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OK gang. Here hopefully is another interesting little thread called simply

BUICKS IN BARNS and WOODS..... Please contribute and ENJOY!!

and for you first viewing enjoyment


and in full resolution


(thanks ElDiablo :))

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My dream car from the time I graduated from high school has been the 1965 Buick Riviera. November of 2009 I was driving my 1966 Wildcat GS to the South East Regional and following fellow BCA member Bruce Kile. We were talking over the CB radio and he mentioned that a friend of his had passed away and his wife was selling off his car collection which included a 65 Riviera. When we got back Bruce contacted the widow and made arrangements to see the car. These people were the second owner of the Riv having purchased it in May of 1966. In 1986 she had been driving the car and had a minor fender bender that damaged the left front fender and tweaked the front bumper. At that point it was put in their basement where her husband dismantled the front end. He purchased another fender, and bumper but never got around to putting the car back together. There was no rust in the car and the interior was mint. After about 2 minutes of negotiations I agreed to purchase the car and the Monday after Thanksgiving we arrived with trailer to take the car back home. Her husband had drained all of the gas and after sitting for 23 or so years we added a couple gallons of gas and after a good shot of carburetor cleaner the engine fired. We had to do this several times before it started running on its own. The brakes still worked but we had to add 3 quarts of transmission fluid and at that point we drove the car up on the trailer to bring it home. With a little elbow grease and spit and polish along with a new exhaust system and all new brake components and tires I was able to drive the car from Georgia to Pennsylvania to drop in on the ROA National Meet in Hershey with no problems. It is still a work in progress and the engine is currently being rebuilt and hopefully in about a year it will get a new paint job.

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Mine are from Mace Motors in Canton, New York. Pretty sure they come up on Google.


Here are two more Buick converts.

These two businesses are on almost the same parallel in NY but probably 100 miles apart. Weird to find two late 40's Converts in the northernmost parts of NYS. They must get three feet of snow per week up there.

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Rob. Thanks for the pictures I went and got myself a big cup of coffee this morning and sat down and put them on a sideshow and enjoyed every one of them. And Mr. Earle thank you for thinking about this post

have a great Buick day


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whats the story on the 59 electra 225

It's currently sitting on my dad's farm. He has had a wrecking yard there for decades. The person my dad bought it from brought it to my dad to replace the transmission about 30 years ago. It ran at that time. Dad removed the transmission but the guy changed his mind about fixing it and dad bought it.

Dad says the floors are pretty bad and it's obvious on the doors.

About 3 or 4 years ago dad sold the car to a guy in the US, He is on this forum and I think his name is Tri Shield. The '59 was still there when I picked up my '64 Electra convertible 2 years ago.

As far as I know the car is still there. If you are interested in the or or parts from it ping Tri Shield.


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