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  1. Hi all. There is a little life here. My OCD self is getting ready for a car show in mid-June...so this is a great topic!
  2. I enjoyed this CL ad for an off-road Reatta. Apparently this Reatta has successfully participated in the Gambler 500 off-road rally aka Navigation-Adventure Challenge. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/6682594854.html My question...if they seller has run the rally since "year one", and this is the only vehicle to get him back home without the aid of a tow truck...why sell it??? Run it again next year!!! Here is info on the Gambler 500 https://gambler500.com/
  3. Today is the day before the Portland OR All Buick show...so a complete detail was the order of the day. The highlight was the under-hood insulation. It looked NASTY...and no amount of cleaning would make it look better. So - Macgyver to the rescue. With the insulation off the car I painted the darn thing with flat black paint. WOW! It looks good for now. Who knows if this will be a long term fix...but if I messed it up - I have another piece of OE insulation from a Reatta at the Pick N Pull.
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