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  1. Suggestion: One of your countrymen has reproduced the U-2 body castings from aluminum. USE THEM! The originals are dangerous! Jon.
  2. Anyone restore antique bicycles? Jon.
  3. Rusty - the vice-president of the company was a Goldberg. The carburetors were made. I have one. I also have some magazine advertisements for the Goldberg carburetor. The date is 1908. The early company was Stromberg Motor Devices. Which was re-organized (1916 says memory) and became the Stromberg Carburetor Company. Jon.
  4. Very few of them still work. The drive gears are plastic, and the heat from the exciter bulb tends to destroy the gears. IF YOU TRY TO GET IT WORKING, PLACE AN EXTERNAL FAN SO IT WILL BLOW ON THE PROJECTER!!!!!! Just on the off chance yours still works, the fan will move the heat away from the gears. I collect the ones for Pontiac. Here is a link to the section of my website about the Pontiac ones. The film is Super 8, and may be played WITHOUT SOUND if removed from the cartridge and wound on a Super 8 reel. The soundtrack on these things is optical, rather than the normal magnetic. EDIT: there is information in the link on the filmstrips / records as well. Filmstrips are 35mm. Records are 33 1/3 RPM. The earliest records are 16 inch, which requires a special turntable to play them. Jon.
  5. Think I may have mentioned this before, but the very earliest Stromberg carburetors were called Goldbergs. The name was rapidly changed to Stromberg due to "political correctness". Somewhere, I have a Goldberg carburetor, but it is that never-never land (I may never again find it ). But here is proof that it existed: Stromberg drawing P-8 - Goldberg bowl cover - glass bowl carburetor Jon.
  6. Bernie - My guess would be Carter furnished rods, since it was their error. One cannot simply change jets with metering rod technology and maintain the same A/F ratio percentages. Some mechanics probably did drill out the jets, but Carter would have done it the right way. Again, dealer serviced vehicles SHOULD have the fix. Lots of folks throw rocks at the dealerships, but I have always believed new vehicles SHOULD be dealer serviced, at least until running out of warranty. A good friend owned a dealership for a import company that had cylinder head issues in the mid-1970's. The company ordered the dealership to fix the issue (with the existing cylinder heads) on all dealer serviced vehicles until the issue was solved plus the revised cylinder head after the issue was solved, ALL at the company's expense. Customer paid nothing, not even for new antifreeze! Jon.
  7. Was reading through some of the Carter troubleshooting literature and found a Carter confidential sheet from 1959 concerning various complaints on 1956 Buick WCFB carbs. Some that have been discussed in these forums: (1) Stumble on left-turns - cause - fuel slosh in internal choke passage. Solution - install bushing in choke passage (this has been discussed) (2) Hesitation from stop - CAUSE - carbon build up in heat cross-over. As this bulletin was printed in 1959, I am guessing the Buick engine might be prone to carbon build up. The obvious solution - clean out the carbon. (3) Hesitation and lean running - There was an error in the very last production run of the 2347s WCFB where one-size LEAN rods were inadvertently installed. Solution - install standard metering rods. This bulletin was sent to Buick, and cars serviced at Buick dealerships should have had the issue corrected. Standard rods were 75-1231. The incorrect one-size lean rods were 75-1235. These numbers are on the metering rods, and may be read by a pair of "young eyes" (or eyes like mine and a good magnifying glass ) Jon.
  8. OK - I think time to put this one to rest. First, I would like to thank all who responded. I had successfully printed and pasted together one of the smaller prints; however: When I tried the stitching software (pretty easy, even for me), I found the pixel counts were not the same on all portions; which meant stitching was impossible. So I have two options: (1) Spend a lot of time with Photoshop adjusting pixel counts so the size of the portions comes up equal. (2) Digitize the prints into 4 separate files (Print-1-pass-1, print-1-pass-2, print-1-pass-3, print-1-pass-4). If I ever need one of the oversize prints, I can print all four passes and read the necessary information. Again, thanks to all. Jon.
