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  1. Hi eveyone sorry i haven't been on for a while been very busy with life. My 1996 has wiper problems they won"t shut off unless i shut the key off . any thoughts on this.Thank you Have a great BUICK day
  2. I need help finding my charging fix.For the at lest the last 3yr,s I cant keep it charging.I have put 4 new voltage reg and gen,s in it.I have sent it out and it last for a few mounthsWHAT am I doing wrong? any suggestings will be greatly appreciated thank you BUKE. Have a great BUICK day
  3. Thanks Mr Earl. I think I found my answer. Have a great Buick day!
  4. BUKE


    Thank you for the image it is exactly like mine I will call the chife judge and I will let everybody Know the outcome.Thank's for all your help. have a Great BUICK day BUKE
  5. BUKE


    I will try to reach out to the NCJ John Steed one more time.I am disappointed that nobody from BCA did not come in with any suggestions Have a great BUICK day BUKE (FRANK)
  6. BUKE


    I did try to pm you with the vin# I don't know how to up load picture.
  7. BUKE


    I asked the head judge it is sad to say he did not know the answer. I wish a board member would step up and give me a answer. Have a great buick DAY BUKE (FRANK)
  8. BUKE


    Yes Derek you are almost right but with a authenticity issue I been told they can look back and an a just .That being said the reel Question is if nobody at the meet took the time to look or ask (other then the team captain) me .then I think the owner should have been giving the benefit of the doubt. have a great BUICK day BUKE (FRANK)
  9. BUKE


    yes that is the same as mine.
  10. BUKE


    I to wish the chief judge would come on and explain in writing or someone who is in charge.I thank all who replied but as angry as I am I will still be there at the next judging meet and do my best to help judge(. NTX5467 the vin#1g4bt52p8tr417742 have a great BUICK day BUKE (FRANK0
  11. BUKE


    I had authenticity issue on my1996 roadmaster they mistakenly took of points for the vinyl roof said it was not factory issue. As I was on the field judging the captain called me and ask isaid it was and thought nothing more. she ask (as she should have)Rick he did not have the answer so he took off the points without getting back to me..The points he took off cut me from gold to silver.I called him and he said he was sorry but to try next time.all he had to do was look up 1996 buick roadmaster collector edtion or call me.it is in the owners book. any help getting my gold would be appreciated. have a great BUICK day BUKE (FRANK)
  12. BUKE


    Thank's pete see you in allentown
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