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  1. 1962 Chevy II . 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree. I had bought it for $50.00. This would have been in 1972. Kevin
  2. I also was able to read mine without any problems. Kevin
  3. George: I work for a VW dealer in a non sales position and we currently have 2 NEW, untitled 2017 Touaregs in inventory. Would you like me to get you some information on either of these? If so, please send me a PM with your contact info and I can have someone contact you. The cars are in Lakeland FL, which is between Tampa and Orlando. Good luck in your search. Kevin[]=Touareg&page=1
  4. Thanks Chris. I appreciate it. Kevin
  5. Chris Is this State Farm agreed value policy obtained through your local agent, or do you have to go to a Special State Farm site? Reason I asked, when I tried to get an agreed value policy on my 2008 Shelby, my local agent told me they don’t offer agreed value policies. It’s possibe my local agent just wasn’t aware of this type of policy. I live in a rural area of Nevada. Thanks, Kevin
  6. Nice car Matt...I'm sure it will sell quickly... I owned a 1966 6 cylinder coupe for 18 years. Mine was a Sprint package car, part of the Million Mustang sales event. My car successfully competed in MCA (Mustang Club of America) and AACA shows. It recently won a Repeat Senior Grand National Award. I sold this car to my brother, who currently still shows the car. It will be in Auburn this May. Kevin
  7. I have used Jim who posts on this forum as Trulyvintage. He has a link to his business in the “Commercial Service” down below on this forum. He moved a car from Florida to NV for me last year and was extremely professional. He took great care of my car, and kept in touch with me along the way. Let me know if you need his phone number. Kevin
  8. Both of the above posts are 100 percent correct. These are quarter panel trim pieces for a 1966 Mustang. They are not rare or valuable in this condition. They are readily available as reproductions. Kevin
  9. Picture 463 is 1966 Ford full size car with the high performance 7.0 liter option. They are for 15” wheels. These were also used on 1967 Mustangs with the optional 15” tire option. This was VERY rare on the Mustang, as the vast majority of Mustangs had 14” wheels. Kevin
  10. I also agree with out west. Southern Utah is beautiful and is less than 2 hours from Las Vegas. I attended the National in Punta Gorda Florida in the early 2000s. It was a beautiful location in a park, right on the water. There was also a National in St Petersburg Florida in 1998 in a nice location on the water. One of my all time favorite locations is New Bern NC. Kevin
  11. Here is your link Kevin
  12. I had one of these in the mid 80s. Mine was a 1977 and had this style rally wheel. These cars were at the bottom of the power spectrum as far as Corvettes go, but I liked mine none the less. Kevin
  13. Reproduction wiring harnesses are available from several of the major Mustang suppliers. They are available for each section of the car, and are color coded correctly and have the proper ends. If you buy these reproduction harnesses, you could then find a local mechanical shop to install them. It may benefit you to contact a local Mustang club for specific repair facility recommendations. Kevin
  14. Congratulations. It looks like a nice car. Enjoy Kevin
  15. I recently used a man named Jim that posts on this site under the name “ Trulyvintage”. He was very efficient and timely in moving a car from Florida to Nevada for me when the big named carriers dropped the ball. He posts under the Towing / Trailer section of this forum. On the other hand, my brother had great results with Reliable, moving a car from Florida to Ohio. Kevin