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  2. I will have to look into those lights. The shop building has about R20 foam in the walls and about r35 in the ceiling. The storage garage has R25 batts in the walls and R35 batts in the ceiling.
  3. Test from auto zone said starter was good What else is there to check?
  4. I only have one garage where i work on cars and this is it, so that should be easier for me.
  5. Great advice from you and others. I was wondering if the LED tubes that worked with a ballast were good to use and it looks like a no. I will probably end up getting new fixtures and replace them all out over time.
  6. Do you offer this in maybe Black Cherry or dark blue
  7. Congratulations on the new shop, there is no better feeling than to be able to keep everything inside & have a place to work on them. Especially for the folks like us that are addicted to this hobby & just can't stop adding more to the collection! LOL Beware....You always fill to the dimensions of the building! Mine started out at 88x40 & after being here for 10 years, I added on 16x88, because you can never have enough room! If you have not already purchased your LED bulbs, here is a link to the company on Ebay that I bought at least 80 bulbs for my shop from I see that he is out of stock at this time for a bulk order (which saves some money) but I am sure he will restock. these are clear lens & 6500k nice & bright. It dropped my electric bill down quite a bit! These are also the type that require removal of the ballast, but the rewire is very easy! Takes about 5 minutes God Bless Bill
  8. Well it was more than just chrome. Repair and to be made to remove previous attempts to fix it but after all that the total was $800.
  9. I'd add a lot more light fixtures also. I've tried 6 different led 4' bulbs from different suppliers and settled with over 120 from Ultra hi lumen, 6k color with frosted lens. Best I've found for working on old cars. 4k or 5k color is yellow. I've never received any savings from led conversions because I always add more fixtures for more light. Strip lights the length of the shop with 6' between rows works pretty well. 4' Would be better. What type of insulation is in the walls and ceiling?
  10. Wow! Glad you made it. That's certainly a story, a memory, and a lesson!
  11. I forgot to mention that the tray stops aerations created by the crank slinging oil around.
  13. my idle mixture screw is like only 3/4 turn from close or less.there is a acc. pump screw. it also does not need to be opened more than one turn or even leave it closed until you get it running . its the small screw just below acc. pump body.idle mix screw is the big brass one.also remember you will only have vacuum when throttle plate is closed.(very low idel} you cant use remote will only turn start motor.bendex is ingaged manually by foot check timing remove pipe plug on cyl. head at rear cly drop straight coat hanger wire 10- 12 inch long down hole.rotate engine over by fan blade with spark plugs out until wire is pushed up to top dead center remove distributor cap roator should be pointing at number one cyl. wire post.if not loosen clamp bolt and rotate. a mark on dist. housing be for you remove dist. cap will help locate rotor contact . also I.D. tag on dist.should be facing you.after that in all in order with engine running you can tweek the timming with vacuum gauge to peak vacuum or (sweet spot).wile your plugs are out clean them with wire brush and solvent or replace them . check points .020.remember fuel filter . that tank is probaly filthy.
  14. If you have the pin that must be carefully drilled out, I recommend that after you remove the lock cylinder that you tap the hole and replace the pin with a set screw for any future removal. Bob Engle
  15. My 33 English Austin has four wheel cable drum brakes. The emergency/parking brake lever also operates all four drums, not just two like most parking brakes. Great when having to change a tire or "tuning" the cables. Paul
  16. No more Shipman's in Fredonia area anymore, that I know of. Shipman's from Jewell County (NE KS) passed that farm to the Shagley's side of the family and moved to CO Springs and Denver just before WWII. Dad was career Navy ('36 - '66) and met my mom at the MA shipyards, hence I live in MA. Other Shipman family members headed to MO, AZ, and TX.
  17. Thanks for posting the photo of the roadster! WOW. Is it a Roamer car? Just to update the last two photos I posted - the lower one of the front of the car is a 1932 Packard , the upper one is of a Mercedes town car that was imported into New York City.
  18. Yes. My 2008 Ford Taurus has cables to actuate the rear discs as parking brakes. Paul
  19. Joe, Durakut is available as a synthetic and semi-synthetic. You probably want the synthetic. 1:20 is the mix they recommend.
  20. I'm starting to put together two sets of tools and my shops are only 100 feet apart. That alone is a pain. I was thinking i should just get one of those pit boxes and tow it between the two. Seems everything I need is always in the other garage. golf cart with boxes built into the back.....................
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  22. It has been sold. I thought I had sent you that info. Chuck
  23. Had that happen to a 1910 Touring during a week long tour. Panic stop in town traffic broke the drive shaft and the car rear-ended a truck. Lucky, no one hurt and not much damage. That same driveshaft foot brake design was used up until 1928 when replaced by four wheel hydraulic brakes. Paul
  24. There are a lot of cheese steaks in Philly. The Reading Terminal Market is an easy walk from our hotel, and has three places: Carmen's, By George!, and Spataro's. When you order at Carmin's, they hand you a playing card for pick-up. The Terminal is not only a tourist attraction, but a favorite of locals. Lunch on a Saturday is crowded, but you can visit earlier in the day for take-out. Just follow your nose to the steaks. Phil
  25. Tim, I thought I had an extra, but I can't seem to find it. I have one on my spare engine, sorry. John
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