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Needs Engine Work

Jim Bollman

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6 hours ago, Tom Boehm said:

I think there is a possibility this is a photoshopped picture. A tree that big would be older than the car. 

Looking closely, I think a clever someone has cut the car, and wrapped it carefully around the tree trunk (years ago). Note that the rear fender is loose in front, and there seems to be a seam cut just above the tail lamp assy, just over the brown patch on the fender. 


Clever work, either way. But I agree with you, that tree is too old to have been inside a car as new as that for its entire life. 

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9 hours ago, LARRYCAROL said:

I would say 1968 judging by tail lights 😎. They had side reflectors after that.

Not a VW expert, I was going by the bumper, I remember them coming in early 70s but didn't look it up. When I looked I see that bumper came earlier than I thought.

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