  9. If you wish to fill in your blank spaces I have the complete set from roughly 1927 to 1972 available. 573-392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Tues central time). Jon.
  10. Huntz - will try them, thank you. I also tried printing, manually lining up and taping together, then re-photographing. Works probably well enough. Again, thanks. Jon.
  11. May not be the same. Have not tried pasting any of together. These two were side by side, so just guessed they were the same. Anyway, these show what I am trying to accomplish. Jon.
  12. The SC is Chevrolet, 1923 if memory is correct. Jon.
  13. Age is not a number First engine I helped rebuild was an MG-TC. Had to carry the engine to the basement for rebuilding. Difficult to hold the engine, so pulled engine and transmission together! Jon.
  14. This is one that required only two pictures. Jon.
  15. Thanks to all. I bookmarked all of the above, and will try them. Not sure how well they will work with drawings, will see. Have given some thought to just printing each of the 4 overlapping corners, manually pasting together, and re-photographing as a single image. Jon.
  16. The Stromberg carburetor archives are on 500 foot rolls of microfilm. When Stromberg (or whoever did the filming for them) photographed 36 inch by 48 inch drawings, they photographed them as 4 overlapping photos.I am slowing digitizing the archives. Run the filmstrips through a Wolverine filmstrip scanner, then copy individual photos into Photoshop, and correcting pixel counts to be usable information WITHOUT having to roll through 500 feet to find out the necessary information.I am digitizing the pictures at 300 ppi. Seems to be a workable resolution.What is a decent, easy to learn picture stitching software? I am using Windows 7 Professional version. I will NOT convert to Windows 10 at this time (maybe never). Yes, I am a stick-in-the-mud, but have dozens of thousands of data files that are NOT compatible with Office 10, let alone Windows 10. So whatever is recommended must be compatible with Windows 7 Professional.Thanks in advance.Jon.
  17. While it may be argued that I have a "vested interest" in your rebuilding your original carb I can assure you there is NO new carburetor out of the box that will not cost you at least an additional twice the original cost in recalibration and jury-rigging everything to work decently! And it still will probably not work nearly so well as a rebuilt original. Assuming your original carb has not been molested by Dr. Goodpliers, the Carter AFB MAY possibly be the easiest four-barrel to rebuild that was ever built! In the for what its worth category, the original Holley single two-barrel on my shop truck has been replaced with TWO AFB's, at a significant increase in both fuel economy AND power. Jon.
  18. In the for what it is worth category: Stromberg literature suggests that the 1915~1917 F.W.D. Model B used a Stromberg type G-3 carburetor; which was changed to a type M-3 (Stromberg number A-6063) for the 1918 model year. I do not have the identification number for the G-3 easily available (if at all). The G-3 is of the glass bowl style. The M-3 is all brass castings, and much superior to the type G. Jon.
  19. For reference, see Stromberg Carburetor Customer Index topic under General Discussion. I did not wish to place an ad in the discussion forum. Offering applications lists of Stromberg carburetors by customer (example: Buick, Cadillac, Twin City Tractor). Pricing: Individual company - $20.00 3 companies - $50.00 7 companies - $100.00 Payment via MasterCard, VISA, bank or postal money order, or personal or company check. PLEASE do NOT send a money order other than bank or postal, as my bank charges me a $55.00 fee to process them. (573) 392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Tues central time) Included with any size order will be my best guess as to what the various types of numbers actually mean. Jon.
