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  1. more than likely, it has been converted to 12 volts.
  2. yes they were and still are if left in stock condition.
  3. yes, the mounting bracket that is fasten to the steering column jacket has a slot, so it is possible to be misadjusted.
  4. I don't think it matters
  5. i will soon have available to sell 1953-1954 power brake set up 1953-1954 power steering pump and steering coluum 90% of rare 1954 factory air conditioning set up
  6. looks like excellent workmanship, can you say what the cost was ?
  7. does have a ford oval, but the grill in the old picture has a slope to it, the blue ford's grill is almost completely vertical.
  8. your opinion of this subject doesn't change mine at all, it's sad to think that nowadays the greatest american special interest car show is no longer here in the ole USA anymore, but is held overseas. i firmly believe the our great automotive history and works of automotive art belongs here, not over there.
  9. please tell me more about the 1954 star chief that you're considering.
  10. you will search far and wide before you find another brand's engine that will last as long as the pontiac 268 straight eight, packard liked the pontiac straight eight design so much, they copied it mostly for their new eight that Pfeil mention. i have been the 1953 pontiac technical advisor since 1985, there are now more 53-54 pontiacs being fixed up and driven than i've seen since 1973 when i bought my 1953 chieftain custom catalina.
  11. hello, frank, it took GM just 90 days to turn a idle ford plant into the new hydra-matic plant, there were just over 17,000 1953 pontiacs built with the power glide trans during the shortage, before the 1953 pontiac production ended on 12/20/53, hydra-matics were being installed again. no 1954 pontiacs have power glide trans. so in every 1954 pontiac ordered with automatic transmission, you'll find the 1954 dual range hydra-matic.
  12. probably just a number that rambler liked the sound of.
  13. i think someone in the car's past changed the original pontiac six engine to a pontiac straight eight, that serial # is for a eight cylinder car and that tag is bolted to the firewall instead of being correctly rivet.
  14. 4200 is the code for black paint, looks like the tag says 4200
  15. sorry to hear of your loss, my dad was my best friend.