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  1. sounds like there's too much throttle pressure, do you have the Pontiac Hydra-Matic shop manual that covers your Pontiac ?
  2. J 14 2 should be November 14th 1932 for the block casting date making the engine block a 1933 Pontiac engine.
  3. you can use either 1953 or 1954 Pontiac four door sedan vent window frames.
  4. joining the early times chapter would be your best source of parts and help, they have both a facebook page and a internet web site. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Pontiac Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club International
  5. have you looked at the Pontiac straight eight oil bath air cleaner made prior to 1952 ?
  6. #1, that's not the VIN tag, that's the Body by Fisher trim data plate, your VIN is mounted on the driver's door post. #2, L = Linden NJ assembly plant, #3, 73 = blue bedford cord with ivory leather bolsters, this was a no cost alternative to the standard two tone all leather seats, #4, 5122 = roof paint malibu ivory and body paint sapphire. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Pontiac Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club Int'l
  7. my hat off to the design of the 1954 Pontiac factory Air Conditioning blower duct going to the evaporator assembly mounted in the right front inner fender panel, there's a removeable metal screen to filter the incoming air of leaves and air borne road debris, you only have to remove 5 or 6 screws from the access lid and pull the screen straight down, back flush the screen, let it dry and re install it, later that year Pontiac advise that the screen can be relocated to the blower motor inlet in the radiator support and service the screen there when needed.
  8. if you remove 2 or 3 very bottom bolts from the carrier, the old fluid will drain, pontiac used the same basic designed of the carrier from 1937 to 1956
  9. a Olds 98 convertible from 1956 to 1964 should have the better Jetaway Hydra-Matic 4 speed transmission, not the awful slim jim roto hydra-matic 3 speed.
  10. having had a set of the 1957 Oldsmobile spinner hubcaps on my Golden Rocket 88 Holiday Coupe, you had to pull the spinner out away from the wheel to check your tire pressure, there was no tire valve stem hole.
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