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  1. Beautiful car. I'm sure you will enjoy it! Kevin
  2. This is a great museum filled with the history of Carroll Shelby. They rotate the inventory of 25 - 30 cars regularly. Cars on display range from early Cobra's, Shelby Daytona's, GT40's and the early Shelby Mustangs through todays examples of Shelby vehicles. They also have a nice gift shop. They have a free guided tour Monday - Saturday at 10:30. After the tour, you can see their production shop where they are building / modifying todays version of the Shelby vehicles. Admission to the museum is free (including the guided tour). The museum is located between Las Vegas Blvd and I-
  3. Steve Check your email! Kevin
  4. I usually have Sirius playing 60s music. I stream it on my phone or iPad. Kevin
  5. In the past few years, I moved across country. I had acquired almost 25 years worth of various car magazines, including Antique Automobile. I first tried to sell them, then tried to give them away, and eventually just had to re-cycle them. Sad to say, I could not even give them away. Good luck on finding a home for your magazines. Kevin
  6. Absolutely beautiful. Currently bid to $12,000 with 6 days to go. Kevin
  7. My Jan - Feb issue arrived today, February 1. I am in southern Nevada. My November-December issue did not arrive until the very end of December. Kevin
  8. Padgett is correct on this. I worked in the retail dealership industry if Florida for 35 years. Dealer delivery fees (or any other term used) are required to be collected from every customer, if the dealership policy is to collect these fees from other customers. These fees can not be negotiated out of the deal. The State of Florida considers it discriminatory if some customers pay the fee and others don't. The only way around these fees in Florida is to further negotiate the purchase price down by the amount of the dealer fee. The dealer fee will still show as being collected on the buyers or
  9. In regards to the Antique Automobile magazine, my November - December issue was received in southern Nevada on December 31. The mailing date on the shipping label said it was mailed on November 12. So, six weeks from mailing to receipt.....something is definitely going on! Kevin
  10. Merry Christmas from southern Nevada. We had a quiet day around the house. Even though not an antique, I did take my 2008 Shelby out for a drive. I hope everyone enjoyed their day. Kevin
  11. Go to the main page of the forum (forums.aaca.org). Scroll down to the Buick section, and you will find a section devoted to the Reatta. There are Reattas listed for sale in this section. Hope this helps.... Kevin
  12. I was the General Manager of a Volvo dealership in Florida for 20+ years. We had a program in our service department called the Vintage Club. Once a car hit 10 years of age, we offered a discount of 1 percent for each year, once it hit the 10 year mark. For example, a 15 year old car would receive a 15 percent discount. We serviced a fair amount of 1980s vintage 240s, as well as several P1800s dating to the 60s. We had several techs that loved working on these older cars, it provided interesting conversation in the service department, and it gave the owners an option on maintaining /
  13. Matt: Since the car was “new”, is the State Lemon Law a possibility? I know these laws vary from state to state. Just a thought..... Kevin
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