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  1. Some what related question....Once a First Junior is awarded is the badge mailed to the owner? Thanks!
  2. Yeah he told me...I didn't miss the traffic this year!
  3. Just wondering..we talked with a guy there that had his on the show field.
  4. Thanks Tim! Hey did you have your 83 Olds on the show field Sat?
  5. Yes, very quick, hats off! My only question is what is the address to write to for points score?
  6. Very nice Super Bird Gordon! We have a mutual friend, Mario Bruno. Mario informed me you would be there and to look you up. For some reason I just never made it to your car. My car and others kept me tied to it most of the day. Congrats!
  7. I looked over your car Sat..very nice Starfire! And well put!
  8. As a long time car guy my first trip to Hershey was outstanding! First Junior on the Sport Fury was just icing on the cake. The banquet I thought was very nice and lived up to my expectations. Even picked up some automotive art from Dave Snyder prior to dinner. This mornings visit to the museum did not disappoint as well. Really enjoyed the trip, the people & of course the cars! Thanks Mark Alpine! Looking forward to next year!
  9. Some of you just might enjoy this. Grab some popcorn and prepare to be amazed. https://www.facebook.com/events/salem-oregon-i-5/the-brothers-collection-tour/371673500700920/
  10. Thanks Ted...I see you own a 74 Cuda....love to see some photo's.....thanks Dave
  11. So there is no situation where I can even SHOW my vehicle on Friday prior to having it judged Sat?
  12. Question, First time participant here. Having a car judged for the first time Sat morning. I will be arriving around noon on Friday. Can I park my judged car on the show field Friday afternoon? Thanks!
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