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  1. Thin coat of aviation Permatex. Never hardens and fills minor imperfections. ................Bob
  2. I would never presume to argue with Wray or any other talented technition with the english wheel. My post was not to offer a way to fabricate a classic fender from scratch but rather to illustrate a way for a hobbyist to accomplish a restoration with ingenuity, a bit of fabrication, and 10 bucks worth of parts. A restoration that, incidently, was awarded a grand national and went on to be acquired by a musuem as an example of the marque........bob
  3. I,ll try to take a pix or two tomorrow. The bottom convex bearing (wheel) yoke is on a threaded rod that allows up/down adjustment........bob
  4. I still have it. I,ll take a look tomorrow and let you know. maybe take a pic or two. I didn,t have plans i just winged it so diminsions are variable.....bob
  5. Thanks, Joe. I had never used an English wheel before and was surprised at how little force was required between the bearings to effect a curve. Speaking of curves, the learning curve was quite steep with a nice pile of scrap before I got the hang of just a simple contour........Bob
  6. I was looking through some of my old pix and thought some might be interested in how I solved a problem. When I did my 56 Chrysler patch panels were unobtainium. I decided to cobble together an English wheel for the job. Made from bits I had laying around and two new but obsolete bearings the local NAPA store let have for $10. In the interest of full disclosure I went through 3/4 of a 4 X 8 sheet of steel before I got two that satisfied me. The wheel did a nice job with the contour and a hour or so on the anvil raised the forward edges to match the body......Bob
  7. He did but last i checked the business is still there. Web says king pins for about 65 bucks......bob
  8. Well, since you ask. Arthur Jones, the inventer of Nautilous excercise machines amassed a fortune and spent a lot of it on alligators, airplanes, and females. When asked about his goals in an interview he simply said "bigger gators, faster airplanes, and prettier women." He died at age 80. Presumably with a smile on his face. No mention of cars in his bio. Different strokes.......Bob
  9. Stock 216 Chevy engine. Complete from fan to pressure plate except for starter & generator. Later year valve cover. In dry storage for 25 years but appears to be stuck. I haven't tried to free it. $500 OBO. PM me for contact info..........Bob
  10. Problem could easily be your brake shoes have the wrong linings. There's a lot of discussion on that subject here. Mostly in the Buick section. Re-post your question there..........Bob
  11. He was qualified as a "marksman", the lowest acceptable qualification. That said, I'm agnostic about the Warren commission's findings. Maybe yes. Maybe no. In any case, if true, it's an amazing bit of shooting. Just sayin...........Bob
  12. Moving car, quartering angle, looks over 100 yards, old bolt action rifle, untrained sniper, two shots, two hits...........What are the odds?.....Bob
  13. Personally I never understood the allure of a "celebrity" car, or anything else they may have owner or touched, other than as a momentary curiosity thing. I would say if one gets a thrill out of sitting where another long dead guy sat they need to find some higher meaning in life.....Bob
  14. I had a very nice 20 minute conversation with race car owner/driver Paul Newman. He asked if he could speak with me. Seemed like a nice guy....Bob
  15. In it's common meaning karma is accepted to mean that any act of kindness or good accrues, in the long term, to the benefit of the actor. So while a litter of blind suckling mice pups don't understand the concept I saw no reason to destroy them. If they at some point threaten me then there is just cause. Until then I wish them no harm....................Bob
  16. The ironic part is that this spring as i was bringing firewood from the fields to near the house i uncovered two mouse nests with suckling mouse pups. I recovered the nests to protect the pups from the elements. Hopefully good karma will protect my cars upholstery.......bob
  17. I got another one last night. Snap trap with peanut butter bait. After the initial frost provoked invasion they do tend to slacken off.......Bob
  18. Personally I wouldn't trade either of my faithful dogs for one and I'm guessing I get a lot more true pleasure from their company........Bob
  19. Like i said.....Knows of what he speaks......bob
  20. Neg battery terminal always stays disconnected and StaBil always in non ethanol gas. Other than that I fire them up at least once a month get them up to temp, excercise all the motors and switches, and drive them back and forth in the garage. Never had a problem......Bob
  21. I've seen Paul S's work. He knows of what he speaks.................Bob
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