  20. The Stromberg Carburetor Customer List is as complete as I can make it. The following documents (or groups of documents) have been combined into one database: (A) Stromberg card file dated 1918 (supposedly, these were sent to distributors, but have located only one group of cards, incomplete) (B) Stromberg Sales and Service Manual dated 1920 - available to distributors (C) Stromberg Sales and Service Manual dated 1926 (D) Stromberg Sales and Service Manual dated 1929 (E) Stromberg Sales and Service Manual dated 1937 (F) Experimental Carburetor Index - began in 1929, believe I have the only original, as it was kept in the Office of the Chief Engineer (G) Code Index - best guess is this was begun in 1934, again, believe I have the only original, also from the Office of the Chief Engineer (H) Existing drawings and blueprints - not complete. At some point these were archived on 500 foot rolls of microfilm - no fun! Have been working at this project since roughly 1980. There are 11,307 individual records in the database. The first task was to enter each individual record into the database. Each was typed, scanning was not possible. At the time, typos were hopefully eliminated (and hopefully, new ones were not introduced). Sample: Grass-Premier was often spelled Gross-Premier. Next was to attempt to get a uniform name for each customer. Example: Mack Trucks were about equally listed as Mack and International Motors (parent company). This was a nightmare! But done to the best of my ability. I will eventually prepare a CD of the data for the AACA library. Below is a copy of the index. Reference numbers 1 - 268 are original Stromberg code numbers. Reference numbers above 268 are numbers that I assigned to identify these companies. Sorry about the mis-aligned columns. Lining these things from one computer to another seems to be above my pay grade!!!!! Jon. Stromberg Customer Index Customer name Reference Abbott-Detroit 270 Acadia Gas Engines Company 116 Acason Motor Truck Company 271 Ace Motor Car Company 272 ACF (American Car & Foundry Company) 132 Acme Motor Truck Company 129 Acme Road Machine Company 158 Acorn Motor Truck Company 273 Adler 274 Advance-Rumely Company 275 Aero Plane & Motor 276 Aeromarine 277 Aeronautical Corporation 278 Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company 71 Aircooled Motors 279 AirCraft 280 Ajax 281 Akron Motor Company 282 All-American Truck Company 283 Allen Motor Car Company 284 Allentown 285 Alliance 286 Allied Products Manufacturing Company 380 Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company 128 American Austin Car Company 73 American Bantam 258 American Commercial 288 American Foundry Equipment Company 289 American Foundry Equipment Company 238 American Hoist & Derrick Company 175 American LaFrance Fire Engine Company 99 American Motor Body Co. 170 American Motor Truck Company 287 American Shell Products 290 American Steel Exp. 291 Amtorg Trading Corporation 292 Anderson Motor Company 293 Andover A. F. 294 Apex Motor Manufacturing Company 253 Apperson 295 Armleder Motor Truck Company 296 Atlas Motor Car Company 297 Atterbury Motor Car Company 298 Auburn Automobile Company 17 Austin 300 Austin Automobile Company 299 Austin Machinery Corporation 241 Austro-Daimler 301 Auto Trans Walker Vehicle 302 Autocar Company 31 Automatic Machine Company 169 Automatic Transpart Company 229 Automotive Res. 303 Available Truck Company 70 Avery Company 226 Axelson Company 305 F. C. Austin Manufacturing Company 219 Templar Motors Company 304 A. D. Baker Company 269 Banting Manufacturing Company 306 Barber-Greene Company 227 Barnes 307 