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  1. Sorry, this sold a long time ago. Forgot I had the ad up. FYI, will not fit a 64 Riv, the lever is reversed, that is the only difference.
  2. I might have one. Let me know if you still need.
  3. I have a few spares, if you need one. A good ac shop can sometimes make a new one and reuse your ends.
  4. You can do it without removing the bracket, but the hard part is putting the bolts back in and lining the pump when reinstalling with bracket in place. I have done it many times, just take your time with it.
  5. Is that Bob's in CA? I think I spoke to him a few years back. He had 2-3 GS's at that time and had sold a black one. The red one is stunning, very well done. Tell him I said good luck in selling! If he wants action on the car, I would put it in Hemming's and probably consider placing it with a high-end European classic dealer(someone who specializes in Jag, Bentley, etc.), that's your buyer. Also, let him know I would recommend removing the aftermarket gouges. They are functional, but cheapen the overall look of the interior. Take care and have a great one!
  6. 35-42psi front, about 2-4lbs less in the rear. Experiment and see what works best. If you have really good shocks(Viking or QA1) you can run a lot of pressure and the car will still ride great. The "misfire" sounds like detonation. Does it sound like marbles in the motor? Verify timing, put a pertronix in distributor(I like the 3 version) and put a new fuel pump and soft lines in the car if more than 3 years old.
  7. I think you will be ok, I am super picky. Mine were from OPGI, but you can bet only one company is actually making them for both. Yeah, I agree, with today's tech, there is no reason to make a part that doesn't not fit correctly. I think the acrylic they used might have shrunk after processing.
  8. They are decent for repro's, but they seem a little small vs the original ones. Originals fit perfect, even after 50yrs. These just seem off some when I put them in.
  9. Call Tim @ Rivi Central. Tell time Dave in SoFlo sent you. He is the only one w/ good sheetmetal right now to my knowledge.
  10. Call Clark's Corvair. They make the best Upholstery for Riv's, by far. Be prepared to replace the opgi covers in about a year or two, IF you get the length issue sorted. They come apart quick under use. I have installed a few sets and have seen it personally.
  11. I have an ST300 if you need one. From a 66 Skylark 300 engine
  12. Congrats! Looks like a nice car. If you get it and change your mind, hit me up. I still like it for a project myself.
  13. I liked it enough to message seller. Usual "I'm not tellin" reserve bs. Blah blah blah. Guess it's not sellin...