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  1. Went to put the top down today and the switch broke. I believe the switch is the same ‘71-‘73 Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Wow! nice work so far! Here is a pic of the belts. If this color will work you are welcome to them! It'll be a while until I can get them out. They aren't perfect, but should clean up.
  3. Longtime Olds fanatic. New member with a recent purchase of an extremely clean one owner ‘72 Delta 88 vert.I really like the look of the SSIV wheels that were offered that year and am looking for a complete set for this car. Does anyone know which trim rings will fit these wheels and look the closest to stock? Finding a set of originals is proving to be difficult.Past Oldsmobile’s:1977 Delta 88 Royale 4 door 403 (my first car!)1978 Ninety Eight 2 door 4031973 Ninety Eight 4 door 4551980 Delta 88 4 door 3071984 Delta 88 4 door 307
  4. I was planning on keeping this one for a while, but my other project is due to be finished sooner than expected and I need the garage space. I've listed it on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Buick-Electra-225/273807287390
  5. Thanks so much for the detailed response! I’m going to try and work on it this week!
  6. I was rebuilding the carbs on the Electra. And the floats seemed to be set really low. I set them according to the settings outlined in the shop manual and now the car is running really rich. (Floats set too high??) can any carb guru here point me in the correct direction? I dumbed outband didn’t measure the original setting before I screwed with them...
  7. In need of a blower motor switch for a '64 Electra with A/C. Also need the cover for it and the AIR cable as well. Ben
  8. I've torn into the dash try and get the HVAC back up and running. I've noticed quite a bit of vacuum noise coming from this switch when its in any position other than the HEAT position . I pulled it apart and it appears that there is a passage to atmosphere. It is supposed to operate like this??? I cleaned the switch and applied some high vacuum grease. Everything else looks OK.
  9. Do you need to use the stainless gaskets at the bases of the carter carbs on a dual quad intake? I think I read somewhere that the felt ones were OK by themselves.
  10. It actually happened on a cold engine start. However, it seems to have stopped now.
  11. I rebuilt the rear carb on the Electra. It now starts and runs, however the carb is now leaking on the passenger side rear shaft. the rebuild kit didn't address this part of the carb. I soaked the entire assembly in carb cleaner for about :30 during the rebuild process. Is there a seal here that is replaceable or am i dealing with another issue??
  12. I did however see a 3/4” hex head for the filler. I’m assuming that means posi?
  13. Crawled under the car today. Didn't see a POSI tag.
  14. It has the yellow needle and it also has the trunk release in the glove box.
  15. 1965 Dual Quad Production Numbers (From another post) 617 for all series 8000 (1965) _14 8237 (2 Door) _13 8239 (4-Door Hardtop) _16 8269 (4-Door Sedan) _91 8437 (2-Door Custom) 314__ 8439 (4-Door Custom Hardtop) 123__ 8467 Convertibles _46__8469 (4-door Custom Sedan) (from Daily Car Report, Buick Motor Division, 08-24-65, pp 230-269, courtesy of the Sloan Museum, Flint, MI) I was surprised to see the 4 door hardtop had the most Dual Quad installs. Still need to find '64 production numbers
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