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  1. Agreed, that is what I am compiling now for owners that are sending me their information. The personal information will be private and not listed on the public site. Car information, counts per year, total cars in the registry, etc will be available for anyone to see. Including as many car pictures as I can get. Thanks to all of you for your feedback and links to some great sites, I never would have found some of these without your input.
  2. Thanks I'll give it a look. Any tips for one getting ready to build one? I should note I also am the webmaster for our local chapter of the HCCA so this is not my first stab at building out a website. SoCalHCCA.com
  3. What size do you need? I found one for my 1914 Chandler on Amazon. It is used for Italian bicycle pumps.
  4. What are some good marque specific car registry websites out there? I am familiar with the Cole website and all the great information and stories that are available there. I am looking to build one myself for a marque that does not have an Internet home yet. As a starting point I am trying to build out a list of surviving cars and owners. Over the years I have been collecting memorabilia and literature that I will use to tell the story of these cars. I have some ideas to feature on the site: Gallery of cars with information about year and model History page to summarize the history of the company A place for current owners to "register" their car with us if only to gather info and keep track of which cars are left. A page to help future owners determine what year and model their car is. A place to showcase ads, pictures, and memorabilia, etc. Maybe you have some suggestions of pages that could/should be part of a marque specific website. One thing I will not have available is contact information for each of the cars in the registry. Owners and their car's location will be private.
  5. I am trying to get the word out that I am restarting the Chandler-Clevand Registry. Our small club is pretty much defunct these days and I am hoping to at least keep the shell of the group together and the list of cars centralized. I have emailed many of the owners that I know about and posted my story on the Chandler Cleveland Forum (https://forums.aaca.org/topic/340886-new-chandler-cleveland-registry/). Just hoping with this much bigger audience to get a few more owners pointed in my direction. Thanks for reading and sharing the news. Our 1914 Chandler in 1969 at the Cedar Rapids IA AACA show
  6. About 10-15 years ago I took over the registry of owners of Chandler and Cleveland motor cars. I passed those duties off to other Chandler-Cleveland club members who maintained the list after me. I have not seen updates in awhile, so maybe it's time to give the Registry a fresh start. My short-term goal is to collect information to put together a list of all of the surviving cars from the Chandler-Cleveland factory. Ideally this would identify the cars by: Car serial number (VIN) and motor numbers where available pictures information about the options with the car current state/condition any history the present owner is willing to share I am particularly sensitive about sharing publicly, contact information about the owners and where you live. In this day and age personal security of private information is a hot topic and one I will not compromise. At the same time it's really important that we keep in touch and share our information about our cars to help those that are trying to put their car back on the road or those who are just seeking information that is unique to our make of automobile. John Lackey did a fine job compiling his book on our cars and giving all of us a reference source that we can all use. If you don’t have a copy make sure to get a copy and read it cover to cover like I have. Its required reading for any Chandler-Cleveland owner. Now it's time to keep the ball rolling. We need to keep track of the cars and see what we can learn collectively about what is left of the hundreds of thousands of cars the factory produced. Hopefully we can document 100 or maybe 200 cars. With your support I would like to create a website dedicated to Chandler-Cleveland cars focused on the cars, memorabilia, and history of the company. There are other makes who have a website dedicated to their orphan cars as well. I plan to study them and see what I can model for our version. But that is in the future after we are able to get the Registry updated and going again. So here it is my first “official” request that you share information about you and your car(s). I promise to accurately and securely document your car for the Registry. Respond to this thread with details about your car(s). Pictures would be great and will help document what you have. I know from past experience how valuable pictures are to accurately document the details about a car and to validate what we believe to be correct whether that to be the year or model we have. I have attached a Registry form you may fill in and return and a reference sheet to help determine were your car’s serial number is and what it is. Please "private message" me to add your car information. Thanks
  7. What are the dimensions? I am missing one from our 1929 Chandler 6
  8. We'll I guess I'll be the first to respond. Our car is a 1914 Chandler Model 15, one three known to survive, but the only one on the road. The car was last restored in the early 1960's by the third owner for the second owner and has been carefully maintained ever since. We are fortunate to be the fourth caretakers of this car and could not be happier.
