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  1. What happened to Kosage ?
  2. The only skill they did on their cars was signing the loan and making sure they make the payment every month. Mark
  3. Bernie you sure know how to use your head!!! Mark
  4. I'm for leave it as is. N.O.S. I have bought many many N.O.S. body and trim parts when I did my 59 Plymouth. It is A standard term, and have got very good quality pieces,some still in factory wrap.As far as carb. parts, rubber, gaskets,etc. etc. etc. use your head!! Many parts I get CANNOT BE FOUND. And parts cars and junk yards good luck. Most are worse than what I have. I will always look for the N.O.S. term. And I don't need to hear "we're talking Buick not Mopars. It is the same across the board, I own both, when parts are scarce you get what you can. 99.9% of the time N.O.S. is better. alot of stuffs hide in the nooks, crannys. It was New, but Old Stocked never used is the way I see it. Just my thoughts. Mark
  5. Just A few shots,and my other project 59 Plymouth Mark
  6. It is bone stock,sounds good,AM only.I had to replace the rear speaker but used the same grill,the paper was toast.I think I got it from A company called electromotive,out of California,I think.They also do old radio to modern conversion,try googling it.I'm using and leaving it stock,it is what was in it when new,the radio works excellent as well.Hope I helped you,good luck Mark
  7. This is what mine looks like in my 55 Buick, Dealer install when the car was new,the fader is A shade of brown.It has "front,middle(both speakers)back". Mark
  8. I like it the way it is,I can take the issue to work,read and sit at the breakfast table with A cup of coffee,take it out on the porch,etc.etc.etc. I do not like sitting at A computer everytime I want to read something in it,as far as the 15.00 difference I would say I have A bigger problem if I was to kick about that.I enjoy the club and the magazine that goes with it!!! Mark
  9. Willie:battery ok,internal plate shorted?just A thought Mark
  10. -23 at my house in Erie Pa. Mark
  11. NTX5467; Sounds like good advice,If 89 doesn't say thanks I will!! Mark
  12. 89; Just google Julius "Jules" Kutner and find his obituary,he died 10yrs. ago and lived in Boca Raton Fla.His wife is named Gertrude,he was the largest Buick dealer in Pennsylvania,and 3rd in the country,I see A King Buick in Philly,and North Hollywood California,He was president of King Buick as of 1986,play detective and contact or locate the dealer or A family member,I am sure there are some items to be had. Good luck Mark. P.S. I just read the obituary it is still there.
  13. 89;All the badge said on the back above the trunk key was just the name Kutner,that is all.I'll se if I can find A photo of it but I can't get A picture because it is now in storage not at home.I know he closed around 1994,his son took and opened in L.A. as King Buick,I don't know if he is still going or not,try an L.A.directory and maybe talk to A relative.My original owner lived on Pennsylania ave.near that dealer,maybe you can help me?Last name, Demi his daughter is still alive.I can get more info maybe we can talk sometime offline? Mark
  14. 89; Yes I am the one,I bought it and is in Erie now and love it !! Gave it A go over and it will drive anywhere,I have put 10,000 mi. on it since I got it,it had 52,000 when I got it in 2010.I am going to try to locate the relatives of the original owner some day.Like I said Kutner closed and went to California as King Buick,I don't know the sons first name.The dealership was blocks away from the original owners home in Philly,he did not have A trade,may not of had A car as alot back then walked to work etc.It was bought during his retirement age. Mark
  15. My 3; My 55 Buick came frome Kutner Buick new in 1955,in fact the dealer badge is still on the back,the owners name was Jules Kutner,and was started around 1949 until I think 1994 then his son took over{bankrupt I think} and moved to Las Angeles under the name King Buick.Mine spent most of it's life in Philadelphia,and I still have the original sales document when it was purchased by the owner Thomas Demi. I would like info myself but that is as much as I know.I don't know what is currently there now,try googling? Good luck Mark
  16. Robert: She looks good,we're not getting dinged as bad for non ethanol,was 3.49/gal yesterday,the price has come down alot and we have been getting more stations stocking it,have several A few miles away,boat marinas have it too.Wish they would do away with it,something about Iowa caucus/politics,Iowa being big corn producer{ethanol}first to win the poll,etc.etc.etc.etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put mine away last week but am taking the 59 Plymouth for A veterans day outing{flags on the dual antennaes goes good with the "fins"} then that will be it,I don't think it will be as bad as last winter,I can't remember one that bad{I'm 56}. Mark
  17. Dave; The oil capacity must have been about A 1/2 quart!!!!!!!!!!! Mark
  18. Robert; Just curious,how many miles did you put on the Buick this summer? Mark
  19. Robert;wonderful pics,love them.Like I said your in the middle of auto history,never at A loss for things to do.As winter gets closer begin to plan some things you would like to do to your cars,projects and what not,I spend alot of winter in my garage and time flys.Hopefully we won't get it like the last one,that was A little extreme,you got bit bad the first winter here,we all did. Mark
  20. The ones we like to go are short day trips in the center of town or park,sometimes during A festival or special event.It is nice to browse the town and see different cars,I attend one that goes to A different buisness that hosts the event each month,pizza shop, golf course,restaurant/lounge,etc.It moves around the town.Good scenery helps to,A park,lake,etc. I tend to like vintage,original cars,any AACA chapter show is fun.I don't like open hot parking lots,congestion,burnout pits,people saving spots for some one that doesn't show up,people bringing their daily driver with groceries still in it just to get A good parking space for the show and entering it.We just went to A winery car show last week end next to the vineyard,2 bands,chicken bbq.vendors,big barn,it was alot of fun!!A good DJ is important too,door prizes adds some also.One good one we attend is at A soldiers and sailors home for vets,the family attend with the resident veteren,and I enjoy seeing them enjoy the car,I let them sit in it,some are in wheel chairs,and all have A past memory of one or used to own one,they light right up!!! Just my thoughts, Mark
  21. If that is the one in "Ohio" I drove and met them,they had my exhaust from my 55 for 3 weeks and did nothing but give lots of excuses{vacation,hunting,somebody didn't come in etc.etc.etc.}I think all they wanted was to get my pattern,long story short I drove the "1 hour" across I 90 into Ohio and picked it back up and got nothing!! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CLOWNS!!!!!!!
  22. What cars,and when did 4 head lamp cars first appear? 57 Desoto? Thanks Mark
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