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  1. all my GM history books show that just over 17,000 1953 pontiacs were built with the power glide trans due to the hydra-matic shortage, and that cadillac adapted the buick dyna-flow trans, but that oldsmobile had hydra-matics in their inventory to almost handle the orders for the automatic transmission option, very few 1953 oldsmobiles with the buick dyna-flow.
  2. pontiacparts.com aka california pontiac restorations are not retards, thieves, or liars. your false statement needs to be removed.
  3. and 1953 chieftain sedan deliveries are the rarest, only 468 were built.
  4. 1949 to 1953 sedan deliveries could have either engine and either transmission.
  5. most people don't understand the benefits of dual points, because the 1st point does the opening and the 2nd point does the closing, a better spark is made from the coil, and with the dual points, the point gap setting will last longer. it has nothing to do with how high or not so high an engine can reach in rpms.
  6. i have an extra nos dual point conversion kit, breaker plate with two new points, you would just move the condenser to the outside of the distributor housing. here's pictures of the conversion in my 55 pontiac 287 distributor - same size housing as yours.
  7. i don't know if the 886 cam is known as the hydro cam, this 389 is a high compression two barrel out of a 59 pontiac station wagon, i figured i'd change to the 886, which a long time pontiac V8 expert has said it's the best of all the cams i have, it wasn't just buick that cried to the GM board of directors, oldsmobile was there with buick too. are you referring to a guy with a 53 custom catalina that has plans to buy a 55 pontiac with a rebuilt 287 to transplant into his custom catalina ?
  8. This 1959 389 Pontiac engine is waiting for me to get it up on the engine stand so I can change some parts, install a 886 cam, new Rhodes lifters, a 57 four barrel intake and carburetor, after it's cleaned up and parts installed, I'll paint it the correct dark bluish green Pontiac engine paint color. I like the caddy, olds, packard oil bath air cleaner much more than the one Pontiac used 55 to 57.
  9. When I bought a 57 Pontiac four barrel intake manifold it came with this rebuilt Rochester 4-jet carburetor, but it had a rubber fuel hose nipple, I found this nos fuel inlet fitting on ebay.
  10. pontiacparts.com has all your pontiac straight eight engine bearings needs.
  11. same 5 cam bearings for all pontiac straight eights 1933 to 1954.
  12. hi, more than likely as in other cases, pontiac would have used more than one supplier to provide production assembly parts, like in the case of the 1951 to 1953 pontiac rear fender emblems, some were cast in pot metal and chrome plated, others were stamped stainless steel and polish. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac technical advisor pontiac oakland club international
  13. i've heard of some using two sets of intake/exhaust gaskets to get a better seal. but i agree about getting the manifold set milled to make sure it's perfectly straight and true.
  14. your engine's original spark plugs were AC45, my 53 had AC45-5
  15. try calling turner's auto wrecking in fresno, calif. 559-237-0918, ask for a flat pan hydramatic pan with a filler tube & dipstick early 1950s oldsmobile or cadillac