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  1. I am in southern Nevada, and have not received my magazine yet. Kevin
  2. I should have signed up for Lifetime Membership. I have paid annually for 24 years. Kevin
  3. Yes it is Jim. I have sold this car and bought a 2008 Shelby GT. Thanks for the great service. Kevin
  4. I used Jim from TrulyVintage. Jim advertises on this forum under the shipping / transport section. He did a great job moving my car from Florida and I met him in Arizona. Good luck Kevin
  5. Thanks Padgett. I did not realize the GTO option was a package. I thought it was a separate model. Sounds like your 72 was a great, unique car. Kevin
  6. Im assuming you are looking at this on a phone. I did the same thing, and it was impossible to read. I just looked at it now on my iPad, and it is ok. I’m guessing the font used is too large for it it be readable on a smaller device (phone). Kevin
  7. I’m in southern Nevada, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas. Our gas is 2.49 here. We drove 40 miles north, into Utah, and paid 1.99 at Costco. Kevin
  8. Bloodowl...... Tarpon Springs is just northwest of Tampa. Was this car sold at Ferman Oldsmobile? Ferman is a long running dealer chain based in Tampa. They have been in business over 100 years. Kevin
  9. I always referred to it as an “Oh Jesus” strap! Kevin
  10. David The cars I was referencing were at a MCA (Mustang Club of America) National Show. You are correct, AACA requires the car to drive onto the show field. MCA used to have tech inspection , as you described above, of the show cars, but that ended about 20 years ago. Kevin
  11. I owned and showed an early Mustang for 18 years. Many of my shows were National shows in both AACA and Mustang Club of America (MCA). My early National shows with MCA were quite eye opening. Several of the early Shelby’s were pushed out of trailers and pushed into place on the show field. After witnessing this on multiple occasions, I talked to several owners. They said they did this, so that the exhaust manifolds would not discolor, from the heat of the engine running. I was shocked at this, but that’s how it was. I think I enjoyed my drive home in my Mustang more than they did pushing their car into their trailer. Kevin
  12. I would love to follow your work on this car. It looks like a great 60s wagon. Kevin
  13. I had a similar story. While in college in the mid to late 70s, I had a chance to buy a 1969 Shelby GT350 convertible. It was a typical used car. Seller wanted 1200.00 and I offered 800.00. Neither of us would budge. I walked away from it. I still regret it today. One of my dumbest car moves exercise. Kevin