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  1. My Peerless/Boyce motor meter's mercury is "stuck" all the way at the top. (No it's not hot - just over time....) Someone suggested gently tapping the top repeatedly and this will cause the "red juice" to go back down. What do you think please? andyfuhrman@rocketmail.com
  2. Planning to come to Concord Meet and maybe camp at Mr. Earl's suggested site. Can bring a Buick - but sure would like to display our 69 Opel... 🐘
  3. My 37 Special in progress. (Finished car will be Balmoral Green like the "good nose.")
  4. It would get along nicely with your GTO Terry! Please pass the word. Andy
  5. Just wondering if there will be a book sale this year at Hershey Meet time? Sorry if this has been asked and answered but I didn't see it. 🙂 Thank you!
  6. You mentioned the Studebaker touring needs a few things to get back on the road? What do you recommend? Do you have parts available if needed? My garage is overfull - BUT I kinda like the looks of this one. Thank you!
  7. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 4 spd - for sale, family of deceased original owner. Very well taken care of - all original or restored to original - lots of records and documentation. Asking $72,000, (price reduced,) or best offer. Located in Central Virginia, USA. Please email or call with questions or for additional photos. Andy Fuhrman 804 833 1576 email:andyfuhrman@rocketmail.com
  8. There is an index but also a great USB that has the issues on it. Get with our AACA Library or Editor West for more information. (I still have my collection of magazines too - but the USB is pretty nice to work with!)
  9. Last summer I blew a rear tire, (drivers side.) It shredded on the highway and tore up the wiring to my leveling system. A bundle of small gauge wires were in a rubber "boot" that fit into the inner fender and several of them, (the wires,) were broken. (The leveling system is the only thing not working on the car so I am guessing that's what this mess of wires is?) This is a pretty nice car - two AACA National Seconds and a BCA Silver - and it's an excellent driver - would like to fix or replace this gizmo. So where do I start Buick Buddies?
  10. Beautiful Cadillac! Good luck on the sale - someone is out there!!
  11. Many good vehicles out there for adoption - looking for their forever home! ?
  12. Congratulations Terry - see you in about 26 years.....
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