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  1. Well put James.....Although there is no such thing as "Corinthian" leather, just a clever sound bite that enhanced sales.
  2. Overlooked & under appreciated. Nice examples are far a few between today.
  3. Added a few more photo's...you guy's can't stay inside forever!
  4. Actively looking for a 1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible 4-speed car 383 or 426.MUST be a #2 -#3 car...no projects.
  5. Carl you are EXACTLY right.....like you have always done in your lives, use common sense! It's gotten me this far! Be safe everyone! This will be over soon.......
  6. 1977 Chrysler Cordoba. Original paint Survivor with 35,000 documented and pampered miles. Built in Windsor, Canada June 28th 1977 with optional 400 4 barrel. Spinnaker White with white leather bucket seat interior and center arm rest. Power steering, power brakes, power windows, A/C, trunk dress up kit, fender mounted turn signals, AM/FM Stereo. New correct Coker white walls. Optional Mopar Rally wheels. New battery installed. NOS lower grill just installed. Correct NOS Chrysler orange ignition wire set just installed. Correct NOS Chrysler Elk grain landau top. NOS resonator recently installed
  7. Thanks Dave, she just isn't driving it like she would like to. Trying to justify registration/full coverage ins is getting harder every year. Someone will be getting a very exceptional convertible.
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