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  1. having had a set of the 1957 Oldsmobile spinner hubcaps on my Golden Rocket 88 Holiday Coupe, you had to pull the spinner out away from the wheel to check your tire pressure, there was no tire valve stem hole.
  2. 3 different fuel pumps were used during these years, a AC 9630 for 6 cyl engine, a AC 9640 for 8 cyl engine, and a AC 539, 9630 & 9640 used a glass bowl, 539 used a metal bowl, 9630 - 53-54 6 cyl. 9640 - 51-54 8 cyl. except 54 with factory air conditioning. 539 - 41-51 8 cyl. and 54 with factory air conditioning. note, pontiac informed dealerships when replacing a 9640, if a 9640 isn't available to use the better 539 pump. the 539 pump will have a larger fuel diaphram and pump body.
  3. American Graffiti, Bullitt, Smokey and the Bandit, Mad Max, Crazy Larry and Dirty Mary, Tucker
  4. no streamliners built in canada, either a fleetleader or a pathfinder. no chieftains built in canada also.
  5. no such thing as a silver streak, a 50-2569D is a chieftain deluxe four door sedan. BK means Kansas city assembly plant.
  6. no chieftains were built in canada, they were either a fleetleader or a pathfinder.
  7. you can remove the jacket or tube that conceals the shaft from the gearbox, thereby exposing the shaft.
  8. the steering column shaft goes right into the gearbox, you cannot separate to send the box out for repair without the column. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Pontiac Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club International.
  9. Isky Cams in Gardena, Calif.
  10. these manifold studs are exposed to the cooling system coolant in most, if not all locations, coat the threads with grease to prevent thread corrosion.
  11. all 1948 pontiacs built here in the states, used the same identical radiator grill.
  12. dual magnetos, not duel like two men firing pistols at each other, lol
  13. well the original poster is talking about the Pontiac 239 straight six, and that sure the heck has nothing to do with a Lancia from the land of baloney.
  14. sorry, we're speaking american cars here.
  15. likely his use of i6 is for the word inline, which certainly all six cylinder engines were in time before the invention of the 1959 chevy corvair flat oppose six.
  16. 49-54 pontiac six starter p/n 1107079, you can used the pontiac eight starter p/n 1107957, the generator p/n 1102797
  17. very likely the autronic eye or guide-matic eye sensor is bolted to the dash under the pad.
  18. A.C.F. was the builder of my 1938 32 foot Wanderer Deluxe wooden cabin cruiser i used to own.
  19. the 1926 Pontiac production started on december 28th 1925, the first announcement to the world was 6 days later in the new york times, Henry Crane was not well liked, and was overly critical of everything going on with the development of the Pontiac automobile.
  20. the first pontiacs in 1926, engine and chassis were jointly designed by Oakland and Oldsmobile engineers, the body was shared with chevrolet.
  21. 1937-54 six used a different timing cover than 1937-54 eight, 1937-48 water pump same except 1939-40 six, generator bracket changed 6 times, harmonic balancer not the same. according to your thinking the six would only have 3 intake ports where the eight has 4 ports, wrong, even the six has 4 intake ports, spark plug spacing on the cylinder head is different too, the eight has evenly spaced spark plugs, the six does not. like i said, the six is not like cutting two cylinders off the eight.
  22. well the Pontiac six is not just a straight eight with two cylinders removed, just one look at both engines will reveal that nonsense.
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