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  1. 1970 Pontiac Formula for sale #2500932 - Hemmings Motor News Here it is......definatley a beautiful car Kevin
  2. Great pictures Jim. Our son and his family lived in that general area. The scenery is beautiful. Great documentation of the property. Kevin
  3. I started working at a Ford dealer in Dayton OH in 1974 as a “lot boy”. One of my duties each morning was to put the keys in each used car. Just before closing time, I had to remove the keys from the cars. I used a long piece of stone wire, similar to a straighten coat hanger to keep the keys on. That way, they were in the correct order the following morning. There is no way any dealer would do this today! Kevin
  4. Not sure where Groom Lake is. Mesquite is basically north, northeast of Las Vegas. Interstate 15 runs through Vegas, as well as through Mesquite. Kevin
  5. Countrytravler had posted this photo on 10/22/16 (top of page 3 of this thread). Paging through this thread reminded me that I had seen this car in person. This car was at a show in Mesquite NV, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas. It was absolutely stunning. Probably the nicest '65 Impala I had seen. I happened to take take a photo of the window sticker and dealer invoice, documenting the options on this car. Kevin
  6. I have worked in the retail auto industry in Florida for over 30 years. We never title the trade-ins in our business name. We leave them on open titles until we retail the unit. Once retailed, the vehicles are titled in the name of the new owner. In the event the car is wholesaled, we reassign the "open title" to the wholesale dealer or auction. It is possible your car was sold out of the state of Florida, and that the Florida DMV records never picked up that out of state ownership. In that case, the VIN on the vehicle would to be connected to your name / ownership in Florida. This is somewhat rare, but I have seen it on occasion. Kevin
  7. Beautiful car. I'm sure you will enjoy it! Kevin
  8. This is a great museum filled with the history of Carroll Shelby. They rotate the inventory of 25 - 30 cars regularly. Cars on display range from early Cobra's, Shelby Daytona's, GT40's and the early Shelby Mustangs through todays examples of Shelby vehicles. They also have a nice gift shop. They have a free guided tour Monday - Saturday at 10:30. After the tour, you can see their production shop where they are building / modifying todays version of the Shelby vehicles. Admission to the museum is free (including the guided tour). The museum is located between Las Vegas Blvd and I-15, at the south end of the strip. This is a good stop for all automotive enthusiasts, not just Ford guys. Kevin Shelby Heritage Center
  9. Steve Check your email! Kevin
  10. I usually have Sirius playing 60s music. I stream it on my phone or iPad. Kevin
  11. In the past few years, I moved across country. I had acquired almost 25 years worth of various car magazines, including Antique Automobile. I first tried to sell them, then tried to give them away, and eventually just had to re-cycle them. Sad to say, I could not even give them away. Good luck on finding a home for your magazines. Kevin
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