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  1. I found a complete set for $50 or just the small piece for $45. Must have gotten a deal at $10 for the last 1 I lost, Haha. Easy enough to make so that's the route I am going.
  2. 1955 century 2dr ht. Figured if I cannot find 1 I will try to make it with some miss trim I have laying around.
  3. If someone has a complete lower set.i will purchase that for the small piece as well. Thanks
  4. Looking for the small center piece, pic is enclosed. DM me with pic and cost. Thanks
  5. I have enclosed a pic. This is the 3rd one I have had to buy. Rather apparent I can keep track of the little guy. If you have 1, please PM me with cost and pic. My zip is 48079 for shipping. Thanks
  6. Does anyone make a trunk mat for a 55 buick? I seen someone bought 1 yrs ago, but all I can find is 57/58 Buick on a wed search. Would that actually work or would it be to large? Thanks in advance, Steve
  7. Looking for a set of spark plug wire covers, possibly with nuts. If you have a pair please send me a DM (message) with pics and cost. Thanks, Steve
  8. Just sent you an email. Thanks again.
  9. Ha ha, no worries. I actually forgot I had these posted. Steve
  10. I sent you a personal message. Thanks, Steve
  11. Well I dont have the factory gauges any longer. I have an over flow, but there is nothing in there or ever gas been. I am still running the 7lb cap as well. Just going to flush coolant/change stat and see if it changes any. If not I am not that concerned about it since nothing has ever went into the overflow.
  12. One thing I need to check is I noticed they sell 195 stats as well. Going to have to see what actually is installed , either way getting a 180 stat.
  13. It could very well be an inaccurate guage as well. My IR says it 180/190 ish vs gauges that's at the same spot my sensor goes Into the block, it an electric gauge. I am going to flush the system (looks dirty) and I was going to replace thermostat. Just for good measure. Also the shroud is 20" across, factory 4 blade is 18". I have a 7 blade 18" laying around I am going to swap for the 6 blade 16" fan .
  14. Ok, thanks guys . I have a 180 and temp seems to be about 200 maybe 210 when I am idling and its 90 degrees out and humid. Honestly it pretty much stays at around that temp driving and idling. I have a 6 blade fan that is 16" diameter. About to switch to a 7 blade fan that is 18" diameter.
  15. What temp thermostats are you guys running? Also looking for part #'s for a 180 and 160 stat. Thanks
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