Bartlett Motor Truck Company 308 Bates Machine & Tractor Company 309 Bay City Shovel Company 247 Bay State 310 Beaver Manufacturing Company 264 Beechcraft 311 Beggs Motor Car Company 312 Bell Motor Car Company 313 Bendix Export Division 252 Bendix Products 314 Bendix-Perrot 315 Bergius Company 316 Bessemer Truck Company 317 Bethlehem Motors Corporation 318 Betz Motor Truck Company 319 Bickle Fire Engine Company 68 Biederman Motors Corporation 192 Birmingham Motors 320 Boat Engines Incorporated 61 Bour-Davis 321 Bowen Motors Railway Corporation 172 Bradley & Son 322 Brennan Manufacturing Company 146 Brewster & Company 323 Bridgeport Company 75 Briggs & Stratton 324 Briscoe 325 Brockway Motor Company 49 Brown Equipment & Manufacturing Company 245 Brownback 326 Browning Crane Company 262 Buckeye Traction Company 81 Bucyrus-Erie Company 149 Buda Engine 35 Buffalo Fire Appliance Company 267 Buffalo Gas Engine Company 123 Buffalo Motor 327 Buffalo Springfield Roller Company 107 Buick Motor Company 7 Byers Machinery Company 89 F. L. Buchanan Limited 117 J. G. Brill Company 212 C & W 328 C. C. C. 329 Cadillac Motor Company 205 Caldwell 330 Carr Marine Engines 331 Carrol 332 Case Motor Car Division 333 Caterpillar Tractor Company 213 Chain Belt Company 190 Chalmers Motor Company 335 Champion 336 Chandler Motor Car Company 161 Chase Motor Truck Company 337 Checker Cab Company 265 Chevolair 338 Chevrolet Motor Car Company 14 Chicago 339 Chris-Craft Boat Company 254 Chrysler Corporation 4 Cincinnai St. Ry. Co. 340 Citroen 341 City Transit Co. 342 Clark Brothers Company 228 Clark Equipment Company 121 Clarkspeed 343 Cleveland Motor Car Company 344 Cleveland Tractor Company 141 Climax Engineering Company 51 Climber Motor Corporation 345 Clyde Iron Works 206 Clydesdale Motor Truck Company 72 Cockshutt Plow Company 346 Cole Motor Car Company 347 Coleman Truck Corporation 148 Columbia Motors 348 Comet Automobile Company 349 Commerce Motor Truck Company 350 Commonwealth Motors 351 Consolidated Shipbuilding Company 134 Continental Motors Company 34 Co-op Tractor 255 Corbitt Motor Truck Company 64 Cord 102 Courier Automobile Company 352 Crawford Automobile Company 353 Crosley Aircraft 354 Crow-Elkhart Motor Company 355 Cullen-Friestedt Company 174 Cummins 356 Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company 357 Cushman Motor Works 358 J. I. Case Company 244 James Cunningham, Son and Company 115 Briggs-Detroiter Motor Car Company 371 Daimler 359 Daniels Motor Car Company 360 Dart Motor Company 57 Daton Shoal 361 Davenport Locomotive Works 362 Davis Motor Car Company 363 Day-Elder Motors Corporation 94 De Vaux 364 Dearborn Motor Truck Company 365 Defiance-Turnbell Motor Truck Company 366 DeLuxe Cab 367 Denby Motor Truck Company 368 DeSoto Division 16 Detroit Branch 370 Detroit Motor Trucks 369 Diamond T Motor Car Company 66 Divco 235 Dixie 372 Dodge - Canada 373 Dodge Division 3 Doman-Marks Engine Company 131 Domestic 374 Dorris Motor Car Company 375 Dort Motor Car Company 376 Douglas Truck Manufacturing Company 154 Duesenberg Motors Company 59 Duplex Truck Company 62 Durant Motor Car Company 85 A. C. Ernst (Marine engines) 188 Earl Motor Manufacturing Company 377 Easthope Brothers Limited 250 Eclipse Aviation Corporation 378 Elcar Carriage & Motor Car Company 379 Elco Works Electric Boat Company 201 Elgin Sweeper Company 260 Elkhart Motor Truck Company 381 Emerson-Brantingham Company 382 E-M-F 383 Empire Motor Car Company 384 Engelsted 385 Engine & Machine Company 386 Erd Motor Company 200 Erskine 63 Essex Motor Company 21 Euclid Road Machinery Company 233 F. R. H. 387 Fageol Motors