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  1. A lot depends on the condition of the cars. You could consider an auction and sell them at no reserve. If the cars are in good condition, auction houses like Mecum often liquidate estates as part of a collection at their auctions. There is the problem of logistics in getting the cars to their venue, but I’m sure they can provide some assistance. If the cars can’t feasibly be moved, you could consider an on site auction. Vandebrink auctions hold sales at the sellers location. Im sure others will give their experiences also. Kevin
  2. I owned a '69 Rallye Kadet while in college in mid 70s. I had been warned by my dad about buying it, but thought I knew more then he did. Repairs were non stop. My first and only Opel Kevin
  3. Just to clarify the original post, cars entered into this particular class (Thoroughbred) may be started and driven onto the show field, but some owners opt not to do this. Its strictly the owners choice. When I first started showing my car in MCA competition (concours class) in the late 90s, I was surprised to see that some cars were pushed out of their trailers and into the show space. These were primarily Shelbys and Boss 429 cars. I finally inquired and was told the owners did not want to harm any part of the restoration. The fact that the MCA now has the Thoroughbred Class (that allows
  4. I saw one of their tables at a local car show a year or so ago. Appeared to be well built and good attention to detail. Definately a unique item. It drew quite a crowd at the show.
  5. I also agree on the importance of an extinguisher. Several years ago, at our regional Mustang Club show, a participant entered with a freshly restored Pantera. Upon entering the show field, we noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment. By the time the driver got out, flames were visible. Several of us had extinguishers, and we were able to get the fire out. Without them, I can only imaginge the outcome. I carry one at all times in my antique car. John...love your blue 59 retractable. We had one in the early 60s, same color as yours, but without continental kit. Dad traded it on a new 64
  6. Both events sound like they were fun. Did everyone survive the heat / humidity? It seemed extremely hot this weekend. I went to OldTown in Kissimmee this weekend with my wife and grandson. Rain before the cruise lead to an extremely humid evening. Earl, I'm looking forward to your 2013 National again. I really enjoyed the one your group hosted in 2009. I'll keep an eye out for your April event also. Looking forward to Lake Mirror Show in Lakeland next month. Our club is co-hosting a "Mustang Show within a Show" again this year. Paul, I'll have to stop by one of your event soon. Sounds like y
  7. Junkyardjeff.....I also remember that Country Squire. I grew up in Dayton and saw the car at a large show in Xenia on 4th of July in the early 80s, before I moved to Florida. Somewhere, I have a picture of the interior, with a portion of woodgrain on rear door visible. Definately very rare.
  8. Jim: I just learned that a friend of a friend delivered your car. This was on a return trip from delivering his Trans Am from Tampa to Colorado. Glad to hear this arrangement worked out for you. Good luck with your car. If your looking for an event to go to tomorrow (May 1), there is a car show in old Palm Harbor that is expecting several hundred cars. I plan to be there. Also, mark your calendar for Oct 16, the Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland. One of the best shows in our area. Enjoy your new car. Kevin
  9. The Florida vendor is Classic Auto Air in Tampa. www.classicautoair.com Good luck.
  10. Another interesting place is Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda FL, approx 100 miles south of Tampa off of I-75. Large assortment of predominately GM muscle cars from the 60s - 70s. Approx 200 cars in the museum last time I was there. Check their hours of operation...I think they are closed on Sunday and Monday. Rick Treworgy's Muscle Car City Museum, Punta Gorda, Florida - a private collection of more than 200 high performance vehicles, primarily Chevys and General Motors cars.
  11. On Saturday, April 17th there is a large Mustang Show (approx 400 cars) at Fantasy of Flight in Aubourndale, FL. Aubourndale is located between Tampa and Orlando. Use exit 44 off of I-4. Fantasy of Flight is an extremely nice air museum. They will be flying P51 Mustangs, as well as other antique planes also. Info for the show is in the link below. Also, Saturday late afternoon and evening at Old town in Kissimmee (Orlando) is a large show and car cruise in. All cars are 1974 and older. Everything from modified, street rods and AACA winners. Located in an "Old Town" setting, where all of the ca
  12. Jim: I've sent you an email regarding this. Kevin
  13. Due to the pending birth of our grandson that weekend, I will not be able to attend this show. I have just cancelled my reservation at the Hilton. The receptionist told me they were booked that weekend.If someone needs a room, call them quick at 252-638-3585. For those that have never attended a show in New Bern, I feel it is the best location I have ever attended an AACA meet at. The downtown area is perfect for a show, and the host hotel is within walking distance of the show. I was there for the AGNM in 2002. Maybe next time......
  14. Paul's New Years Day tour sounds like fun. I may join him.
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