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been fighting cancer again


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thank you for all that have called and all that have said prayers for me

this is my third bought with cancer, and its just the start

the operstion went well but they could not get it all

in 2 weeks i will find out when i go back in again or what will happen

been threw it before so i know whats coming

my car has been slow to get together but i have a goal of bring it to the nationals if i am still here

attached is the motor, the carbs are just siting on it, i will leave them off to put the motor in

and i need to finish painting it

thank you everyone

Greg Hildebrand


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May you have the will and strength to overcome the disparing sickness that has been thrown upon you. Think Positive as you move forward. Spend some time on your car when you feel well enough to as it will help keep your spirits up and positive. May the healing begin. Thoughts and Prayers are with you. Dandy Dave!

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We hope that you have more frequent "Better" days to enjoy with family, with friends, and to tinker with an old Buick.

Just know that many good people care about you, and wish you well.


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Sending our prayers also as they are a powerful tool. I believe those that sent up prayers for me during my stage 4 experience are part of the reason I am still here 6 years later. As the others have said it better,but keep strong and focused on better days.


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Blessing to you from Indy.

Send me a private message with your address, both snail mail, and E-mail. I will make and send to you one of the wood hand holding PRAYER CROSSES I make.

I make them out of cool woods, and everyone I have given one to, likes them.

Sharon and I each have one, and will say a prayer tonight for you while holding ours.

Dale in Indy

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