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  1. I am wondering if anyone has a different steering wheel and if so what adapter are you using and a part # you have 1. I have a 55 buick century and being tall I want a slightly smaller wheel. I already bought a gm adapter and it's to small shaft/splines. Thanks in advance
  2. Lmao. Now that is funny.
  3. Can anyone tell me where this goes? Or have a pic? Buick Door Lock Post Bumper - Upper Thanks
  4. Looking to buy rear bumper brackets for my 55 century. Dont need all 6 just what I have pictured. Please send a PM with price and pics. Thanks, Steve
  5. I am not against it but the cost may be a bit high for me. Compared to doing a swap. I can't recall what gear vendors was selling them for last time I check. But remember it was quite costly.
  6. Why as in doing it? To add an overdrive transmission.
  7. Plan on doing an open drive conversion. Will a 61/62 3rd member bolt Into a 55 housing? I know they will work with a 56. I understand if it works I would have to get new axles due to the splines. Thanks in advance
  8. Perfect. Easy enough. Mine are cracked right before the come out of the column. Just didn't know how the switch itself was. Haven't taken apart yet. Thanks for the info. Steve
  9. Does anyone reproduce a 1955 buick century turn signal switch? Or are they easy to rewire? I am rewiring my car and notice that they are pretty damn dry. Thanks in advance Steve
  10. Just found an old post and figured it out.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to remove the switch assembly. I dont want to break it. My horrible pic is from the backside. Thanks In advance Steve
  12. I have the L bracket. Just looking for the piece on the hood. Also want to know what its actually for? Thanks
  13. Ok I know my hood does not have this but the bracket is still there. on the firewall. I am wondering what's it's purpose is (aligment)? Maybe someone has 1 for sale. Pic is enclosed and it's what Is circulated. Thanks in advance.
  14. There was no connector. Solid wire. When I pulled my deck lid I disconnected the wire from the socket and pulled it that way.