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  1. I agree, I have done about a dozen or so 63-65 Riv radiators and the best is a re-cored stock one. A good shop can squeeze a big 4 core on the stock tanks. I prefer that over any new currently available radiator, including the US ones.
  2. Why not just buy the one for sale in the 63 Retrain post? I guarantee it's cheaper than building it.
  3. Selling a bare 1964 KW Buick 425 Nailhead Engine Block. Block is cleaned and shot opened, no cracks anywhere I can see. Had some heavy rust in couple of the bores and will need a sleeve on one cylinder for sure, might need one on the other, but I think it'll clean up without. $450 and I can ship Fastenal for cheap shipping. I have heads, cranks, and more if you need it as a complete motor.
  4. Spray Duplicolor FTW. Use their primer, also. I get my paint from Classic Buicks. Many will say it's not perfectly correct color, but it's close and it lasts. I have had bad experiences multiple times with the Bill Hirsch paint. Literally half the cans would not spray in an order of 6 or more. Got tired of it.
  5. For new cars, it'll happen pretty soon. 10yrs or so. It'll be ugly on the other end, I'm not looking forward to it.
  6. The Eelco/Edelbrock is the best performing dual quad intake, by far. They are on ebay right now. The factory is pretty good, a little port work and it's even better. The Offy is trash unless you cut it open and modify the entire inside and reweld, depends on your goals. If you want your single 4brl to go faster, I port them for substantially more flow and/or bigger carbs. Nails love 750/850 single carbs, even on dead stock engines. Caddy 429's of the same era love them too. DM me, I can post pics of what I do.
  7. Are you running the stock the dist w/ the Sniper system?
  8. I like it, don't get me wrong, I just didn't know why you were doing it. Some people do the swap because they know nothing about Nailheads or what they are capable of. At some point in the not way too distant future, all running Riv's will have an LS or Gen 3 Hemi under the hood. The Nailhead cores are getting harder to get and condition is getting worse overall. You'll love the LSA, if you want a topend package for it, DM me. I can can/head/ported blower it and make easy 850hp on pump.
  9. I agree with Tom, why not upgrade what you have? Just put a ST400 trans in it, or 200r4 overdrive and keep your posi rear and just make the Nailhead faster and put FItech or Holley fuel injection on it. Simple, easy, tastes great, less filling PS: I am doing a lot of LS swaps on just about everything these days and they are great, but you will spend an easy 15-25k doing it right. The little stuff will eat you alive and if you are paying to have the work done, anyone that says they can do it "cheaper" runaway from. There is definitely a right and wrong way to swap it.
  10. I have the parts you need for the choke, but the electric choke is a better option. I mod an Edelbrock choke to work on stock carb and works great.
  11. There is a rebuilt 63 425 on ebay. It's not a performance build, just a stocker, probably does not have any of the "fixes" you need to do when you build one. If you want more performance, I build custom Nailheads w/ fully ported heads, custom cams, ported intakes, forged pistons, etc. You don't "need" a 425 to go faster, you need more airflow. Tom builds them, as well, maybe he'll chime in.
  12. Just go to a Napa and ask to look at the hoses in the back of the store. Look at the preformed hoses and see what is close. You may need to cut the ends, but not a big deal.
  13. What years interchange? If I have a 55 I am parting.
  14. It looks like a nice car, but it's a 63 and no AC is not a good thing. If this is your first Riv, get a 64 or 65. Much easier to fix, find parts etc. Mind you, no Riv is easy to restore, but the 63 has a ton of 1 year only parts that are difficult to deal with. JMO. If you own a 63, I am not putting you down, but from having owned all 3 years, it's the hardest to work on, by far.