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  1. My wife is a car gal, so I'm lucky. She used to ask which car I was selling when a new one arrived. Now she's gotten used to it, and in fact, is really getting into the hobby. She has 5 cars of her own now and just sold one of them to make room for something "more interesting". She's not quite as rabid as I am (she'll go to a car show, but leave after a couple of hours), but it's nice having the common interest.
  2. The factory a/c on my '63 LeSabre wagon is cold now, but there isn't a lot of air coming out the vents. The difference between low, medium and high speeds on the fan is noticeable, so all 3 speeds are working, but I sure would like more volume, especially with all the real estate I need to cool in a wagon. Is there a way to retro-fit a blower motor with more volume?
  3. Very interesting thread, even if very old. I just ran across it via a link on the internet as I was researching pictures of '60s police cars. I just purchased a '66 Bel Air that is a very accurate replica of a Maine state police car. It's a 2dr post with a 396 and three in the tree. I sent an email to the Maine state police and got a response the next day from a retired trooper. He said they did in fact have 3-speed column shift Bel Airs in '66. That was the last year they used manual transmissions in patrol cars. I was a deputy in the '70s and '80s, and one of the most unusual patrol cars I remember was a '79 Cougar. We had a couple of them in our traffic division. They were also used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
  4. I love that kind of car, but don't care for that body style. It's a bit on the high side, but it would be hard to find a better example if that's the kind of thing you like.
  5. Why is it every time I post an ad for a part wanted that I get the message that starts with, "Kindly contact Hall in texas...". It's spam posted by someone who just joined. Does anyone else get this?
  6. I go the car last Saturday and spent the weekend cleaning it up. I've done some research online and with the data tag. The car is NOT a police car, although great pains were taken to make it as authentic as possible. The data tag shows it to originally be Willow Green with Fawn interior. The data tag does show it to be a V8 car, although I don't know which V8. I'm guessing a 327. So, the paint color was changed and the interior color was changed. I have receipts for a 396 rebuild, but don't know if that was for the OEM motor or a replacement motor. Sway bars were installed, along with a radio delete plate and either a certified speedometer or a sticker for the existing speedometer. The car seems to be a really nice car, but I haven't driven it yet. I'm not bummed out by the lack of it being a real police car, I didn't buy it for that. I did send an inquiry to the Maine state police and got a prompt response back from a retired trooper. 1966 was the first year that they started phasing in automatic transmission cars, and the '66 Bel Airs were a mix of autos and 3-speed column shifts. Once I drive it, it will be easier to make a decision on it. Right now, I'm leaning towards adding an underdash a/c unit (to look somewhat period correct) and leaving the rest as-is and showing it as a police car.
  7. No, the only option listed on the data plate is W, which is A02, which is tinted windshield only.
  8. I'm looking for a very nice dog dish hubcap for a '66 Bel Air. Has the red bowtie in the center.
  9. Received a very prompt response from a retired ME trooper. He said '66 was the year they started phasing in automatic transmissions. The Bel Airs were a mix of autos and 3-speed column shifts. So this car is accurate in that respect.
  10. The car arrived yesterday. It's certainly a nice car. I've spent two days cleaning on it and it looks good. However, it is NOT a Maine state police car. It is an accurate clone of one. It has the cop wheels, radio delete plate, and certified calibration sticker on the speedometer. In decoding the data tag, it was originally Willow Green with a Fawn interior. The data tag does show it was originally a V8 car, although I don't know if it was a 396 or not. I haven't gone so far as checking the numbers on the block yet. I also haven't driven it yet, hope to do that later on this week after the rain stops.
  11. I recently bought a 1966 Bel Air (don't have it yet). It has a 396 with a 3-speed manual column shift. It appears that possibly the B-bodies in 1966 may have come with two different 3-speed manual column shift transmissions. The option list shows M13 being a heavy-duty 3-speed transmission, which might have been a Ford product. Can anyone shed light on the 3-speed transmissions for 1966 big cars?
  12. Great work! I'm very envious of guys who have the talent you do. Not to mention patience. I have neither.
  13. I have a Tronxy XY-2 Pro. Works fine, but not a lot of support for it.
  14. My solution is not a car, although I have some miscellaneous things I could be doing with the ones I have. My COVID-fighter was a 3D printer. I've never ventured into this arena before, and the learning curve has been steep. I had to learn about the printer itself (no small task), the software to design the objects to be printed, and the software to translate the design files to files the printer can read. As frustrating as it has been at times, it's also been very rewarding. I've made fire extinguisher brackets for several of my cars, a reproduction spark plug loom holder for Buicks, holster clips, GPS mounts, seat spacers and more. I'm currently working on a way to repair the gas pedal on my '63 LeSabre. I've made some things to use around the house as well. It's been quite a trip with it, and I'm glad I decided to take the plunge. Here's one of my fire extinguisher mounts:
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