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  1. Great shot, Terry B. I thought I had this one in very chipped yellow and blue, as a reward for staying out of trouble for a week in 3rd grade. But it's actually an Austin Devon. Peter s.
  2. didn't Dinky make a toy of the sedan version of this car?
  3. The Hershey Chrysler Airflow was a non-runner that had been off the road since time immemorial. As mentioned, it had significant rust issues in the rear body, though it appeared complete in its essentials. It was sitting in one of the peripheral stalls with price placards that said it was a "barnfind" that could be yours for $6700 or thereabouts.When I walked over to see it the next day, it was gone, so I think it did sell, probably for a much lesser amount. I bring it up only because the Rancho Codova DeSoto seems like a vastly more attractive project.
  4. There was a Chrysler Airflow for sale at Hershey last year for more $$$ that had a much less sound body. In fact it even looked as if one of the rear door hinges was rust-compromised. I understand that this is a DeSoto, so it likely has a 6 rather than an 8, so it's much less desireable?
  5. Mike, thanks for posting these. Fascinating cars! On Craigslist?
  6. Depoends whether you are buying or selling. Lower prices mean more folks can afford a classic.
  7. Thanks to all for a host of very knowledgeable and practical suggestions! My takeaway is that a V12 is a problem child - it takes some special handling to be on best behavior. There is also the issue of whether you think of your car as static or dynamic -- there would be nothing cooler than popping the hood and letting the crowd feast their eyes on a massive beast sprouting 12 spark plugs. On the other hand, there are many options to move it down the road smoother, faster and cheaper. My situation is that a chum has a line on one that, not surprisingly, was pulled many years ago to be replaced by a Ford V8. The idea of bringing it back to life is intriguing but it sounds like it may be beyond my skills, besides which, I don't have a car to put it in. If anybody is interested, I have become aware of a complete 1939 Zephyr with an 8 for sale in Northern VA that comes with a non-running extra V12. The price seems a bit high. Check out , to see it. Thanks for all the help... Peter S.
  8. Fair comment. I've had some interest in a 1941 V12 that I believe is out of a Zephyr. It isn't running and I presume it needs a full rebuild. I'm wondering about the availability of parts - are these engines rare and is there much interchangeability with the 8's? Also interested in whether there is anything very special about them rather than just more cylinders? Peter s.
  9. I'm probably not actually about to take this on, but how difficult is rebuilding a Lincoln V12? Is it much worse than rebuilding 2 sixes? Are there a lot of unique parts besides the crankshaft? Peter S.
  10. good looking car if really as solid as is claimed. Not an awful price if it is as represented.
  11. depends what you mean by a "restoration"
  12. I think the point is that you don't have to "restore" it to enjoy it.
  13. Keeping things apples to apples... The silver Adfenauer is not for sale at $8.1K. That's a current high bid that's failed to meet what is likely a much higher reserve.
  14. do it! when will you get the opportunity again???