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  1. There will be a slight leakage but nothing that will affect flow or cooling issues. Some t-stats have what is called a "jiggle valve" which do the same thing. Helps release air pockets. Here is a pic of a jiggle valve. Serves the same purpose as drilling a small hole.
  2. Suprised nobody has this rare part? Haha. Glad I don't need a wiper arm. Those may be rare around these parts as well.
  3. Here is a pic of what I need. Passenger side dog leg. Please pm with cost. Thanks
  4. Agree with all the statements above. But you have to mix any type of paint before applying. The chemicals seperate. Try using a spray can without shaking and 1 with shaking. You can see the results.
  5. Just converted to a dual reservoir master cyl. Anyhow is there a part # for the sq cut o-ring? Orileys has the single rebuilt unit that comes with the o ring but no part # available. Thanks in advance
  6. That molding does not take them. Those are held on by screws. They may have broke. If you replace the window "sweepers" they come with screws that attach the sweepers and molding to the skin in 1 unit. The originals sweepers are stapled on to the molding and original screws behind the sweepers. Have to remove the interior panel and a few bolts to get the window down further. The front doors I had the door skin removed prior to replacement of the "sweepers". Don't know if front can be rolled down with a few window channel bolts removed as well.
  7. In theory its possible it may work it all depends. Could create more damage. Because weight/balance has everything to do with it. Like stated some have drill spots etc..Think of it as a wheel weight or driveshaft. Different placement affects the balance speeds/vibration. May or may not affect idle but can and will affect a certain rpm or possibly throughout. Vibration etc..
  8. Here is 1 more pic of the back side of mirror where it separates the 2. (Hole is where the screw goes) Center screw as you can see the threaded part in your pic.
  9. Ok, looked at my old mirror. The stud is NOT threaded. Only 1 screw holds the mirror on to the bracket. But as Ed stated most likely door skin will have to come off in order to remove /install cable. 1st pic is of alignment stud , 2nd pic is the screw location after mirror and mirror housing are disassembled.
  10. I am looking for the floor brace measurement. The "height" specifically. From floor to bottom of brace.
  11. Great, fair enough if someone else has access to that measurement to a 63/64 I would appreciate that as well. Better to be safe than sry. Thanks again, Steve
  12. I believe that is how. If not I can check my other mirror when I get home later. If you have no answers by then.
  13. You can see the screw in your pic (center)Unscrew that so the housing can be moved so you have access to the screw holding it to the door bracket.
  14. Perfect. Exactly what I needed. If I remember I will take some pics of what's in mine and the new 1 I make. Thanks for taking the time to take pics and measure. Steve
  15. Looks a little chewed up on the inside. Kinda difficult to see from the pic. Would definitely look at the crank. Do you have a dial caliper? If so check crank snout and id of balancer.
  16. I just need the height of the brace. So the bushings will be the correct height etc. I can figure everything else out.
  17. No other damage. Small sections of trunk floor were repair at some point. 1 leaky taillights and 2 rear window leak. No damage to the tail light sections or repaired quarter panels at all. I repaired the rear window channel which is common.
  18. So I pulled my bumpers off to get rechromed and I noticed the past owner replaced the very rear floor brace. Piss poor job. Anyhow if someone has there rear bumper of or can measure the height from the trunk pan down to bottom of brace. Just want to make a new 1. I am assuming it tapers due to bumper brackets but don't know. The gent has a notch in the brace to clear the brackets. Or a pic would be great as well. Thanks in advance, Steve
  19. Jusr threw up in my mouth. If I had that guys money I would throw mine away. Let's see if there's an ass for that seat.
  20. Before jumping the gun on a full rebuild do a compression test, leak down test etc.. Could be not that bad or maybe it could be. Tests can determine what's going on. My 2 cents
  21. Just go slow or fuid will shoot up from pump.