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  1. There is also the Gano filter made locally in the States. The only draw back to it is that you have to remove the radator hose from it to clean and check it. With mine i just unscrew the cap and check and clean the filter. Very easy to do. Worth the extra money IMHO.
  2. I have two of them so far. They work great and are very easy to check. They can also aid in getting the air out of your sysytem if they are placed in the right spot. The radiator shop that I take my old radiators to will not ensure their work anymore unless the owner also installs some type of filter.
  3. BrookridgeFarms, There are no sites, but we do have a club "Chandler-Cleveland Car Club" and we do have a Forum on this wonerful site. Please also post our info on that forum. Cleveland cars were introduced by Chandler in the teens to compete in the lower end of the market. They were generally a bit smaller than the standard Chandler 'Bg Six.' As with all Chandler cars they were a soild car made with a Cahndler-Cleveland drive train. So parts can be hard to come by. By far Clevelands seem to be the most sarce as there were only made for about 6 years. Your car would be one of the last. I have a Registry that I would love t add your car to. Please send me a PM with more info about the car (serial numbers etc) so I can give you more deatils about it. Great to see such an original car still with some of it's original Cleveland Blue paint. And a 'dog bone' radiator cap. My 1929 Chandler '65' is a direct decendent of this car as Chandler eventually folded Cleveland into one make as sales started to drop in the late twenties. BTW there was recently a dealer salesman folder for this car on eBay. It closed yesterday.
  4. Why do people post questions on here about their cars and not respond to the input we give? There have been several people that are new to Chandler cars that have posted questions here in the last year or so, only to disappear after asking their question. Any ideas?
  5. Sorry Shelia was sick. Must have been too far from the quilt shops :-). next time you are out in San Diego Jill has found some shops she can get lost in! Send a picture of the old Ford when you hav a chance.
  6. Hi Bob, I have taken numerous pictures of our car over the past few years. Mine is a model 65. This is the smallest of the Chandler sedans for 1929. Roger has a model 75, this larger and with a straight 8. There is also one size larger a model 85 with a bigger eight and a bit more luxury inside. If you give me your vin number I can confirm for you what you have. Also you should join the Chandler-Clveland Club (dues are only $15 a year). By joining the club you get our newsletter which has a classifeds section with some 1929 parts for sale. Where are you and the car located? We have many membrs across the country and through out the world that might be able to help. Chris
  7. Good luck. We don't have many swap meets out here that don't cater to pre-war cars. About a month ago I walked the rows of a pre-war swap meet put on by a local model T club. Hardly anything there that was not built by F O R D. After an hour (my second trip around) I happened upon a Kingston vaccum fuel pump. Original equipment for the 1929 Chandlers! I am sure the vendo who sold it did not know waht it fit, but I do. Best $10 I every spent. Is your new FORD a project or ready to have fun in? Sounds like a great car. We are working on a 1966 MGB roadster. Fun for two.
  8. I find it interesting that it did not sell the 1st time around. Wish I had the room for this project. Oh well....
  9. Here is the info from the eBay listing that will add a little more to this thread. The question really is not why this car has a Merc motor in front, but rather, is what the seller is saying is accurate. "Q: can you please extrapolate as to why it has the current running gear in as opposed to the original running gear; it appears to have the motor in front? why is that? also, what is the history of the car and what, if any, original parts do you have for it that aren't pictured? please advise, thanks Aug-10-07 A: The last 10 on the assembly line didn't have the running gear installed. When these cars were purchased by the original owners all were finished out except for number 46 which was fitted out with an Oldsmobile chassis. The first owner of this car had 9 other Tuckers that were original. They were toured around to state fairs and showed off to the public in exhibitions. The second owner purchased it in 1962 and chose this one because of he wanted to drive it cross country and didn't want to have to worry about finding parts. In 1964 he took a brand new Mercury Meteor and changed it out with the Oldsmobile chassis. The dash is also from the Mercury but the rest of the interior is original. It was driven all over the country and shown in car shows. It was also used to premier the Tucker movie at two different theaters. We bought it from the second owner 5 years ago and have done some more improvements in that time. This car has had an engine in the front for almost 60 years now. I do not have any other extra parts like the Franklin engine or the Cord transmission."
