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  1. you'll find those teeth along the side, and tack strips above the front and rear windshields.
  2. no saw tooth edges, in the 1953-54 Pontiac, chevy hardtops. tack strips were used, edge covered up with headliner side stainless steel trim mouldings.
  3. Left and right side nos 1953-54 Pontiac back up light assemblies, these are getting hard to find in nos condition.
  4. 1942 Lincoln zephyr, and a 1942 dodge pickup truck.
  5. excellent engine paint job, correct color too, note - the valve covers get the same paint.
  6. standard or deluxe model has to do with outside and inside trim and upholstery choices, the under seat heater was never standard no extra cost equipment until the 1957 Pontiac Bonneville convertibles were built. Harrison made heater was original accessory, the allstate heater is a aftermarket part, like was mention through sears automotive center or through catalog sales.
  7. 1959 Pontiac parts will interchange, try calling turner's auto wrecking in fresno, calif. 559-237-0918, closed sunday and Monday.
  8. Two boxes of raybestos brake shoe lining sets and a box of brake reclining rivets. Cool looking boxes from 60+ years ago.
  9. isn't a 57 olds 88, super 88 holiday two door hardtop trunk lid the same ?
  10. hi tom, it came with the mounting adapter for 1955 to 1959 Pontiac V8 engines.
  11. picked up a nos 53-54 Pontiac headlight switch knob and shaft assembly tonight on ebay. Update, today the nos headlight switch knob came in the mail. cell phone camera flash doesn't do the nos condition justice lol, that round center is shiny stainless steel.
  12. Got an nos AC canister oil filter housing and mount for the early Pontiac V8 engine.