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  1. wonderful opportunity to be completely original'
  2. I think the conversions are interesting. At the very least they show that the tinkering spirit is not dead. I think that the NYT is just reporting facts. ICs May never disappear, although they surely will be highly taxed, but their heyday is slipping away fast. That handwriting is on the wall
  3. I think what's new and interesting is the movement to electrify larger and heavier cars. In the last White Triangle News a member of the Hudson club reported on his efforts to re-power a stepdown with an electric engine. Also, there's the possibility that electric engines may become a necessity in a few years.
  4. A provocative NY Times article.
  5. Key lines: "London and other cities are charging congestion fees to internal-combustion cars, and may eventually blockade them entirely." Change or die?
  6. A provocative NY Times article.
  7. Interestingly, a David H. H. Felix from Philadelphia who was a famous labor lawyer and repeat Socialist Party candidate for House and Senate seats in the 1930s. His collection of scientific instruments is part of the foundation of the Smithsonian Museum of Science and Technology. Owner of the car in the book has the same name and hometown.
  8. Thank you all for these great suggestions. I've reached out to all the sources mentioned, and have generated some genuinely promising leads. My experience is proving that restored cars are cheaper than projects, but you'd miss all the fun of working out these frustrations! Peter S.
  9. My ugly roof. Not sure why it posted upside down
  10. Hi, Ted Surprised we haven't met. Or maybe we have. I'm awful at names and faces. I'll try to post a few pics of my car's worst blemishes but frankly it needs a lot of general ding and small bumps and bruises taken out. It was driven on gravel roads in Montana for most of its active life.
  11. Pondering options and wondering whether anyone has experience with body shops in the North Central region of NY State. Specifically, I'm looking for basic panel straightening / driver level paint job on a 1951 Hudson. No rust repair needed but I do have a series of dents in the roof that will take skills I absolutely don't possess. It is not intended to be a show car or be anything other than a car to drive around town. Located in the Great Sacandaga Lake area about 30 miles west of Lake George and 20 miles north of the Thruway. (exit 27 - Amsterdam). Any ideas?? Peter sefton
  12. funny to read about The Irishman’s Stumbles... a little sorry to see all the determination to maintain one’s bubble peter s