  10. I work for Trader Joe's markets. Been there for almost 22 years. Started in the stores selling groceries and made my way into the corporate office in the IT department supporting the stores.
  11. Sure does soud high! Are you sure there is not an extra 0 in there? 1924 was about the last year that Chandler made Clevelands. There were supposed to be a smaller cheaper version of the Chandler. Ford and Chevy did a better job in the market, so Clevelands became entry model Chandlers. My own 1929 Chandler is a decendant of the line. For the most part Clevelands are more rare than a Chandler, but not necessarily more desiarble. If you can get the car's serial number I can confirm the model and year for you.
  12. Why won't the picture show? It is only 132kb...
  13. Here is a picture I meant to post earlier. Wish I could find cars with the Kingstons. I'll bet many were replaced with S-W units due to a lack of parts availability. It also seems that they were only on the maket for a very short time as mechanical pumps were soon the norm.
  14. Might be the same one! my is a model 39-F with patd. dates from 1921 till 1924.
  15. Ken what model Kingston do you have? I have one on my Chandler. I have only ever seen them on a Chrysler. I have a copy of an ad I can send you and some pictures of mine if you would like.
  16. There is a great article in the current issue of "Skinned Knuckles" on water pumps. I don't have my copy handy, but there is a vendor in there who sounds like he can do a nice job on yours.
  17. prowlers, Where are you? Running Chandler cars are very rare. Most are future projects or are in the process of returning to the road. I am working on a model 65 sedan. Chris
  18. Now how do you install power brakes <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />
  19. A friend of mine sent me a picture of some cars on tour. He would like to know what they are. He wrote: "Taken in 1928-29 at NAS San Diego, the airplanes are Boeing F2B-1 fighters assigned to VF-1B. The car in the foreground carries a sign on the windshield that reads "Flagship". The placard above the license plate reads something illegible, then "Silver Fleet" which is repeated on the flag on the left hand running board. On the back of the photo is a hand written notation that indicates the cars were visiting the NAS during their transcontinental tour. What kind of cars are they and what was the nature of the tour? Any help would be most welcome." If anyone you have any clues we would love to hear them. Thanks,
  20. I am so glad he won. Jim is a super nice guy and had such a great perspective on how the history of the company should be written. I spent a week a hershey with him a few years back before the book was published. His stories were wonderful to hear. We have asked him to write a similar book on the Chandler automibles. Not sure if he wants to take on another big project though. For those who have not read his book, do yourself a favor and find a copy!!
  21. getting back on topic. Here is an article from today's paper about the new popularity of electric vehicles. I say the bloom is still fresh: "Electric vehicles generate buzz High-performance models planned include an SUV and sports cars. Enthusiasts are excited and skeptical. By John O'Dell, Times Staff Writer February 6, 2007 - 4 new models make list of 12 most environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly cars don't have to be slow and stodgy. ZAP, a Santa Rosa, Calif.-based importer of electric scooters and a small, short-distance electric car, aims to launch a 155-mph all-wheel-drive electric sport utility vehicle next year. If it comes to market, the $60,000 ZAP-X would join a select group of high-performance electric vehicles led by a two-seat sports car from Tesla Motors Inc. of San Carlos, Calif. The $92,000 Tesla Roadster is capable of accelerating from a dead stop to 60 mph in four seconds and has a top speed of more than 130 mph. A third Northern California start-up, Wrightspeed Inc. of Burlingame, has announced plans for a $120,000 electric roadster that boasts a zero-to-60 time of 3.8 seconds. Tesla and Wrightspeed have shown drivable prototypes of their vehicles. ZAP, which says its five-passenger electric SUV could accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, has not. The company ? its name stands for "zero air pollution" ? unveiled a concept version Saturday at the National Automobile Dealers Assn.'s annual convention in Las Vegas. Although all the parts were on display, the vehicle shown there to prospective dealers was not a working model ? that's still somewhere down the road, ZAP Chief Executive Steven Schneider said. The company's announcement has generated excitement and skepticism among enthusiasts, who are passing around details online at websites devoted to electric vehicles. "They've described an awesome car, but until it's in the showrooms, I'll be doubtful," said Paul Scott, a spokesman for Plug in America, a Santa Monica-based group that promotes development of hybrid-electric vehicles that use rechargeable batteries. "It would be great if this comes out, but I wouldn't hold my breath," said Kevin Riddell, a Troy, Mich.