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  1. interesting about the LaSalle being built in the Cadillac plant. What really are the differences besides the badging and trim?
  2. I like those notes on the radiator cross member. Personalized as well as practical!
  3. Good looking car at what appears to be a better price than most of its make, model, and body style
  4. it's gonna take a lot of love but what a touch of prewar flash in a drabber postwar world
  5. funny - a bunch of posts, mainly containing critical comments, seem to have disappeared...
  6. most interesting car on the board under $8K
  7. Shockingly rare car. The rust bubbled up as if from a pot of water on a hot stove. Our very similar 1960 had a 170 cu inch slant 6 that ran for over 125K miles with minimal attention.
  8. Not mine. It's no museum piece but certainly a survivor like this deserves a second life. Note the 1951 plates. In the Upper Hudson Valley
  9. Loved the Edsel you re-homed last year after a lot of effort. Hope it gets restored!
  10. The question of whether you can insure a car you don't own is actually pretty complex. Basically to insure a car that is not in your name is that you must show an insurable interest in the car. If the buyer represents a car as his own that he doesn't hold title to that seems like it could open a whole can of worms in the event of a claim.
  11. The liability issue is both the elephant in this room and a problem with a double edge. How can the new owner insure the car without holding a valid title?
  12. Actually I was comparing it to a photo miss-labeled as to the year. What I thought I saw is not actually an issue.Its a beauty!
  13. Obviously not everything is as original, but, if the description is accurate, a good looking car at a decent price.
  14. "New Forward Look" is ever-fresh!
  15. Very cool. My family had a 1950s version as our only transportation. In the early 2000s I helped a friend overhaul one and was shocked by the flimsiness of the sheetmetal. It was almost like the car was built of Reynolds wrap. But wow, what a lot of fun.
  16. For those like me, with more time and sandpaper than cash, there's a promising 1948 coupe for sale at $7K in Englwood, NJ, just a couple miles over the GW Bridge from Manhattan. Supposedly runs. Has the V12.
  17. good looking car for the price. Wonder what's rusty?
  18. comments are a useful index to market values...
  19. This is a good-looking driver in one of the rarer body styles . A good restored 4 DR Hornet is $20K+.. There are numerous stepdown convertibles that are presentable drivers with grooming required on the market in the low-to-mid $20's. So $15-17K for this car isn't bad if the description is accurate.
  20. Maybe I'm missing the point here... The EPA banned Methyl Chloride and NMP based strippers from retail sale in March 2019. An exemption was recognized for trained professionals and the Department of Defense users. The so-called "aircraft strippers" that are sold at your local parts stores are non-MC formulations and share weaknesses of the other non-MC strippers. Unless you meet the trained pro criteria, you can't legally buy MC-based stripper. So the question is what's the best alternative?