Company 100 Fairbanks Morse & Company 223 Fairchild Aircraft Limited 388 Fairmont Railway Manufacturing Inc. 185 Falcon-Knight 389 Fate-Root-Heath Company 92 Fay & Bowen Engine Company 216 Fay & Bowen Engine Company 390 Federal Motor Truck Company 82 Flanders Automobile Company 391 Flint Motors 210 Flxible Sidecar Company 257 Foote Brothers Gear & Machinery Company 187 Foote Company 48 Ford - Canada 392 Ford Motor Company 2 Fordson 164 Four Wheel Drive Auto Company 93 Franklin Automobile Company 20 Freeman 393 Frisbie Engine & Machine Company 394 Frisco Standard Engine Company 243 Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Company 395 Fulton Motor Truck Company 396 Gahl Company 398 Galion Iron Works 193 Gardner Denver Company 198 Gardner Motor Company 166 Garford Motor Truck Company 186 Garford Motor Truck Company 136 Gary Motor Truck Company 399 Gen. Air Motor 400 General Electric Company 401 General Excavator Company 65 General Motors Corporation 23 George D. Whitcomb Company 402 George Haise Manufacturing Company 403 Gifford-Wood Company 118 Glen Wright 404 Glenn L. Martin Company 397 Gordon-Australia 405 Gotfredson Truck 69 Graham-Paige Motors Corporation 9 Gramm Motor Company 176 Gramm-Bernstein Company 406 Grant Motor Company 407 Grasselli 408 Grass-Premier Truck Company 194 Gravely Motor Plow & Cultivator Company 209 Gray Marine Motor Company 44 Gray Motor Corporation 409 H. C. S. Motor Car Company 410 H.A.L. Motor Car Company 412 Hahn Motors Incorporated 67 Hahn-Selden 411 Hale Fire Pump Company 207 Hal-Fur Motor Truck Company 413 Hall Motor Truck Company 414 Halladay Motor Car Company 415 Hall-Scott Motor Car Company 152 Hanley Engineering Service 416 Hanley Engineering Service 246 Hannah Motor Truck Company 417 Hanson Clutch 418 Harnischfeger Corporation 83 Harvey Machine 420 Harvey Motor Truck Works 419 Hatfield Motor Vehicle Company 421 Havers Motor Car Company 422 Haynes Automobile Company 423 Hendrickson Motor Truck Company 78 Henney Motor Company 114 Hercules Engine Corporation 27 Herff-Brooks Corporation 424 Hess Marine Motors 425 Hobart Brothers Company 261 Hoche-Werke 426 Hollier 427 Holmes Motor Vehicle Company 428 Holt Caterpillar Company 91 Huber Manufacturing Company 199 Hudson Motor Car Company 22 Huffman Brothers Motor Company 429 Hug Truck Company 179 Humber Limited 430 Hupmobile 19 Hyatt 431 Hyster 432 Independent Motor Truck Company 434 Indiana Truck Corporation 30 Ingersoll Rand 184 International Harvester Company 32 International Harvester Company - Australia 433 International Machinery 435 Inter-State Automobile Company 436 Interstate Power Company 437 Invincible Motors Corporation 438 Iowa 439 James B. Clow & Sons 440 J. C. Jarrett Motor & Finance Company 224 Jack & Heintz Precision Industries 441 Jackson Automobile Company 442 Jacobs Aircraft Engine Company 443 Jewett Motors Incorporated 445 Jordan Motor Car Company 76 Thomas B. Jeffery Company 444 Kaiser-Frazer Corporation 266 Kalamazoo Railway Supply Company 217 Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck Company 222 Kenworth Motor Truck Company 106 Kenworthy Motor Company 446 Kermath Marine Engines 42 Keystone Driller Company 189 Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors 268 Kimball 447 King Motor Car Company 448 King-Zeitler Company 218 Kinner Airplane & Motor Corporation 334 Kirkham 449 Kissel Motor Car Company 119 Kleiber Motor Truck Company 95 Knox Automobile Company 450 Knox Fire Engine 248 Koehring Company 60 Krettinger 451 K-R-I-T Motor Car Company 452 M. Kilby 469 S. Kimura & Company 54 Lafayette Motors Corporation 453 LaFrance-Republic Company 454 