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  1. There is an index but also a great USB that has the issues on it. Get with our AACA Library or Editor West for more information. (I still have my collection of magazines too - but the USB is pretty nice to work with!)
  2. Last summer I blew a rear tire, (drivers side.) It shredded on the highway and tore up the wiring to my leveling system. A bundle of small gauge wires were in a rubber "boot" that fit into the inner fender and several of them, (the wires,) were broken. (The leveling system is the only thing not working on the car so I am guessing that's what this mess of wires is?) This is a pretty nice car - two AACA National Seconds and a BCA Silver - and it's an excellent driver - would like to fix or replace this gizmo. So where do I start Buick Buddies?
  3. Beautiful Cadillac! Good luck on the sale - someone is out there!!
  4. Many good vehicles out there for adoption - looking for their forever home! ?
  5. Congratulations Terry - see you in about 26 years.....
  6. Playing the lottery every chance I get until then! Stunning.
  7. Beautiful collection - hope they all find good homes soon!
  8. WOW! Blitz Buggy fire engine for me. I don't know the sellers but shared with some friends from that area. Good Luck!
  9. My thoughts are with all the natives there - we overrun them once an year and they always take good care of us - wishing everyone safety and sunshine and fast!
  10. Will miss him terribly - he and Pat were more than 'car-friends' to us, shared good times and bad with them. Recently spent a couple days with him at an I-VAN meeting - so glad I did too. He was also a great influence on my son as they worked together on an large estate project just last summer. Look out heaven - here comes Locke!