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  1. I just watched an old episode of Wheeler Dealer where they had a glass shop in Le Habra, CA cut a custom windshield for a Saab 96 out of a Chevy Impala windshield. Cost was $500. Not cheap but it is nice to know that there is an option out there. http://kottoautoglass.com/
  2. I have some Reatta parts for sale here and I just found a few more
  3. One dealer offered me $1,200 as a trade and the other one offered $2,000 and offered a better price on the Ranger. I will be posting for sale here my FSM and spare parts for a bargain price. Give me some time to take the pics, upload them and post them in the For Sale section. I feel like a bit of a traitor for not keeping the Reatta as I know the price will go up but I only have a 2 stall garage and I may not live long enough for the Buick to rise much in value. Maybe in 2035 when I will be 90?!
  4. I saw a 91 vert at a car show recently. The owner said he had performed this switch over as it looked better and he was not a fan of air bags. He did not say how he had done this swap though.
  5. My 30 year old driver side sun visor had the typical broken ear that would hang down. It looked nasty. I removed the old one and asked my wife if she could recover it using the left over material from my headliner re-do. The material on that visor was worn through, thread bare and looking its age. She said it was beyond her skills. I was able to find a used one of the correct color with an intact ear. But once again the material was toast. I took it to a local upholstery shop that charges $70/hour for labor. He said it would be a 1/2 hour job so I gave it to him and got it back the next day. Looks great! I was looking at my old one and decided to take it apart to see how it was made. I also discovered that I could reattach the ear with plumbers PVC pipe tape that I had laying around. The stuff is super sticky and quite flexible. I took a few pics for those who might be interested. I will give my old visor to anyone who wants it to use for parts. It came from my 88. I removed the latch pin that clips it to the roof but the lights work, the mirror is in good shape and the lid opens and closes at it should. FREEBIE! Just pay postage from 86409. Here is the tape I used, the part that is a jam fit into the visor, and the before and after pics of the tape repair.
  6. You can find the switch at most auto parts stores. I think I got mine at NAPA.
  7. AZVET

    Which side

    Passenger side according to the ROJ article.
  8. I was confused about which car we were discussing. Thanks for the clarification Ronnie. Now the Red one's engine bay does not reflect an enthusiast owned car. I would be ashamed to open the hood at a car show on that one.
  9. Several reasons for me. Rust belt state, miles are a bit high, engine bay looks nasty, rebuilt title, rear of top where it meets the body looks jacked. A good detail along with an explanation of why it has a rebuilt title would help.
  10. Ronnie. You are doing a great job. I have been on a few auto related forums over the years and feel this is one of the best out there. There seems to be very little selfishness, envy or bickering. Politics and religion don't seem to be discussed and I rarely come upon a troll. One of my friends was a moderator on the Corvette Forum and said he felt it was like being a hall monitor. Keep up the good work.
  11. For your Texas fans. Not recommended for driving in Georgia.
  12. I own an 88 and love it. I fixed all the normal problems and it is a pleasure to drive. I just wish it had a bit more power. Parts can be found and repairs can be made. Buy the 88.
  13. I think this is a Lemons Reatta from a few years back:
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