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  1. I have a friend with a 38 Century that kept dying on the highway. He kept saying that it was vapor locking because there was bubbles in the fuel bowl and he thought the fuel was boiling. I put my hand near the fuel bowl and could not feel any heat so I wrapped my hand around it. It was not hot so the fuel could not have been boiling. His problem was the sock on the end of the pickup tube in the tank had deteriorated and was sucked up into the fuel pump blocking the fuel. Apparently the fuel pump had created a vacuum and resulted in the air bubbles in the fuel bowl. Possibly the carb need
  2. Thanks for responding guys. Mr. Earl, I was not the one in Commerce but those parts did go for this same 55 Special. This car belongs to a new member of our Chapter and is just a nice driver. The problem started with the left rear axle seal going south and the left rear shoes are soaked. Working on this car on a tight budget I thought that maybe the backing plates and drums could be changed so a less expensive set of shoes could be installed. As Mr. Earl knows there are some salvage yards around here called Pull-A-Part and everything there is VERY inexpensive. But, if you guys know to ge
  3. Check out www.opgi.com and look at part # Ch24816 and see if these match what you have. These are reproductions and if you need any other color than black they will need to be painted.
  4. Has anyone ever installed early 70's through mid 80's rear brakes on a 1955 Special? I realize to get the wider drums and more easily obtainable shoes that you would have to change the drums and rear backing plates. Can anyone think of anything else that might be an issue? Thanks in advance,
  5. Original Parts Group has these listed on their website. I have not seen any but it might be worth checking out. www.opgi.com with part number BR01880 and cost of $269.95
  6. I believe that air cleaner is off of a Chevrolet as the snorkels are too long and the lid is definitely wrong.
  7. My dream car from the time I graduated from high school has been the 1965 Buick Riviera. November of 2009 I was driving my 1966 Wildcat GS to the South East Regional and following fellow BCA member Bruce Kile. We were talking over the CB radio and he mentioned that a friend of his had passed away and his wife was selling off his car collection which included a 65 Riviera. When we got back Bruce contacted the widow and made arrangements to see the car. These people were the second owner of the Riv having purchased it in May of 1966. In 1986 she had been driving the car and had a minor fend
  8. I expected the Skylark to go for a lot more money but at the time it went across the block the auction was all hyped up over Brett Michaels and Bill Goldberg. To my recollection they did not tell the bidders that it was a Prototype or even "1 of 1" as stated on the license plate. It seems more and more that the people with the big bucks get the attention and the rest get swept under the rug. Did you notice that a lot of bidders had a drink cup in their hand? As a bidder, B/J used to give you a drink card and I believe this is in hopes that you get a little loose with your bank account. Th
  9. The 1964 full size trunk center section can be ordered from Year One part number C9016. If you are in a rush and they don't have it in stock anybody else selling 1961 thru 1964 Chevrolet floor and trunk pans should have it. Don
  10. I am in the Atlanta area and am looking for a 1955 Buick 4 door hardtop for a friend. He is looking for a reasonably priced car that can be driven and enjoyed. For the right car a 56 would be acceptable or even a 2 door hardtop. Please feel free to email me ridge271@att.net Thanks,
  11. After I posted this message found the email address for the last person I had emailed at Cover King. To make a long story short I expressed my views that the cover not fitting correctly was not my fault and I thought it was pretty poor on their part not to refund the shipping charges especially after the amount of time it took. She emailed me back that she was refund the shipping charges. Don
  12. In April I ordered a dash cover for my 1965 Riviera from Cover King. When it arrived it hung over the edge of the dash by 2 3/4 inches. I contacted them and they sent me a FedEx call tag and put a replacement in the works. The second dash cover fit the same way. Every time I contacted them via email it would take a full week before they would respond and they said they did not give refunds. The third week of May I called and the girl I spoke with agreed to send another call tag and that they would refund my credit card. On July 15th I had to call again because they had not refunded my cr
  13. The only suggestion I would have is to make sure the coolant is flushed and I prefer the new Prestone that can be used with any color antifreeze. The Dexcool with age can crystallize and also eat gaskets. After changing to the Prestone the engine in my Silverado runs about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. I know a couple of other people that have experienced this as well. A couple of people that I know ran the Dexcool too long and it was very costly.
  14. Thanks to all who have responded to my question regarding the vinyl top. My car does not currently have a vinyl top and I do have all of the stainless trim that is required to complete the option. I understand that only 7 percent of 65 Rivieras had vinyl tops and in black only which is the color that I want to put on my car. If anyone could provide the measurements between the seams I would greatly appreciate it. This car was purchased by the second owner in May of 1966 and after an altercation with something and the left front fender it was put in their basement either the end of 1986 or
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