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  1. There was no connector. Solid wire. When I pulled my deck lid I disconnected the wire from the socket and pulled it that way.
  2. I ask mainly because steel rubber wants $240 and metro is $130 for the same set of seals. Just seems like a big difference in price to me. I have used both in the past and didn't have issues. Just odd the price difference.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has used "metro rubber" seals for the vent window and if so how did they fit? I have used steele rubber products and have had no problems with any of there seals. Just curious on metro rubber seals. Thanks in advance, Steve
  4. Pretty good shape, some very minor pitting and skuffs. Only 1 clip is missing.If you have any questions send me an PM $85 shipped.
  5. Looking for a set of rear bumper guards for my 55. Not interested in any that are dented. If they need rechromed that is fine. Please PM me with pics, condition and what your asking price. Thanks, Steve
  6. Do you have any Lyon's hubcaps? I sent you a pic of what I am looking for. Thanks, Steve
  7. A few years ago I bought some door seals from c.a.r.s Same issue door was extremely tough to close but did shut. To be honest not what I wanted or expected although they fit like the orginals. So i ordered another set from Steele rubber products. Cost was almost double but was night and day. Installed the new 1s and they were perfect in every way. Doors shut flawlessly. Now this wasn't on my 64 riv. It was for a 55 buick. Anyhow after that 1 time I will only buy from steel rubber products. Cost is higher but I have never had any issues with there products. As I have had with many other brands being (close enough or working).
  8. Anyone have this piece or if don't want to seperate I may take all 3 pieces.
  9. Pic enclosed of what I need. Its the lower windshield molding connector piece. This is for a 55 buick century. In the pic the center in missing. That is piece that is missing. Please send me a personal message if you have the small part. Also a pic and price. Thanks, Steve
  10. So after looking at it a bit more I am going to use 2 Seperate pieces. I really thought about the run channel but then I have to do (2) separate pieces for the door flipper anyways. It would drive me nuts and I would keep looking at the rear window vs door flipper. Just my preference. Hope the heat trick works, if not i have a shrinker/stretcher I can try out. Ordered what I needed so hopefully can start on these in the next 2 week's after I polish them. Again thanks for the info and responses. Steve
  11. Thanks, I have been looking at that as well for an option.
  12. Thanks for the heat trick. I have used the small screws. The fronts had the snap in clips. Which I found and did it that way. The uppers I cannot use screws due to they would go through the ss. Not very thick. Lowers I am fine. I am thinking of just using a heavy duty adhesive for the uppers and door flaps. Thanks again