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  1. WOW..... I also grew up in Dayton and visited Starks in the mid 70s when I had a 1966 Impala SS convertible. I remember a lot of 50s and 60 cars in there yard. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
  2. You can order a Marti Report ( on this vehicle. It will tell you exactly how this car was originally produced, including color, options, and selling dealer. There are several options to choose from, providing varying amounts of information. They are available for all Ford products from 1967 forward. Kevin
  3. I went to this movie yesterday with a group of local car enthusiasts. I thought was a great movie, even if it’s not 100% accurate. I loved all of the period correct cars in the background. It probably helps that I own a late model Shelby and enjoyed seeing “Carroll” in his early days Kevin
  4. Years ago, I saw a 1970 or 1971 GP with a manual transmission at a local AACA show in St. Petersburg FL. It was the only one I have ever seen. Definitely a rare car. Kevin
  5. There is a 1971 Monte Carlo with a 402 and 4 speed being offered this Friday at Mecum in Las Vegas. Kevin
  6. You can be proud of yourself for the love and care provided to your Dad. Good memories will be with you, long after the pain diminishes. Keep posting on this forum. I enjoy your posts, and love your 57. We had a 59 retractable when I was young. Kevin
  7. Sheatun.......this post is over 19 years old. Kevin
  8. I agree 100 percent. I owned a 1966 Mustang with wire wheel covers. I would do the dishwasher cleaning once a year. DO NOT activate the heat on the will melt the emblems. When the cycle is complete, I took them to the garage and air dried them with my compressor. You can then towel dry any small remaining drops. This process worked good for me. Good luck. Kevin
  9. Great pictures John . I really enjoyed them.Thank you for posting them. Kevin
  10. Congrats on the award. Looks like some nice cars in a nice setting. I like venues like this. Kevin
  11. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great show. Kevin
  12. I can see them today. Yesterday no pics, but I could see them a few days ago also. Looks like a great show. Kevin
  13. Any local car shows coming up? You may find someone there that would like to be its next owner. As suggested earlier, Hemmings, both on line and print may also be helpful. Good luck with the sale. Kevin
  14. VictoriaLynn So sorry for your loss. As you said, he is now free from his pain. You have been so caring and helpful to him and you will remember the good times for ever. Not everyone has the same relationship that you and your Dad shared. It’s something you will always treasure. My Dad passed 23 years ago and I still miss him, but I’m able to remember the good times we shared over the years. Stay strong and I look forward to your posts in the future. Kevin