-based analyst who covers alternative powertrain systems for J.D. Power & Associates. "I'd be surprised if they could do all they say they want to do and bring it in at $60,000." Still, "the idea has legs," said Dan Hall, an analyst with market research firm AutoPacific Inc. in Tustin. Although his firm's research shows there is little public awareness of electric vehicles, Hall said, those motorists who have shown interest are attracted by the technology, and many would be willing to spend $60,000 "to have something like that to show off to the neighbors." ZAP, Tesla and Wrightspeed are counting on sales of their high-priced, high-performance models to help create enough interest in electric vehicles and generate sufficient cash to enable them to build lower-cost, mainstream models. ZAP already sells electric vehicles, but the publicly traded company has never tackled a project as ambitious as the SUV. The company last made a splash with its aggressive promotion in 2005 of plans to import the two-seat Smart car from Europe. But that effort was dashed when Smart owner DaimlerChrysler first would not sell cars to ZAP and then said it would bring the Smart to the U.S. itself next year. But CEO Schneider said his company was committed to delivering on its promises for the ZAP-X. The vehicle would use the all-aluminum Lotus APX concept body designed by Lotus Engineering of Britain. Electric motors would be mounted on each wheel in place of the conventional centrally mounted motor that other electric vehicles use. Schneider, accompanied by Lotus Engineering executives when he announced plans for the ZAP-X late last month, said eliminating the APX's internal-combustion powertrain and fuel system would create space to install an array of three battery packs for the car. "It will give the ZAP-X a 350-mile range on one charge," Schneider said. That would be tops for a high-performance electric production car. The Tesla Roadster claims a 250-mile range, the Wrightspeed a maximum of 100 miles." john.odell@latimes.com
  22. "I think a hybrid discussion has no place on this board - they are neither antique nor classic, and you couldn't pay me enough to drive one of those things." There are pleanty of topics on this board that are not related to antique or classic cars. At least this topic is about cars. Pontiac59 given what we know about the state of the world today your comments, though popular with many individuals, highlight how far we still need to go to educate society about the damaging effects we as humans are having on our world. Hybrids/electrics give us hope that in the future car companies will be able to make cars that are fun to drive. My Honda Insight has everything going for it expecept that it has no back seat. It is fun to drive, efficent, and clean. My 1968 Mustang is fun to drive as well, but each has it's place in my driving schedule.
  23. Maybe we should rewrite the HOV rules so that the cars in the HOV lane are really full as it relates to their size. I would add that this be done up to a point as to not encourage people to purchase big SUVs to abuse them by only taking them and their friends to work. When you look at the driving habits of most people here in California, there are a lot more single users of SUV's driving around compared to the small minority of hybrid drivers in the HOV lane. This in my humble opinion is really the problem. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" />
  24. Joe are you trying to tell us that the people in the DC area don't have enough sense to buy the car because it will save on emissions of green house gases?! I though the people in that area of the country were more up on current news. Come on give them more credit then that. I am proud to say that by driving my hybrid I am doing my part to promote progress in autmotive technology. And also to make sure that there is a future my son can look forward to. Hybrids are today's reality. Sooner or later everyone will be driving them. Kinda of like when the horse was replaced with the horseless carriage.