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  1. i was a over the road truck driver for 22 years, starting in january-1998, either that year or 1999, one night going west on the will rogers turnpike, i stop at vinita, ok. for a bathroom break and get something to drink, as i climb down out of the truck, i saw a zimmer getting gasoline at the pump, walking closer i realized that the driver was none other than Mr. Roy Clark of Hee Haw and his Branson theater, i told him, if you're a pickin, i'm a grinning, lol, he got a good laugh from that. i asked him, what are you doing out here on the turnpike at 10:00 pm ?, he said him and his wife were g
  2. well with all the re-engineering, it may have to be put in the modified catagory
  3. this picture here, you can see just right of the engine, sitting on my workbench, is the 1955 B&M hydro-stick modified dual range hydra-matic trans waiting for the 389 to be bolted to it.
  4. Well finally got the 1959 Pontiac 389 engine separated from the 1959 strato flight hydra-matic transmission, and got the 389 mounted on the engine stand, with the help of a good friend Jim Vanderwerf from Kentucky. So now I'll run a compression test, start cleaning and derailing the 389, I was able today to look inside the engine to determine if it had dish or flat head pistons, I was happy to see flat head pistons.
  5. a lot of times when comparing the cast in part number on the part, and the part number listed in the pontiac master parts catalog, the last number is off by 1 number.
  6. thank you for the tip, he's been advertising the parts for quite some time, and i have asked him about the a/c air scoops, seems like they're the one part of the a/c system that he doesn't want to sell. thanks again.
  7. this video shows a guy disassembling a rolls royce or bentley version of the R type dual range hydra-matic, i was pretty shock to see him using a not very stable 55 gallon metal drum for a workbench. pretty crude in his choice of tools used to perform various parts of the disassembling. RR & B have made several changes to the transmission to suit their need, such as the tailshaft housing having modification to run a ride control attachment off the transmission.
  8. my thought was why would the governor miss out on the rest of the dual range hydra-matic getting rebuilt ?
  9. i have one in my 1953 pontiac library, there were 3 fisher body supplements for the 1953 pontiac model year.
  10. do you have the 1953 pontiac fisher body supplement that deals with closed body glass removal and installation ?
  11. that color looks like the buick nailhead V8, nowhere near the Olds 394 green engine paint color.
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