  9. A 1917 Chandler sold for $17,000, anyone know where it went? Hopefully they are in the Chandler-Cleveland Club or will join. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/hf19/hershey/lots/r0065-1917-chandler-type-17-seven-passenger-touring/759554
  10. Great story Kevin. Wish we were closer to see the display at the Gilmore. Just as impressive is the dedication your son has. Sounds like the Cole legacy will be in good hands.
  11. I have enough to start a collection or fill in what you need to maybe complete your run. Some are being sold as singles, others as a group by year (volume), some are in binders and one group is bound. Let me know what you need. I'll try to make shipping affordable too. Want these to be read and enjoyed again. Pricing shown below: $20 each issue SOLD--1945 Vol. 7 3--SOLD 1946 Vol. 8 all 1947 Vol. 9 all 1948 Vol. 10 all 1949 Vol. 11 all $15 each issue 1950 Vol. 12 all 1951 Vol. 13 all 1952 Vol. 14 2,3,4 1953 Vol. 15 all 1954 Vol. 16 all 1955 Vol. 17 all 1956 Vol. 18 all 1957 Vol. 19 all 1958 Vol. 20 1,3,4,5 1959 Vol. 21 1,3,4,6 $10 each issue 1960 Vol. 22 all 1961 Vol. 23 1,2 1962 Vol. 24 2,3,4,6 1963 Vol. 25 all 1964 Vol. 26 all 1965 Vol. 27 all 1966 Vol. 28 all 1967 Vol. 29 all 1968 Vol. 30 all 1969 Vol. 31 all $5 each issue 1970 Vol. 32 all 1971 Vol. 33 all 1972 Vol. 34 all 1973 Vol. 35 1,2,3,4,5 1974 Vol. 36 all 1975 Vol. 37 all 1976 Vol. 38 1,2,3,4,5 1977 Vol. 39 1,3,4,5,6 1978 Vol. 40 all 1979 Vol. 41 all 1980 Vol. 42 all 1981 Vol. 43 2,3,4,5,6, 1982 Vol. 44 all 1983 Vol. 45 1,2,4,5,6 1984 Vol. 46 all 1985 Vol. 47 all 1986 Vol. 48 all 1987 Vol. 49 all 1988 Vol. 50 all 1989 Vol. 51 all 1990 Vol. 52 all 1991 Vol. 53 all 1992 Vol. 54 all 1993 Vol. 55 all 1994 Vol. 56 all 1995 Vol. 57 all 1996 Vol. 58 all 1997 Vol. 59 all 1998 Vol. 60 1,2,5,6 1999 Vol. 61 all $3 each issue 2000 Vol. 62 all 2001 Vol. 63 all 2002 Vol. 64 all 2003 Vol. 65 all 2004 Vol. 66 1,3,5,6 2005 Vol. 67 1,2,6 Bound $70 1959 Vol. 21 $65 1960 Vol. 22 HCCA Gazette Binders. $100 each 1957 Vol. 19 No. 6 – 1959 Vol. 21 No. 5 12 issues 1959 Vol. 21 No. 6 – 1961 Vol. 23 No. 5 12 issues 1961 Vol. 23 No. 6 – 1962 Vol. 24 No. 6. 12 issues $60 1963 Vol. 25 No. 1 – 1963 Vol. 25 No. 6. 6 issues Complete run in boxes- make offer 1957 Vol. 19 – 2001 Vol. 63 Magazines are located in Monrovia California. Local pick up is encouraged if you buy in volume.
  12. 1914 Chandler Model 15 still wearing its original set of Jiffy side curtains
  13. Looking good Eric. I see a few differences in six years of development. Interesting that Chandler stayed with the same basic design for so long. I might be wrong but the next generation engine was probably the Pike's Peak motor in 1923.
  14. The 1914 engine was 268 CID and rated at 35 hp
  15. Thank you Layden B, I did look at this option and was advised against it by RF. Thanks
  16. Norm you have a Private Message in your inbox with my contact information.
  17. Need to make some room. If my price is unreasonable make an offer.
  18. Looking for a Jones speedometer cable to fit a model 25. Cable needs to be six feet in length.
  19. Thanks 23hack He was the first place I started, unfortunately he is out of stock at the moment so I am pleading to the masses...