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  1. What do you mean by horse shoe trim? Do you have a pic of what you are looking for? I recently stripped a '64 Riviera and saved a lot of the trim. Larry
  2. sounds good. email me at Thanks, Larry
  3. I figured out what was wrong with mine and no longer need a speedo. Thanks all for looking.
  4. the carbs i would be interested in are: 3634, 3645s, 3646s, 3924, 4051 and 4060 thanks, Larry
  5. i know this is an old post but do you have these carbs still? Thanks, Larry
  6. Hi, I am looking for a 140 mph speedo with cruise. {lease let me know if you have something like that. Thanks, Larry
  7. i know this is an old ad but I am wondering if the the tail panel is still available? Thanks, Larry
  8. Hi, Like the title reads, I am looking for a 63 or 64 Riviera speedo head in good working order. It needs to be for cruise control as well (unless someone can tell me how to convert a regular speedo to a cruise speedo) Thanks, Larry
  9. I have those if you still need them. I also have the entire grill.
  10. Would you have a speedometer from a '64 with cruise control?
  11. Just like the title reads, I am looking for the trunk lock cover for a 1964 Buick Electra. thanks, Larry
  12. After nearly 10 ears of frame off restoration and approx 40 years since it's had valid plates on it I had my "64 Buick Electra convertible that my dad bought new. In other words..... this is the first time this car has been driven on the street in nearly 40 years!!! He ordered it triple black loaded with buckets and a super wildcat 425. Unfortunately there is a reason it took 10 years to complete but here it is......
  13. My wife comments are too funny between the first video (4 years ago) and the second video a couple of days ago... Cheers, Larry