seem to be good. The car readily starts and drives well except I feel it should have more pep than it does. Comparing it to my Chevy crossover (4 cyl turbo charged direct injection) it has to downshift more when going up a 3,500' mountain. The Chevy does have an 8 speed tranny though.
  4. AZVET


    I contacted GM customer service to see if my 88 Reatta had any outstanding recalls. They contacted me within mere hours to say that none were listed. Good to know!! Here is their site:
  5. AZVET

    Third brake light out

    I recently changed mine (88 coupe). I did not have to open the pass through at all. Torx screws removed and housing simply pulls forward. I used LED bulbs but cannot recall the size. Your local auto parts counter person should be able to help you with the correct size. Nice and bright now!
  6. AZVET

    Car Comics

  7. AZVET

    Rain Gutter Moldings for Coupes

    Corvette Central has the same item for $34.95 and they have a much better reputation than Ecklers. Many in the Corvette community will not deal with them due to poor customer service.
  8. I did a Harbor Freight run during their extended Black Friday sale and bought this small plastic ammo box. It is a perfect size for my extra bottle of engine oil and transmission fluid. I think I will buy another one to use as my first aid box later on. Right now I have my tools and first aid items combined. I may buy one of their larger, metal ammo boxes for spare parts too.
  9. AZVET

    Intake coolant leak woes

    I recently did mine. Use a Felpro gasket set as it is a quality product. Be sure to clean the gasket surface of both the block and manifold before installing the new ones. Use a quality sealant such as The Right Stuff where the cork gaskets meet the longer gaskets. This is a good time to replace the gaskets for the EGR and the fuel pressure regulator and to flush and fill your radiator. Take lots of pictures so you will know how to put things back together and be sure to bag and tag the smaller parts that you remove.
  10. One of the first things I did on my 88 when I bought it about 3 years ago was to purchase a set of used hood struts from member Jim here on the Forum. They have worked well so far. Be sure that you install the hardware on the new ones exactly the same way as the old ones or you will have a bulge in the hood where they attach.
  11. AZVET

    Black Friday score

    I braved the crowds at the local Wal Mart Friday afternoon and bought a car cover for my 88 Reatta. I found a Budge brand, size 3 although I neglected to see if it was on sale or not. $46, which I thought was a decent price. I was only looking for a dust cover as the desert dirt and sand coats everything in this area of Arizona. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this cover is water resistant and breathable. It seems to be quite sturdy and has strong elastic around the opening. I have owned a couple of car covers over the years for other collectible cars but found this one to be sturdier than those. I am very satisfied with it.
  12. AZVET

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018

    We are headed for The Railroad Pass Casino in Las Vegas tomorrow. Turkey dinner at the buffet and probably lose some money at the slots. Our church's pastor just moved here from Paradise, California. We pray that those who lost everything there will find some things to be thankful for.
  13. I owned several C4 Corvettes over the years and they all had the VATS system. One of the cures for a crank, no start was to use the spare key. If that did not work then the other cure was to liberally coat the key with alcohol and repeatedly put it in and pull it out of the lock cylinder. After so many years of use the cylinder gets gummed up and does not recognize the key's pellet. Most of the time this would cure the problem. I did have an 87 vert where this did not work. I bought a new ignition cylinder from Corvette Central along with a new key. This did not work either. I then got a used VATS control module from a Corvette salvage yard. The module's code matched the pellet on the key. This worked. Other folks would bypass the VATS system completely. My manual is for my 88 so it is no help to you either.
  14. AZVET

    headlight motors

    Is it cold where the car is located? It is possible that the nylon gear was lubed with heavy grease. Or they may not have been lubed at all.