Lambert Aircraft Corporation 455 Lange Motor Truck Company 160 Larrabee-Deyo Motor Truck Company 203 LaSalle 11 Lathrop Engine Company 202 Lawrance Aero Engine Company 456 Lawson Tractor 457 LeBlond Aircraft Engine Corporation 458 LeBlond-Schacht Truck Company 104 Lee Motor Co. 459 Lehman 460 Lenape aircraft engines 461 LeRoi Company 130 Lever 462 Lexington Motor Company 463 Liberty Motor Car Company 464 Lima Locomotive Works 153 Lincoln Motor Company 40 Link Belt Company 196 Linn Manufacturing Company 239 Locomobile 162 Lombard Traction Engine Company 237 London Branch (Bendix) 36 Lone Star Motor Truck and Tractor Association 465 Long Island 466 Lou Moore 467 Lozier Motor Company 468 Lycoming Foundry & Machine Company 41 M.P Moller Motor Car Company 470 Maccar Trucks 38 Mack Trucks Incorporated 24 Maibohm Motors Company 471 Manchester Trucks 472 Marcland 473 Marion Steam Shovel Company 474 Marmon Motor Car Company 55 Marmon-Herrington 475 Marquette 476 Marwin Motor Truck Company 477 Mason Motor Truck Company 478 Massey-Harris Company 249 Master Truck Incorporated 479 Matthews Boat Company 480 Maxwell Motor Company 481 McCormick-Deering Tractor Company 103 McCulloch Aircraft Corporation 482 McFarlan Motor Corporation 483 McKeene Motor Car 259 McKiernan-Terry Corporation 234 Menasco Motors Company 484 Menominee Motor Truck Company 485 Mercer Motors Cars 486 Mercury 487 Merit Motor Company 488 Meteor Motor Car Company 139 Metz Company 489 Mianus Motor Company 230 Michigan Hearse and Motor Company 491 Michigan Motor Car Company 490 Michigan Screw 492 Miller Motor Corporation 204 Milwaukee Locomotive Company 150 Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Company 145 Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company 155 Minneapolis-Moline 108 Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company 493 Modern Marine Engines Works 208 Moline Automobile Company 494 Moline Plow Company 495 Monarch Tractor Company 496 Monitor Motor Car Company 497 Monroe Motor Car Company 498 Moon Motor Car Company 191 Moore Motor Vehicle Company 499 Moose Crane 500 Moreland C & L 501 Moreland Truck Company 240 Multifoote Sales Company 502 Municipal Supply Company 503 Murray & Tregurtha Incorporated 504 Myers-Sherman Company 168 Nash Motors 8 National Motor Vehicle Company 505 National Truck Association 506 Naval Air Factory 507 Nelson-LeMoon Motor Truck Company 120 New Britain-Gridley 508 New England Truck Company 125 New Era Engineering Company 510 New Era Motors Corporation 509 New York Yacht Launch & Engine Company 197 Niagara 511 Noble Motor Truck Corporation 512 Noma Motors Corporation 513 North Engine Company 514 Northway Engine Works 515 Northwest Crane & Northwest Engines 84 Northwestern Motor Company 101 Norwalk Motor Car Company 516 Novo Engine Company 517 School Of Engineering Univ. North Carolina 567 O. K. Clutch & Machinery Company 182 Oakland Motor Car Company 80 O'Connell Motor Truck Company 518 Old Reliable Motor Truck 519 Oldsmobile Motor Vehicle Company 5 Olympian Motors Company 520 Onan Company 521 Oneida Motor Truck Company 522 Opel 523 Orton Crane & Shovel Company 167 Osgood Company 77 Oshkosh Motor Truck Company 90 Oswald Machinery Company 127 Overland Automobile Company 524 Bendix - Paris Branch 37 Pablo Horns 525 Packard Motor Car Company 10 Paige Automobile Company 526 Palmer Brothers Engines Inc 140 Pan-American Motors Corporation 527 Paragon Motor Car Company 528 Parenti Motors Corporation 529 Parker Motor Truck Company 530 Parsons Company 74 Partin Manufacturing Company 531 Pathfinder Company 533 Patriot Manufacturing Company 126 Patten 534 Peerless Marine Motor Corporation 225 Peerless Motor Car Company 58 Peoples Motor Bus Company 535 Peter Pirsch & Sons Company 221 Piedmont Motor Car Company 536 Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company 18 Pilot Motor Car Company 537 Pittsburger 538 Plymouth 15 Pontiac Motor Division 13 Pratt & Whitney 539 Premier Motor Manufacturing Company 540 Preston Motors 541 Pullman Company 542 Pyle National Company 543 W. A. Paterson Company 532 Quinn & McGill Motor Supply Company 544 R. & V. Knight Automobile 545 R. M. Cutting 546 Rambler Company 547 Ranger Aircraft Engines 548 Ransome 549 Red Wing Motor Company 46 Regal Marine Engines 47 Rehberger Motor Truck Company 550 Reiland & Bree Truck Company 177 Relay Motor Truck Company 178 Reliance Motor Truck Company 551 Renault 552 Reo Motor Car Company 12 Republic Motor Truck Company 144 Revere Motor Car Corporation 553 Reynolds Motor Truck Company 554 Richmond 555 Rickenbacker Motor Company 556 Riise Engine Company 50 Roamer 557 Roberts Motor Company 45 Rock Island Plow Company 105 Rockne Motors Corporation 53 Rocky Motors 558 Ross Carrier Company 137 Rotary Motors 559 Ruggles Motor Truck Company 560 S. du Str. 561 S. H. Arnold 562 S.K. F. Industries 214 Safeway 563 Sanderson Cyclone Drill Company 564 Sandow Motor Truck Company 565 Sanford Motor Truck Company 87 Saxon Motor Car Company 566 Sayers & Scoville Company 156 Schramm Incorporated 33 Schwartz Motor Truck Corporation 568 Scott 569 Scripps Motor Company 43 Scripps-Booth Company 570 Seagrave Corporation 97 Seaman Motors 571 Selden Motor Vehicle Company 572 Service Trucks 573 Severin Motor Car Company 574 Seymour 575 Shell Oil Co. 576 Shick-Buick 577 Shockey 578 Signal Motor Truck Company 579 Skagit Steel & Iron Works 86 Soci‚t‚ des Avions Bernard 580 Southern Sugar 581 Speeder Machinery Company 232 Speedway Engines 582 Sperry Products Company 583 St. Cloud 584 Stafford Motor Car Company 585 Standard Gas Engine Company 111 Standard Motor Construction Company 138 Standard Motor Truck Company 586 Standard Motors 588 Stanwood Motor Car Company 587 Star Drilling Machine Company 157 Star Marine Engine Works 231 Star Motor Car Company 98 Staughton 589 Stearns Motors Manufacturing Company 110 Stearns-Knight 590 Steel Products 591 Steinmetz Electric Corp 592 Stephens Motor Car Company 593 Sterling Engine Company 122 Sterling Motor Truck Company 113 Sterling-Knight 594 Stevens-Duryea 595 Stewart Motor Corporation 28 Stoughton Wagon Company 596 Stover Engine Company 256 Stromberg standard carburetor 1 Studebaker Corporation 6 Stutz Motor Car Company 56 Sullivan Truck 597 Superior Coach Company 263 Superior Trailer Manufacturing Corporation 173 Swan Manifolds 598 Szekely Engineering Limited 163 T. L. Smith Company 159 E. R. Thomas Motor Company 599 Thew Automatic Shovel Company 88 Thompson Machine Works 180 Thorne Motor Corporation 600 Thorpe Gas Electric 601 Three Point Truck 602 Tioga Tractor Company 603 Titan Truck Company 151 Toote 604 Topp-Stewart Tractor Company 605 Tower Motor Truck Company 606 Towmotor Corporation 607 Trabold Company 608 Transport Motor Truck Company 609 Traub Company 610 Triangle Motor Truck Company 611 Trumbull Motor Car Company 612 Twentieth Century 613 Twin Coach Company 109 U. S. S. R. 614 Ultimate 616 United Motor Products Company 617 United Parcel Service Company 236 United States Government 618 United States Motor Corporation 619 United States Motor Truck 620 United States Motor Truck Company 615 Universal Crane Company 165 Universal Motor Company 39 Universal Motor Truck Company 621 University of South Dakota 622 Ursus Company 623 Van Blerck Motor Company 183 Vaughan Motor Company 133 Vauxhall Company 625 Velie Motor Car Company 211 Victor Kliesrath 624 Victor Motor Truck Company 626 Viking 52 Vim Motor Truck Company 627 Vivian Engine Works Limited 628 Volkswagen 629 Vulcan Iron Works 124 H.E. Wilcox Motor Car Company 647 W.H.S. 630 Waco Aircraft Company 631 Walker Vehicles 632 Wallis Tractor Company 633 Walter Motor Truck Company 181 Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation 135 Warmington Company 195 Warner 634 Warren Motor Car Company 635 Watson Wagon Compan 636 Waukegan 637 Waukesha Motor Company 26 Waukesha Motor Truck Company 638 Wayne Automobile Company 639 Weber Engine Company 251 Weir Kilby Corporation 640 Wellman Seaver Morgan Company 143 Werner Motor Corporation 641 Westcott Motor Car Company 642 Western Austin Company 220 Western Reserve Air Motors Corporation 643 Western Wheeled Scraper Company 644 Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company 142 Wheels, Inc 645 Whippet 79 Whitcomb Locomotive Company 147 White Hickory 646 White Motor Corporation 29 Wichita Falls Manufacturing Company 112 Wills Sainte Claire 648 Willys-Knight 96 Winther Motor Truck Company 649 Winton Light Plant 215 Winton Motor Carriage Company 650 Wisconsin Motor Manufacturing Company 25 Wisconsin Tractor Company 651 Wolverine Trucks 652 Woods Brothers 653 Woolery Machine Company 242 Woolery Machine Company 654 Worthington 655 Wright Aeronautical Corporation 656 Wright Machine Company 171 WSM, Van Blerck, Elco 657 Yellow Cab Company 658 Yellow Coach Manufacturing Company 659 Yellow Sleeve Engine Works 660 Yuba Ball Tread 661 Zenith Carburetor Company 662
  21. Gary - I am NOT a petro engineer, so will leave the questions about additives to others. And while others may give a much better explanation of octane requirements, here is a link to an article on my website that might help: Jon.
  22. Gary - is the puddling actually fuel, or is it grease? That carburetor has a spot of lubrication on the counter-shaft, and I did not replace the original grease. It may have melted with heat, and a bit leaked out. I think the carb top may have a caption stating "oil under screw". This lubricates the countershaft, to prevent wear. Gasoline should not be present at this location during running (or it wouldn't run ). Gas may be present for a short time at this location when the engine has been shut off when hot, because of the nature of today's fuel. As far as carb gaskets being damp, again a function of modern fuel. I am happy to read of the improvement in running over the Marvel. I would have been very disappointed if there was no improvement (as you would have been). And to those amazed at finding an NOS carb, don't be; but as mentioned by others in this thread, new gaskets as well as compressed air through the passages (spiders) should be done before use. The important issues of NOS are: (1) no wear, and (2) no cobbling by "Dr. Goodpliers" (the evil twin of Mr. Goodwrench). And should you have additional carb issues, don't hesitate to call: (573) 392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Tues central time). And as others have mentioned, stop spending money on 94 octane. The lowest octane from a "name brand" station, hopefully without ethanol is what you should use. Even 87 octane is too high. A couple of degrees timing advance might prove beneficial. Jon.
  23. Possible, but I doubt it, and the CD and laser disc, while similar, are different. The CD is contained in its own special housing, whereas the laser disc is an individual item, like an LP. I have many of both, and working players for both. Jon.