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  1. a good friend of mine needs the dual pulley harmonic balancer for his wife's 57 T bird 312 engine, thanks in advance.
  2. learned today that the metal marvel mystery oiler holds 2 quarts of fluid.
  3. was this bolted to a treadle vac booster ???
  4. oh i like the glass jar version ok, it was a marvel mystery oiler brand not a ampco. i think this metal one will hold more mystery oil.
  5. a nos marvel mystery oiler i will install in the 53 custom catalina for upper cylinder lubrication, didn't want another glass jar version that i had used before on my 455 powered 62 Grand Prix i used to have.
  6. this chevy must really have a short drive shaft.
  7. Got these two nos 12 volt relays to handle the amperes, one for the six way power seat adjuster that came from a 1956 Pontiac, and the other relay for the six window power windows regulators that I'll be installing.
  8. phil, i have several 53-54 pontiac chieftain parts radios, so if you need a replacement tube for one that's bad, call me 4176935219, charles.
  9. yes, pontiac used a sheet metal lower inspection cover to protect the flywheel/torus from the weather.
  10. when i reassembled my 1953 pontiac straight eight in 1978, i adjusted the tappet clearance to 0.012 with everything being cold at room temp. never had a burnt valve afterwards. i was so glad i adjusted the clearance with the engine on the work bench with no access problems.
  11. the lifters are the solid type, no hydraulic, takes three wrenches and a feeler gauge to properly adjust and lock them down.
  12. put the baffles back in
  13. thanks paul, but i specified GM 1950s assembly line practices, not the 1940s.
  14. what does your 54 star chief have for a radio antenna ?, looks like a modern antenna, not the original mast that i'm used to seeing.