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  1. I have a set I can sell, text me. Hope all is good, stay sage!
  2. I had a custom shop buy a set of finned rocker trim from me for a 64. Looked ok, was a beige color and slammed on the ground. I don't think it would have looked as good if it had not been lowered. Color plays a big part in if looks ok or not, but overall I would not recommend it.
  3. i have a complete 65 front clip I would sell. May separate out the fenders, but I prefer to sell all together. DM me and we'll talk
  4. John, FYI, you need to port the intake to put a 750 on. I have done several, it's a huge improvement. You do not need to swap the whole throttle shaft, you just need the end piece w/ the linkage attachment points which is just spot welded on. What do mean "swap the tops" ? If you mean you are trying to put the small afb top on a later afb/edelbrock bottom, that's not going to work. Just get a plastic $15 adapter ring and your stock cleaner will work.
  5. You don't "need" a Gear Vendors for what you want to do. A 400 w/ a 3.07 or 3.23 rear gear will cruise at 80-90mph right about 3000-3300rpm. I have done many trips in my 64 Riv hammer down and have never really wanted overdrive. That being said, a 400 is a better trans than a 200, but if you have to have overdrive, the 200 is way better than a 400 with a GV. JMO Also, you are way overthinking the whole overall ratio issue. #1 Nailheads have tons of low end torque and will pull off idle. #2 your overdrive final ratio is just cruising, your not accelerating in OD. If you had a stockish 350sbc or some other tiny motor, the overall ratio would be more critical, but given what you are trying to do, it's less complicated than you think.
  6. A friend of mine has 200r4 in his 65 Riv and works fantastic. The 700r4 is a garbage can of a transmission. Admittedly, the tech for them has gotten better and these days you can buy a decent 700, but it'll cost way more than it's worth. If you are going to do a trans swap, it's either go 400 or go 200r4, everything else is not really worth it.
  7. Carbuff2, will DM you contact info. LX motor is .040, freshly built, zero mile. I have a rebuilt 65 SP400 also, but it's not a BS code. I am located in Sout| Florida, but can ship anywhere. I have shipped motors all over the world. I even have a 401 running in a 65 Riv in the Philippines, lol.
  8. That's funny, I have a rebuilt LX 425 w/ og dual quad intake I am getting ready to list for sale. Timing is everything...
  9. It's actually way simpler than that, you don't need to chop the front clip or the steering. You just need the right oil pan/mounts and you are half way there. The trans crossmember is harder than the motor mounts to deal with, but still not bad. For computer, just pay the piper and get the Holley kit and all done. I am planning on working on a swap kit for the 63-65 sometime next year. With the shortage of Nailhead cores, and only 3 guys more/less building them correctly(me, Tom and Russ), it's inevitable, especially for a driver. The hardest part is the cost, it's a solid 10k to do a swap w/ a junkyard motor, more if you want to go fast. I'm probably one of the only guys in the country w/ big power LS's and ported/cammed Nailheads in the same room. l
  10. I have a running 401 and freshly rebuilt SP400 perfect for that. Why did you buy a beautiful Riv to just pull the Nailhead? There are hundreds of better Nailhead donors than that one.
  11. You do the math. More liquid capacity is better. More surface area is better. Bigger is better. Why is this so hard????
  12. Capacity always equals more cooling. Sure there are small 4 row and big 2 row cores, but in general, more is better, also for surface area to dissipate the heat. I know, I've put in over 100 radiators in all types of hot rods, customs and race cars and spec my own custom rods when necessary.
  13. I have the trim you need and I should have the electrical and engine parts also. DM me
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