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  1. Just listed on Ebay at 7:30 this morning 1914 Buick parts car $1500.00 If anyone buys it, I am interested in the fenders! Good Luck! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1914-Buick-Model-24-Roadster-Parts-Car/283062895302?hash=item41e7dd02c6:g:h70AAOSwQ2JbT8Ox&vxp=mtr
  2. I am not a machinist or a mechanic. Although I have done more work on my cars than I ever thought I could , I am still a newbie amateur. However, I have wondered why someone does not build an overdrive from existing parts that operates constantly. It would bolt to a universal yoke across the frame. It would attach between one of our universals and raises/lowers(?) the ratio of our stock rear ends to around 3.6. Again, I am not an engineer, but our oldies have plenty of torgue. We might have to shift a little sooner, but we would be able to cruise at highway speeds. Just my idea.. Please feel free to tell me I just an old guy who does not now what he is talking about.. Dwight
  3. Sure Tom. I will make patterns for you. I have a 1930 model 40 with no upholstery. I will probaly not be able to do it until the weekend.
  4. Tom, For which pieces do you need patterns? Dwight
  5. Now I know what to say if my wife finds the thong in the glovebox. "No honey. It's a air pressure gauge holder!"
  6. OK. Why do I have 6 spaces between each line?
  7. Gary, You are incredible and an inspiration to all of us. I do have a suggestion. I hope you would not mind. When you have a question like getting the stuck caps out of your universal, ask it on one of the active old car forums. I would suggest the pre-war Buick forum. (They will probably shoot me.) You have a lot of avid followers, but most of the old timers with the old timer knowledge are probably not interested in speedsters. Just a thought. Keep us inspired!!!! Dwight
  8. Larry, Congrats on retirement! I did the opposite. Out of retirement, back to work! Dwight
  9. Nice Andy!!!!! I gave up on sleep a long time ago. There is no fun in it.
  10. If you upload an extension like "AD BLOCKER PLUS" the ads on Facebook disappear. I belong to several very interesting auto related pages.
  11. Nick, Is this the design you mean, but with 4 single car garage doors?
  12. Excellent!!! I have been really busy starting a new job, so I guess I missed the pics. Congrats.
  13. Dale, Thanks for the comments. My post wasn't very clear. I meant to buy a set of 4. (I edited the post) You guys with modern cars from the 40's might not have the clearance, but there is plenty of clearance under my '22 and '30 buicks! Thanks again, Dwight
  14. This pdf has an exceptionally complete 1911 owner's manual, instructions (shop) manual and parts catalog. I am sure your friend could use it. It addresses everything imaginable except the weight! https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Cadillac/1911_Cadillac_VVI.pdf
  15. Oh Mark! You had me all excited. I thought you were adding a gem to your collection! darn.