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  1. kevin1221

    Ford Country Squire

    I agree it’s not a Country Squire. The Country Squire had the imitation wood paneling on the sides and tailgate. Kevin
  2. I believe this auction had a ten percent “sellers fee” as well as a ten percent “buyers premium”. In this case, the seller would realize 63,000.00. (70,000 times 10 percent = 7,000.00 sellers fee). Kevin
  3. Buyers premium was 10 percent. Kevin
  4. I’m at Barrett Jackson. Riv just sold for $70,000. I am not a Riviera expert, but the car was beautiful. Kevin
  5. kevin1221

    1971 Dodge Challenger Indy Pace Car

    I was at the Indy 500 that year. I was 15 years old and had won a sales contest from my morning paper route. Our seats were along pit row. I remember seeing the Pace Car loose control while braking heavily. We could see the aftermath of the accident. I still remember it every May at race time. Beautiful car Matt. Kevin
  6. kevin1221


    Great story. I can’t imagine how excited you must have been when you found your previously owned car. So many people dream of being able to do this, including myself. It’s wonderful that you have such precise memories of the work you did all of those years ago. Thanks for posting this wonderful story. Kevin
  7. kevin1221

    After market sunroofs and what did you put one in ?

    I put one in a 1976 Chevy “custom” van in the summer of 1976. Surprised it did not leak! Kevin
  8. I have worked 40 plus years in the auto industry, so I have seen many damaged vehicles. In 1976, I ordered a new Ford Econoline van. I had planned to due a street van conversation that was very popular at the time . After many delays, it finally arrived at the dealership I worked at. But it was on the bottom level of the transport. The roof had been heavily scraped while loading, and they scraped it again coming off the transport truck. Needless to say, I did it take the van. I eventually bought a used van. In the 1980s, I moved to Florida. The state has very strict requirements regarding disclosure of damage on new cars. Any body, paint or upholstery damage in excess of $600.00 had to be disclosed in writing to the first retail customer of the car. In most cases if we received a car with even light or moderate damage, we refused acceptance of the vehicle. Kevin
  9. The first photo is of me (on right) and my brother Tom taken in the early 1960s. The car was a 1959 Ford Fairlane retractable hardtop. The photo on the right is of me sitting on the deck lid of the same car. Our family sold this car to buy a new 1964 Ford Country Squire station wagon, as our family was growing. Kevin
  10. kevin1221

    Wanted - 1966-67 Ford Fairlane Mike: I saw this 1966 Fairlane convertible is going to sell at no reserve at Mecum Harrisburg on Friday August 3, 2018. I do not know anything else about this particular car. I did own a 67 Fairlane XL Convertible in the late 70s. I took it to Ford 75th anniversary show in Dearborn. I sold it to buy my first house. It was a great car and I'd love to have another one. Kevin
  11. kevin1221

    Recommendation for transport

    I agree with the back log especially out of Florida. I scheduled my pick up on April 2 with a large national carrier. One of the other large carriers didn’t even return my calls for a request to schedule transportation . I finally got to talk to someone at company two, but he said they would not even commit to a pick update. After booking company one on April 2, I finally cancelled them on June 11, after I contacted Jim (Truly Vintage). When I called to cancel, they apologized, but said they never had any deliveries going west from Florida. Again, my experience with Truelyvintage was great. Kevin
  12. kevin1221

    The decline of Sears

    We reecntly moved to a small town about 85 miles north, northeast of Las Vegas. I noticed this week that our Ace Hardware was carrying Craftsman tool boxes. Kevin
  13. kevin1221

    Recommendation for transport

    Hi AACA members I recently needed a car transported from Florida to Nevada. After long waits from two of the big national carriers, and still no confirmed pick up dates, I contacted Truly Vintage on this forum. Due to good luck on scheduling, he was able to pick my car up on Monday and he had it delivered to me on Sunday. Jim was very professional and was easy to contact. We kept in touch along the way. My car arrived in perfect condition. If anyone needs a vehicle transported, I suggest you call Truly Vintage (Jim). His number is 260-804-6695. Jim is an active member on the AACA forum. Again, thanks for your prompt attention to my transportation needs. I’ll definately call you if I need another vehicle transported in the future. It was a pleasure working with you. Kevin
  14. Thanks 28. I’ll also have to try and catch the Huntington Beach event. Kevin
  15. 28 Chrysler Looks like a great time. Where in Las Vegas is this? We just moved to Mesquite. I’d love to check this out some week. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin