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  1. I might have grand children in 10-15 years. My oldest is a senior in college this year. Nice pin. I’ll have to keep an eye out for one like that
  2. Like this one Terry? BTW my other project right now is restoring a 1967 MGB GT 🙂
  3. So here is what I just bought and installed: Milan X5 Light, it is a taillight, automatic brake light, and turn signals all in one small package that quickly installs on the spare tire. I used the valve stem as the mounting point. I may strap it to the tire in the future. Here's a few pictures. I'll have to see later when it get dark how visible the light is. In the daylight it seems pretty bright right out of the box.
  4. Here's my contribution to this thread. The back is marked L.F. Grammes & Sons Allentown PA. The ad slogan dates to about 1915 the second full year for Chandler Cars.
  5. Phil how visible is light to other drivers? This is the kind of set up I am think about, just concerned about the size and visibility for other drivers.
  6. Here's another one: Smart Brake Light for Bikes with Turn Signals
  7. If you have not seen them here is the bike light with built in motion detection to activate a brake light. Smart Brake Light for Bikes With this solution there is nothing to do to your car's wiring and does not put a power demand on your car's electrical system.
  8. I looked at those, but they serve a different purpose. If I understand it correctly these would communicate with your tow vehicle. We I (we) really need is a light system that can be attached to the rear of a running driving vehicle that independent of the rest of the car will provide brake and taillights, turn signals would be a plus. I am trying to avoid a system that I have to plug in to my car's wiring and be dependent on its battery. If they could just scale up a cyclists system we would have a match. I know for most classic car owners this need is a bi
  9. Thanks for the replies so far guys. What I am really looking for is a portable (read wireless) solution for a 100 plus year old vehicle. The previous owner installed a set of hardwired turn signals and brake lights about 60 years ago that I want to replace with a simpler set up. We have the technology; motion sensing switch for the brakes, capable batteries, and LEDs. I am really surprised there is not more demand for this. Has any one tried one of the solutions used for cyclist?
  10. Has anybody found a good solution for installing portable brake lights and taillights? Our 1914 Chandler has one functioning taillight as originally equipped. I would love to find a portable LED solution like they have for cyclist. You can now get a taillight with a built in motion sensor that flashes when the rider hits the brakes. No wires to run and easy to attach. The only problem I see with these is their size relative to what you would expect to see on a car. I have seen the unit that Jay Leno has promoted in the past. In fact last weekend we were behind him in o
  11. I agree, it would not be one I could take on. But we saw his other projects and have full confidence that he will get this one back on the road.
  12. Thanks Mike. We enjoyed re-telling the car's history many times this weekend and sharing the story about all the blood, sweat, and tears Harold poured into the car for many years. I am proud to share the car and impress them with the fact that it was last restored in 1960 by Harold. He left some big shoes to fill.
  13. So we are getting ready to tour Ventura County just north of Los Angeles this weekend with the Horseless Carriage Club of SoCal when a couple of guys walk up to see the cars lined up in from of the hotel. They stopped at our Chandler and remarked that a friend of theirs is restoring a Chandler. I gave them my contact information to pass onto their friend. About 30 minutes go by and we are about to leave on a 70 mile tour when we are approached by their friend with the Chandler car. Since we were about to leave we promissed to stop by his hanger at the local airport and see him and the car.
  14. Just returned from a tour of Ventura County put on by the HCCSC. Some wonderful backcountry roads and sites to see. Took our 1914 Chandler on its first overnight tour in California. Here's a few photos from the trip. We stayed at the Glen Tavern Inn built in 1911 which was great backdrop for the cars. The last picture is the owners of the Inn enjoying some time behind the wheel of our Chandler before we headed home.
  15. Our 1914 Chandler Model 15 Touring. The oldest running Chandler motor car in existence, last restored by the previous (3rd) owner in 1960. Our 1966 MGB restored by us about 15 years ago.
  16. It might also be the oil pump as they were made from pot metal in some years. It looks like your car might actually be a 1928. 1927-1929 were very similar, the key is the badge on the radiator if you are not looking at the serial number. I believe there may be about 12 Chandlers left in Australia with less than 200 left worldwide. Ed is correct get the Chandler book, you'll learn a lot about their history. Please message me if you have any more Chandler questions.
  17. You what amazed me about the two originals we found is that they both still had their original attaching hardware. Just amazing that they stayed together after all these years!
  18. Bill was correct. The modern repo is in the middle with the originals top and bottom. Would love to learn more about these. We have an old brochure that Chandler put out listing hundreds of owners who had a badge. Surprised I have only seen two now.
  19. Here's a rare sight! Two original Chandler badges and a modern reproduction . Th original's even have their original attaching hardware. Can you tell which one is the repo?
  20. Thanks! Our son is up in Davis and we talk about the terrible air quality you all have gone through for a while now.
  21. Aside from the terrible air quality and the ash all over the place it likely our neighborhood may escape the flames. The firefighters have done a really good job so far in keeping the fire in the wilderness area. Its really hard to believe but some idiots have flown a drone in the area where the helicopters are flying and twice now they have had to break off the attack on the fire. The fire has now driven much further west past our house than it was yesterday. Which just adds to the smoke in the air. Cars are pointing to the street and ready to go. Fingers crossed...
  22. We have a few options to go to should we need to evacuate, our club (Horseless Carriage Club of Southern CA) has been very supportive. Wildlife will be the most impacted so far. Its normal for us to see bear, dear, or even mountain lions in the neighborhood. Never an issue as long as you respect their space. The only time there has been an issue is when the media sees them are tries to make a story out of this normal and natural behavior. I expect in the coming months we'll see a lot more activity in the neighborhood. They say this fire will continue to burn for about a
  23. Since last Sunday we have had a major wildfire near our neighborhood (Bobcat Fire). Our section of town near the mountains has been put on pre-evacuation orders for almost a week. We are packed and ready to go. So humbling to go through your house and decide what you want to keep and what you can live without. Trust me I know how fortunate that we even have a chance to make a decision. Between our house and my in laws we have three non-running classic cars that we have trailered to a secure parking lot at my work just over a mile away further away from the fires. In the garage we s
  24. The current most popular thread has recently run aground in discussions about registering the car in question. Rather than add to that wonderful thread I figured it would be helpful to start a thread devoted just to "Tips and Tricks" to register an old car. If possible we can keep this thread positive and on point to educate and entertain. As been mentioned before there has not been found a reference book for the average car collector to use. The book would be huge at this point as every state has their own rules. Throw in Federal regulations and changes over time and the book gets
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