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  1. demon452

    Bad Riviera 1972

    My guess would be off a tooth. Probably can only go in 1 direction is because the vacuum advance is hitting something. But kinda hard to guess with minor details and no pics etc.. What is the timing set at? Do you have a timing light. Start with the basics then move on. Process of elimination.
  2. Forgot to mention the first pic was just the hole location. Yes I thought I was done (painted) until I put the carb on. Had to cut the top off, angle in downward and bring it slightly forward to achieve a 50 thousand gap as per the manual. Plus it looked strange to me at the max out of the slots.
  3. All done. Not as bad as I thought. Although i don't take pics throughout processes. Always bad with that. Here are 2 pics.
  4. Just going to modify the factory 4bbl. Thanks
  5. Nevermind. Talked to Russ Martin. Got the info I needed. No they don't reproduce them. Or he doesn't get them anymore.
  6. I was wondering if someone could take a pic of a trans detent switch bracket for a 64 dual quad setup. I just put a dual quad on my riviera and need to modify my original. Pic greatly appreciated. Also if someone has one for sale I may be interested. Thanks in advance
  7. That was my error. I have the large hose reduced down and teed into the main vacuum source (black) #3, and # 1. Everything works correctly..
  8. 66 gs. Not mine
  9. Found what I needed. Just working out shipping costs. Thanks
  10. Looking for a straight dash speaker/vent grill. Color doesn't matter. Please pm me with a price and a pic. Thanks
  11. Just paint the your parts. You can easily take something up to a paint store and they can match the color. Just prep correctly and you will be good to go.
  12. demon452

    Paint color question

    Go figure. Called them. All out of quarts. But the had spray cans in stock. Ordered 1. Said a few weeks for quarts. Thanks again guys.
  13. So awhile back I painted my engine with the green buick"c.a.r.s" paint for my 64 riviera. I didn't have any left. I just called them and they don't have any. Don't even know when they getting more. Has anyone tried por or opgi green buick paint? If so what 1 will match closest to the "c.a.r.s" paint? Yes I am completely aware that different batches may have a slightly different shade. Thanks in advance
  14. I did ask. Meant it won't recrack or leak. But who's to say it won't crack next to it or near it due to the heat input. I guess I have to trust the professionals.
  15. The 2nd was recommended to me by the machine shop I have used. They send there repairs to them. My issue is the prices are not even comparable..