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  1. I will try to get you a pic this weekend. I have one.
  2. DualQuadDave

    64 Body Lines

    Should just be a door adjustment. However, if they block sanded the car like that, it'll never be perfect even if you get it in proper alignment. Ask me how I know, lol.
  3. DualQuadDave

    67 LS1 40K (eBay)

    I would not say the LS motors are unreliable, far from it. Do they have ther issues, sure, all motors do. I build them also and the blocks are good up to 1400hp and I have personally put 227k on my LS2 TBSS turning 7000rpm everyday until I accidently ran it low on oil and spun a bearing. I have worked on a myraid of junkyard LS's, w/ cam only builds, turbo's, you name it. I build Nailheads also, and they are fantastic, but even a highend build I would expect about 150k and they will need to be gone back through, mostly for ring/valve guide wear and mostly due to carb vs injection.
  4. DualQuadDave

    Dual quad set up

    Nuts is 25k for an original dual carb setup for Z28. I have seen Weber set-ups for 7k. I just saw a beautiful carbon fiber intake for a new LS7 for $5500. $4200 is cheap for what you get.
  5. DualQuadDave

    Dual quad set up

    If you are going to put it on a Riv, I would stay factory, or at least factory intake just for the nice packaging and it will increase the cars value.
  6. DualQuadDave

    Dual quad set up

    Price is all condition and how complete you want it. Pm me, I have some of parts you need and I have a 64 KX Riv for reference.
  7. The slop is caused by the gear wearing and/or the backing plate the gear riding on popping loose. It's a potmetal housing with a steel plate and eventually they just work loose. Plan on buying gears as if you have not already replaced them, they will need it either way. Sometimes you can drill/tap the potmetal housing and reattach plate w/ screws. That's if the potmetal has not totally disintegrated.
  8. James makes some of his own parts and resell's some others.
  9. DualQuadDave

    8 mm spiral core spark plug wires

    Tom, I gave up on the Taylors a long time ago. The boots would come apart often. The MSD's have been tough and there is no comparison from a resistance standpoint. Try them, you'll like them.
  10. The rear carb is definitely a 65-66 carb, probably a 3925s. Front carb is a correct 3645, but could be an s, sa, or sb revision. The throttle arm changed length on the sa and sb to a longer arm. Only the 64's had the s, from what I have seen. FYI, ditch that chrome fuel pressure regulator, you do not need it. Carbs need to run at 6-7psi.
  11. DualQuadDave

    8 mm spiral core spark plug wires

    Use MSD StreetFire wire and make your own. None of the pre-made kits fit right. The Streetfire is 8mm and you can just barely squeeze them in a stock wire holder. They are good wire, 0 resistance. I have tried almost everywire wire out there, these were the best.
  12. DualQuadDave

    Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    This thing is gangster all the way! I want to see more, any idea what issue of Hot Rod/Car Craft it appeared in?
  13. Selling a nice condition 69-70 Buick Olds Fullsize Electra Delta etc. Stainless Cowl Panel. Very good condition, see pic. $200+shipping. This will NOT fit a Riviera, slightly different.
  14. Selling a nice used original 64-66 Buick Riviera Super Wildcat 425 Dual Quad Chrome Air Cleaner. This is better than most, not banged up and not crusty, snorkels are straight. Base is super nice, see pics. The lid needs a rechrome from scattered pitting, but that's it. $850 shipped.