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  1. changes were made in the valve body so that the D^ position allowed 1-2 and 2-3 just like ^D position but no 3-4 up shift until 70 mph.
  2. just a couple of years older models of lincoln were using the GM made Dual Range Hydra-Matic trans.
  3. likely a sticking or stuck spool valve in the transmission valve body. ford called the transmission the Turbo-Drive trans.
  4. shift from 2nd to 3rd is known as the big shift, proper shift times should be 1 to 2 at 5-8 mph, 2 to 3 at 15-17 mph, and 3 to 4 at 23-25 mph with a light throttle, could be your throttle pressure setting is too high.
  5. sounds like one clutch plate and one steel plate too many, my 1955 pontiac slant pan hydra-matic shop manual says for the rear pack 7 clutches and 7 steel plates.
  6. i think you can make a L & R rear mount spacers to go in between the bell housing and the doan made mounts, to get the mounts to line up with the rear mount cross member, likely you will need 4 longer bolts to get the same thread depth into the bell housing. perhaps even use the old mounts flange as the spacers. Charles L. Coker 1953 & 1954 Technical Advisor Pontiac Oakland Club International # 2660
  7. i hope you also have the thick carburetor insulator gasket to cut down the heat transfer to the carburetor, to work with this factory heat shield.
  8. the 53-54 chevy turn signal switch are available and are adaptable in our pontiac steering column
  9. chasing down those electrical demons.
  10. hi jim, i'm not familiar with what 47-48 pontiacs had, i do know this one is for 49-54 pontiacs, it has been sold for my original asking price, i'll forgot the ad was still here on the forum.
  11. well today he tried to pressure me, saying that he had another buyer wanting the scoops, i said go ahead and send me the parts, you have my address, he didn't like that, so i told him goodbye and said he was a scammer, then he drop the F-bomb, so i did send word to peter the administrator of the forum.
  12. he says that he lives in montreal, canada. sounds very fishy, lol
  13. i would be interested in the Goodrich Silvertown Cord tire sign, if you're going to sell it.
  14. when AAMCO rebuilt my 1953 Pontiac Dual Range Hydra-Matic transmission in 1974, they didn't paint it. it was still pontiac dark bluish green.
  15. he's staying in touch, thursday morning the text was hello sir, so i replied hello steve, no more text until late thursday evening with "what do you think about the package ?", and i replied what package ? you haven't shown me anything. he says again that he has no camera phone, so i asked if he could email pictures, and told him again to just mail me the parts and after i inspect them and they're in good condition, i would send him the money. maybe he's given up as there was no messages from him all day friday.
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