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  1. Have a set of good used rear lever shocks. No leaks just dirty . They are not frozen, work as they should, etc. Use as is or use as a core. $50 plus shipping. Please send a personal message if interested. Thanks
  2. Anyone want this. New price is you pick up. FREE
  3. Make an offer if needed. Want this gone!
  4. Just pulled this out. No issues what so ever. Comes with cooler, transmission mount and converter. Just switching to an overdrive unit. Going to need cooler lines, I cut them. $125 or make an offer. Must pick up. Removed from 55 buick century. Located in Michigan zip 48079
  5. Have a complete torque tube from a 55 century, dynaflow car. No noises, breaks were redone about 2 years ago. Shocks didn't leak. $125 located in Michigan zip 48079. Please PM me if interested. Thanks, Steve
  6. Any problems with the nailhead? Or is he just a chevy guy with a buick?
  7. I really like these as well. Just dont like the price so much.
  8. Haha, those are the type I was looking at. 😁 I do like the Fenton pair as well. Hell maybe 1 day I'll toss on my weiand drag star.
  9. No oil in coolant what so ever. I did straightened the valve cover lips using a straight edge to make sure they were true. Originally they were pretty bad. The lip on the head were cleaned down to bare metal. Now i did not use any type of sealant on either mating surfaces. I will try what you recommend "old-tank". Probably use on both surfaces as you stated. Thanks
  10. Haha. That's an option. Well thanks for the Input. Will have to check and recheck since its driving me nuts. May just buy new covers anyways.
  11. The valve covers did leak at 1 time. When I bought the car they did. So I replaced the gaskets. Still leaking so I checked to see how straight they were. Well not so much. Straightened and put back on. Well now it's just a very little but driving me nuts. Guessing I will just clean it alot better and keep an eye out. When I run my finger below the valve cover lip its dry. Looking at the staining on the head is deceiving. Its actually dry and has been wiped down. How are the rubber gaskets compared to the cork? I am running the cork gaskets. Thanks again
  12. I thought it was coming from the valve covers but I see no oil running down and nothing is wet with oil except around the plugs. Hard to see from the pic but there is some oil on the bottom of the plug. Which appears to be coming from the plug itself. That's what is confusing me. Guess I will try a paper towel and see If anything goes on there. I will degrease that area at this point. Thanks for the clarity on the plugs that Russ was speaking about. Steve
  13. Ok I have a small leak (pic attached) I was assuming that these plugs in the head were/are for coolant? But as I wipe everything down and clean it I notice oil start to seap out around the plug and oil sits in the plug as well. 1st thought it was the valve cover gaskets so I replaced them and then straightened the flange on the covers. The straightening was the 2nd time I pulled them off as I didnt think the plugs were an oil gallery. So am I correct assuming these are NOT for coolant? I read on centerville that the plugs are not actually 5/8" and they have them made. I just dont know if these are the plugs he was speaking of. Help and input is greatly appreciated. Everything is dry and oil free except for around these plugs. Thanks in advance, Steve
  14. Looking for 2 or 3 olds wire wheel caps. I do not need centers or mounting flanges. Here is a pic of what I am looking for. Please send me a personal message with price, condition and pics. Thanks, Steve