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  1. The heater-defroster blower motor assembly, nos 12 volt motor and squirrel cage fan, new paint and screws.
  2. 53-54 Pontiac hardtop venti-shades, have only seen these for sale two times in 46 years, I was too late to buy the first pair, lol.
  3. Here is showing the trial fitting of the left rear air scoop for the rear a/c set up
  4. having thoughts about the choice of rear end assemblies, i've decided to hold off on getting the 9.3 rear end for now, will see how the 53's rear end holds up under normal driving habits when the car gets back on the road.
  5. pontiac1953


    a new long type 2E six volt battery usually has 850 cold cranking amps, if i understand you, you have new #2 gauge battery cables, that's a good size for moving six volts from point A to point B
  6. pontiac1953

    Oil pressure line removal

    no surprises, disconnect it and when you're ready, reconnect it. the water temp capillary tube and bulb you'll want to take extra care with.
  7. pontiac1953

    1953 Pontiac Chieftain 4 Door

    did you coat the first part of the threads of the thirty bolts with non silicone sealant ?, hope you didn't run a tap through the thirty threads of the flywheel, the tap will wipe out the interference threads and cause the bolts to come loose later. also non silicone sealant would be needed for the flywheel to crankshaft bolts.
  8. pontiac1953

    1955 Buick Special power steering.

    try calling turner's auto wrecking in fresno, calif. 559-237-0918
  9. with the displacement, torque, and horsepower going upwards due to changing from the 1955 200 horse 287 installed 20+ years ago to the 300+ horse 1959 389 engine, i figure i better follow GM's lead when they changed the olds/pontiac rear end in 1957 to the bullet proof 9.3, the 9.3 that i'm getting is from a 1957 olds 88 sedan, and for only $200.00 removed from the donor car. i'll have to find the speedometer driven gear for the 9.3's 3.42 ratio, my previous plan was to swap out the 53's original ten spline 3.08 rear end for another ten spline from a 54 star chief with the 3.23 ratio, i have driven gears for the 3.08 and 3.23.
  10. pontiac1953

    1953 Convertible project

    Here my reservoir going in my 1953 Pontiac chieftain custom Catalina
  11. pontiac1953

    Old car for sale

    no car in the 1920s had automatic transmission, and rolls royce didn't have an automatic transmission option until 1952, when they started using GM's dual range hydra-matic drive transmission, and they didn't stop using that transmission until 1967, when GM made them switch to the turbo hydramatic 400 transmission.
  12. pontiac1953

    1953 Pontiac Chieftain 4 Door

    Did you need a 53 54 power steering harmonic balancer, I have one.
  13. pontiac1953

    Sway Bar Bushing Orientation

    hi ortonville bob, i need to know if you're interested in buying the correct 268 power steering harmonic balancer, thank you.
  14. pontiac1953

    Pontiac flathead engine date of manufacture

    I have a rebuilt water pump, still new in the box, $70.00 plus shipping
  15. pontiac1953

    Autronic Eye

    i know, it was a typo error that i corrected, lol.