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  1. here's what will be in the glove box of my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina.
  2. I recently sent a pitted 1953 Pontiac power antenna fender bezel to Whitworx fine metal finishing in Lincoln Arkansas to have it replated with new chrome, I'm well pleased with the results.
  3. i've never had problems finding 1953 Pontiac U joints, Pontiac used two types, Mechanics and Spicer.
  4. the correct slip yoke p/n is 516601 1952-54 Pontiac both Hydra-Matic and Standard 3 speed trans used the same yoke.
  5. well multi grade motor oils are rated that they behave like the higher weight under controlled lab conditions, such as 10-30 or 15-40, not the same conditions in real life driving, granted the motor oils today have far better anti wear and detergent additives vs the single weight oils 70 plus years ago. Pontiac straight 8 and straight 6 are rugged, low rpm engines with solid lifters and full pressure lubrication, i stand by what Pontiac recommended then has for what oil weight to use in their engines.
  6. I got my 7 letter California personalized license plates approved to me in January 1977.
  7. pontiac said straight 30 weight in warm weather, straight 20 weight in cold weather.
  8. using -fits used to filter quite a bit of non related results to my searches on feebay, not any more, feebay has turned itself from a asset to parts hunting, to a P.I.T.A.
  9. in 1978 i was driving my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina around the streets of Fresno, Calif on a light raining day, going 35 mph and the engine quit running, having had the 268 straight eight completely rebuilt, balanced, blueprinted two years before, this problem blindsided me, got the car home, and the next day with sunshine, i started checking everything, when the compression test revealed #7 cylinder having zero compression, i drained the radiator and engine, removed the cylinder head, and found that the new egge's aluminum piston had failed in the oil ring groove, leaving the headless piston skirt still attached to the wrist pin and connecting rod. being that the complete engine rebuild was now two years old, egge's refused to stand behind their poor quality aluminum piston casting, i bought another set of oversized pistons (0.060 over) and went back to Fresno to have the 268 block bored out, i re-assembled the engine, and put the car back together. i later sold the 268 with 8,000 miles on the second set of piston, because i decided to put a Pontiac 287 V8 in my car.
  10. my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina, i purchase from the original owners in 1973 in Santa Monica, Calif. for $150.00 , i was 17 years old then, i still have the Catalina today, still adding options and re-engineering the power train,
  11. well i've had over 100 cars in the past 49 years of having a drivers license, there's 4 cars that were pretty fast cars, 1966 Pontiac GTO with the 360 horses 389 tri power, 4 speed, 3.55 posi rear, 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 325 horses, 4 speed, 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS454 365 horse LS5 motor, TH400 trans 3.31 gears were changed out for a 2.56 posi rear, and a 1962 Pontiac Grand Prix where the tri power 389 having 313 horses was replaced with a 1970 455 with 370 horses, a switch pitch 400 trans and 3.23 gears.
  12. hi M-mman, i'll be replacing everything in the brake system, car has sat idled not drivable since 1989, about all i have left to get is new hard brake lines, have rebuilt Treadle Vac, new brake hoses, new wheel cylinders, new brake shoes, new hardware.
  13. i have a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina, which has the Treadle Vac Power Brake option, the original wheel cylinder bore sizes are 1-1/16" fronts, 7/8" rears, would i gain a better brake performance if i change the wheel cylinder bore size up or down ?, i was told by a 1954 Pontiac owner that he gained better pedal feel and brake performance by reducing the brake line size from 5/16" down to 1/4". the wheel cylinders i have now in my inventory are 7/8", 15/16", 1", and 1-1/16"
  14. if you bought a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain, the 4th digit would be S for standard trans, and H for Hydra-Matic trans, for the new series 28 Starchief models, you would see S for standard trans and A for Hydra-Matic trans. Pontiac did some weird things back then, like 1946 to 1951 or 1952 cars having a emblem that reads Silver Streak or Silver8Streak, and so many people called the cars by that name, even though the cars were 1946 to 1948 Torpedo or Streamliner, or 1949 to 1951 Streamliner or Chieftain.
  15. because someone must have changed out the original synchro-mesh three speed standard transmission for the optional Single Range Hydra-Matic four speed automatic transmission.
  16. the slowest car i have ever owned and drove, is a cute little 1962 Hillman Minx, pretty gutless, it would struggle to drive over the 101 freeway from Hollywood to North Hollywood.
  17. old pontiac engines that i have rebuilt use a graphite rope seal, not square but round.
  18. hi, i have owned my 1953 Chieftain Custom Catalina for 48 years, since 1973 when i was 17, Terrill machine shop in texas should have all the hard parts you need for the 268 straight eight, and at decent fair prices too. i think you're already a member in my facebook group, the pontiac chieftain club. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Pontiac Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club International.
  19. look up Peluso Precision Automotive Repair in Menden, Mass. Steve Peluso is an expert in classic and modern automatic transmissions. phone 508-478-8900, or 617-327-2120. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Pontiac Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club Int'l.
  20. for my choice. it's American Graffiti, when it hit the movie theaters in 1974 or 1975, i watched it 4 times, the car cruising, drive in restaurant, drag racing culture. plus being a part factual biography i could really identified with, i bought my 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Custom Catalina in 1973, and was cruising main street in Ventura,Calif. every weekend i could (60 miles away). a car buyer for the movie studio tried to buy my car from me in 1973, but i wouldn't sell, he offered me $750.00 for my $150.00 car.
  21. Yes, these were the Oldsmobile version of the Mimetic company made wire wheel hubcaps before I modified them with Pontiac rear fender emblems. I wasn't aware that Chevy had ever used this style.
  22. contact Gene Berck in salinas calif. 831 320 2726.
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