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  1. Hi Jim, No Chandler did not produce such a body to the best of my knowledge. 1929 was the last year for this make as Hupp bought them in 1928 it seems mostly for their big factory so they could increase production of their own make and knock off some of their competition. Parts are hard to come by for a Chandler of any vintage as Chandler made a lot of their own parts including drivetrains. Would love to see pictures of the car and more info about it including the serial number to confirm its year of manufacture. As far as finding parts you might try posting wanted ads on this forum and if you have not done so join the Chandler-Cleveland Car Club, dues are very reasonable and Roger puts out a great newsletter. Chris
  2. Amstrong, As Dwight said post some pictures and take some measurements and we can help you. It will also help if you can identify which model you have. There was a small and big six and a small and big eight in 1929.
  3. At least on my 28 and 1929 Chandler the radiator was made by Harrison, a pretty popular supplier. If you don't mind a period accessory in place of the original, a moto-meter Sr. is a good choice or one of the many novelty after market units that were popular then.
  4. Great newsletter! Glad I was able to get my copy and thanks for the reminder to renew so I don't miss anything. I love all the vintage photos you have included. Will you be posting updates on the car Registry in future issues? All you Chandler-Cleveland owners out there don't forget to post you car's info for us all to share! Thanks Editors
  5. Thanks Jeff. I think I have that car in my registry. If not, I'll have to seek out some more info on it.
  6. Welcome to the club Tassie. Your eBay Chandler is a real find. If I only had the room I would have been a bidder on it too. PLEASE, please document as much as you can on the car when it arrives. These cars are so rare and one that has sat as long as that car is such a treasure of information. I've got some information on these cars and will be happy to help where I can. Send me a private message when you get the car if you would like me to add your Chandler cars to the Chandler Registry. I am sure the Chandler Club would love you to write up a small story on your new find if you are so inclined :-) BTW in the third picture on the cowl in the background you have a Kingston Vacuum Tank for the fuel on a 1929 Chandler these are pretty rare and were used on Chandler cars for only the last year of 1929. Again I have more info on these I can provide.
  7. OK, who got it? Introduce yourself. This is just the way we got into the hobby, got an email from the club asking if we wanted more information on the car we just bought.
  8. Can you imagine the meetings the salesmen must have had. "Now let's go over this again, don't let the customer push that plunger on the firewall!" Oh, not again.....
  9. It was a messy idea. Not popular with the showrooms. The device was way over used and made a mess. When used according to design it would really extend the life of the suspension.
  10. Below the leather boot is a hard line to provide oil from the "One-Shot" chassis oiler. Chandler did not have juice brakes, but did offer vacuum boost brakes as an added option which this car should have though I could not find evidence of the unit or the vacuum line of the intake on this car. Rare option and was supposed to triple the force of the brake pedal. I have a restored one on our Chandler that is very patiently waiting to be put back into service.
  11. That sure would be a great car for documenting originality! Wish I had the room and spare cash. There are a couple of Chandler's for sale including this one and a 1917 7-passenger model I would love to have. Come on Roger up the bid
  12. Peter you beat me to it! Bravo to our editors. I love the format and printing quality. As a past editor I really appreciate how much work went into this issue. Great job guys!!!! It sounds like you got quite a response to the first issue which just shows what an impact you are making. People actually read the thing. An editor can not ask for more. And because I did read your current issue, I ask that you continue to post our ad for the Chandler 1k badges. We still have some left and all the proceeds go to the club.
  13. Great pictures Paul. There aren't very many of the early Chandler cars left. Probably only a handful of these early cars left.
  14. How long till you are done with one of yours ? :-) I'll keep my eyes open for him.
  15. Anyone seen or have one of these?? Issued to Chandler owners in the 1920's that had either driven their car or multiple Chandler cars 1k miles. There was also a brochure that listed many of the members of this special club. I sure would love to learn more about this badge and promotion from Chandler. For those interested I have also had a few reproductions made of this badge. Contact me if interested. All proceeds go directly to the Chandler-Cleveland Club. $40 each plus shipping
  16. And here is a picture of a dash from a 1929 model 65 Deluxe sedan, notice the woodgrain dash, rather than the plain painted dash like mine.
  17. Bob the 1928 dash is quite different. The cluster is oval rather than the style of 1929. If you look closely on your bezel, that medallion at the bottom should resemble the grill of a 1929 Chandler. Yours is upside down. Mine has never been out of the dash. Do you have the rest of the car or just this key part? Happy Holidays!
  18. What you are looking at is the difference between the model 65 and 75 (and probably 85), all from 1929. I am attaching two pictures for comparison. The first is my model 65 sedan and the second is from a friend's model 75 coupe.
  19. Thanks for posting BlackStar I have sent you an email.
  20. Thanks Dan. That has to be about the best Chandler ever built. Sure wish I was in a position to add it to our collection. Thanks for sharing the information with us.
  21. Sorry to hear that, but it is understandable considering the state of the club these days! I wish I would have been able to attend this one. It just did not work out in our schedule. Thank you for all the hard work that went into putting this together. Even though there is no event I am sure there was quite a bit of work to plan and schedule everything. Thank You!
  22. Thanks for the tip Roger. We sure had fun seeing what we are are missing from our cars. Even the girls had a good time.
  23. I should add that items included in the book will be properly identified as to where they were sourced from and the who volunteered the items.
  24. If you are a fan of Chandler Motors then you will be pleased to learn that there will soon be a genuine book covering the history of the Chandler-Cleveland Motor corporation. Fellow Chandler-Cleveland Car Club member and author (The Jordan Automobile: A History) James Lackey has agreed to take on the responsibility of writing an accurate history of this Ohio based car company. Jim has already been given access a few great Chandler memorabilia collections to help him tell the story. But we know there are more items out there! If you have something rare and unusual that could be included in the book whether just as a reference or to be included as with a picture please let us know. Items Jim is looking for in particular are copies of Chandler Bulletins and other unique items that help tell the history. If you have anything you wish to share for this project please let me know. We are looking to acquire copies only. If you have had a chance to read Jim's book on the Jordan automobile you know what a great honor it is that he has agreed to write his next book on the Chandler-Cleveland cars. So let's get together and dig through our collections and help Jim put together the most complete collection of pictures and information ever collected and this great car company and the people who founded it. Email or PM me anything you have to offer and I will consolidate it and forward it all on to Jim. Thanks for your help!
  25. I am still here. No progress on our Chandler either. And I too am waiting to see a new newsletter. I heard from another member this week that he just got his first one since I retired. Anxious to read my copy. Mena sounds like a great find. Please keep us posted. We love to see pictures. Chris