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  1. Perfect. I had my doubts about factory. Although it seems to be on the trim that holds the door seal in as well. Thanks, Steve
  2. Anyone? Just added another pic. 2nd pic is the trim I am talking about. Thanks
  3. Could be a possiably. Have to pull the inlet from the tank to fuel pump.See if you feel any suction from the fuel pump. If not there's your problem. If you do may have to trace your rubber lines see if any are broke even on top of the tank connecting to your fuel line. Could be sucking air. Steve
  4. I understand they were a dealer installed option. I just have never seen 1 in that location. I have seen them vary slightly just not that far back. Yes I understand if mounted the same location as the drivers its kinda pointless. But then again I don't have the specs as to where the dealer was supposed to locate them. Unless it was just up to the individual dealer. Also this car does NOT have ac . So the better route would be vintage air. Or cheaper/less headache in the long run.
  5. I go with the tire manufacturer psi (on side of the tire) Not what's in the manual. I highly doubt you are running the factory tires that came on the car when new. As far as misfire kinda tough without driving it. Possiably a low float level or weak fuel pump. Points, ignition etc.. Could be multi things.
  6. Car looks clean from the 1 pic. The passenger side mirror is not factory. Also the location is to far back compared to where the drivers side is. What options does the car have. The 425 was considered a standard engine in 64.
  7. So while installing my dash I noticed the windshield was a little loose. Anyhow I pulled it out to reseal. Now my question is the trim that goes on the A pillar has some sealant? (See pic grey stuff) Is this from the factory or some half ass attempt to repair a window leak? Also if not from the factory was this piece clean or was there some ribbon sealer (black in pic)or something on it to seal? Thanks
  8. I decided I am never going to use these. So up for sale. Now buick seat belts.Never installed some light scratches from handling. $115 shipped. These are just the buckle side. I will accept paypal but have to pay family/friends.
  9. Picked up this 64 buick banner a mth or so back. Framed it in plexiglass.
  10. I am actually pretty Suprised you removed all the glue/adhesive with acetone. I tried acetone, mek etc.. The only way I could get it all completely removed was aircraft stripper and a razor blade. Anyhow I used 3M Super 77 . 3m makes multiple adhesives some are better than others. I spray both pieces until tacky then set the vieneer on. I used welding clamps and wood to get equal pressure everywhere. Method is on you, just make sure it is held in place somehow until dried.
  11. How about Howard's lifters?
  12. Link to a roller camshaft. Roller lifter link. I believe TA makes them as well.
  13. It was one of the limited options on my car. Unfortunately there were none on the car when I purchased it.
  14. Looking for a nice set of door edge guards for my 64 riviera. Please PM me with pics and cost. Thanks
  15. Body tag can give you most of the info. Others here can decode it. Its on the drivers side firewall. Take a pic and post it to get info.
  16. 1965 riviera gs? Not mine.
  17. They are NOT in the same location. The dual quad intake mount for the bracket is more forward. Towards the front of the engine. I believe 1 inch or so. I don't recall and would have to measure if interested.
  18. Did a rpm calculator 3.07 @70 is 2696, 323 @ 70 is 2837, 342 @ 70 is 3003. Not to much of a difference. I know its just an estimate. Now my biggest thing is I want more "getty up" from a light. I don't even know if changing to a 323 is worth it at this point. Kinda want the best of both worlds . Now chimera could you actually feel the difference from a 307 to 323? Just with around town driving. Maybe I am just starting to second guess myself. Multiple people have told me as well just to go with a 307 or go with a 307 posi.
  19. The gentleman still had the 342 but not my preference. Found another local that said he has a 307 posi. Just don't want to regret not getting what I want or buying another unit at a later date because I settled. The guy with the 307 posi swears that is ideal but again he is the 1 selling it. Haha I have a 307 open seems ok but want a little more pep.
  20. I second the acclerator pump is the issue. As stated "wrong or bad". Make sure the housing section it slides in is as smooth as possible. If not you will damage a new 1 if replaced or it will not operate correctly.