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  1. it's gonna take a lot of love but what a touch of prewar flash in a drabber postwar world
  2. funny - a bunch of posts, mainly containing critical comments, seem to have disappeared...
  3. most interesting car on the board under $8K
  4. Shockingly rare car. The rust bubbled up as if from a pot of water on a hot stove. Our very similar 1960 had a 170 cu inch slant 6 that ran for over 125K miles with minimal attention.
  5. Not mine. It's no museum piece but certainly a survivor like this deserves a second life. Note the 1951 plates. In the Upper Hudson Valley
  6. Loved the Edsel you re-homed last year after a lot of effort. Hope it gets restored!
  7. The question of whether you can insure a car you don't own is actually pretty complex. Basically to insure a car that is not in your name is that you must show an insurable interest in the car. If the buyer represents a car as his own that he doesn't hold title to that seems like it could open a whole can of worms in the event of a claim.
  8. The liability issue is both the elephant in this room and a problem with a double edge. How can the new owner insure the car without holding a valid title?
  9. Actually I was comparing it to a photo miss-labeled as to the year. What I thought I saw is not actually an issue.Its a beauty!
  10. Obviously not everything is as original, but, if the description is accurate, a good looking car at a decent price.
  11. "New Forward Look" is ever-fresh!
  12. Very cool. My family had a 1950s version as our only transportation. In the early 2000s I helped a friend overhaul one and was shocked by the flimsiness of the sheetmetal. It was almost like the car was built of Reynolds wrap. But wow, what a lot of fun.