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Buick Manual for sale thread ???

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Newcomer, just joined on Tuesday



He never responded to my PM or email.

I think Lamar was correct.



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Well, I followed up with a second e-mail, and got a reply!

I don't understand why the original thread was deleted,

but his answer to me today was:


"I had an unexpected death in the family last week and will not be home until tomorrow. 

I thought I had replied to all that showed interest in the manuals, and I guess I overlooked yours. I apologize. 

Please give me a day or two to sort through the requests and hopefully get you those manuals.  Thanks."


Did he respond to ANYONE here?  There may be hope after all. 

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John S in Penn had sent me a PM about them, of course a day late. Where was the original post? The link attachment John sent me would not open. Also the same for the re-post. I know John personally from his attending our Mason-Dixon chapter shows. I told him usually I find out about this type of collection only after all has gone to a landfill.

 As a radio collector for over 50 years I had dug out many artifacts for my collection from former Ham Radio operators. When I first started collecting there were people who had been operators before the WW 1 ban on amature radio for the duration. The early ham saved EVERYTHING in this period since equipment was very expensive. They were all well trained in the new field of amature and consumer electronics making many of their own "rigs" transmitters recievers and such. Several times I had calls from family members who recalled that I had an interest in dad's old stuff. Come on over and get it.... This time it was a shoe box with some radio tubes and a pair of headphones. I knew DAD had several garages and an out building with 1920s and some pre WW1 wireless equipment also much early literature. Where did it all go? 2 full dumpsters to the landfill!!!


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7 hours ago, dibarlaw said:

The link attachment John sent me would not open. Also the same for the re-post.

Larry, THIS is the 2nd posting about the literature--

merely wondering where the original poster went.

In the original posting, made by the owner and now deleted,

he had photographs of all the shop manuals and owner's manuals.

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I was able to contact him and have had E-mail exchanges with him regarding three of the manuals. I sent him $17.20 for postage on them via Apple pay, which, with Venmo, were the only ways he'd accept money. He has not claimed the funds and in his most recent E-mail said that he was dealing with a death in the family and would claim the money when he was able to ship the manuals. That seems to be consistent with what John says.

So, with that in mind, I don't think it's a scam otherwise he would have taken the money and disappeared. He has not. I think he really is dealing with family issues. My spider sense might be tingling a little bit, but the evidence doesn't bear out the idea that it was a scam.


And if it was a scam, well, I'm only out 17 bucks. 

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I saw the post. It looked honest to me. I would have made an offer on the lot for resale but I could tell that wasn't his intent. So I hoped they would be gifted as he wished.


Not to go off topic too far, On Saturday I was trying to buy three parts from a person parting out a Cadillac STS on Facebook. He wanted a fiduciary payment agent I didn't have. When I offered a US postal money order I got this: "I'm here just to get this done not tryna play around I'm a god fearing man".


If anyone is parting out a 2005 STS I an still looking for the three small parts to make mine perfect.

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  • 5 months later...

I e-mailed him in August and got no response.

Just today I sent another e-mail.


So far, his claims haven't panned out as reliable.

"I thought I had responded to all..." when he hadn't

responded to several.  "Please give me a day or two"

when it's now been 150 days.  The purported death in

the family was many months ago.  Had he responded to

ANY?  No one here reported that he received the

promised manuals.


I hope he's sincere.  It has been 5 months since

his original posting.


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Probably overwhelmed.  And it may be that he was advised he couldn't remove anything from the Estate till given authority by the appropriate court. So, likely any number of reasons.  If he didn't steal Matts money then cut the guy some slack. None of us knows whats going on behind his scene. 

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