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  1. most likely the leak is where the intake manifold is bolted to the block, did you copper coat the gasket or installed dry ?, false air cannot come from the heat riser but a exhaust leak can there. you may have to remove the manifold assembly and have the mounting flanges checked for flatness and straightness, may have to have the manifold flanges surfaced by a machine shop. a cheap fix might be to use two gasket sets instead of just one set. p.s. did you install a thin carburetor base gasket in between the manifold and the heat shield and a thick insulator gasket in between the heat shield and the carburetor ?
  2. there are several buick 455 harmonic balancers used listed on ebay, price is as low as $40.00
  3. well i don't know if i qualify as a "old timer" seeing how i was 17 when i bought my 20 year old 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina in 1973, but i was glad the catalina had the optional guide spotlight with the side view mirror, and the spotlight made a much better map reading light at night than the ashtray light that could shine down on the trans hump. handy to have as a temporary headlight if one goes out. on my catalina it poises no problems when opening or closing the hood. that 1952 roadmaster is quite a steal for the asking price, wish i had the extra cash to buy it.
  4. i recently sold my extra 53-54 pontiac visor used for $500.00 with the trim mounting plates for a sedan.
  5. not quite all the same, the chevy visor didn't come with the back edge stainless steel trim whereas the pontiac visor did.
  6. hi alfonzo, have you made any progress on the idea of putting a 322 into your 1953 special ?, i think if you spend time looking at a 1954 special with a buick nailhead V8, you'll get answers as to what will work and what will not work. i have a 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina where i removed the pontiac straight eight 30 years ago and installed a 1955 pontiac 287 V8 and hydra-matic 22 years ago, now this year i am removing the 287 set up and replacing it with a 1959 pontiac 389 and a B&M hydro-stick version of the dual range hydra-matic trans. looking forward to hearing what you have done.
  7. this 1938 pontiac six model 2649 convertible sedan is believed to be one of only three left, is in award winning beautiful restored condition, the previous list of owners is known going back to 1958. the restoration took ten years to complete, the car won first place in it's class at the forest grove concourse d'elegance show, the first pontiac to win that award. the only reason the car is for sale, is because the current owner is having a hard time using his left leg to safely operate the clutch pedal (it's rotten some times getting older), and he doesn't want this rare convertible sedan to sit and not be enjoyed. at the moment i don't know the mileage on the odometer, but i can find out if you want to know it. price is $59,900 or highest acceptable offer. the car is located in oregon. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l. 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  8. i try to be correct whenever giving answers or advice, but even i'm not always right, thanks for the kind words. charles.
  9. Note, the position of gear when removing the pump is critical, must be in the same position when the pump is reinstalled.
  10. Pump is mounted outside the block opposite the location of the distributor
  11. You need to remove the oil pump from the block, the gear on the pump has a hole that the split shaft of the distributor fits into, in the hole of the gear there are three metal strips that are held in place by a retainer clip. Sounds to me that this may be where your problem lies.
  12. LOL, i was a parking valet in beverly hills in the 1970s, but not at the hilton, it was at a high rise condo on wilshire blvd, i enjoyed parking a lot of brand new luxury cars then.