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  1. How was it? It would have been a long drive for us
  2. Thanks Roger! It was sure a rewarding experience. I just hope someone picks up the responsibility soon. I can't wait to get my first newsletter that I have not read already in over 5 years.
  3. I think Roger Anderson has the list of paint choices available during those years. good luck!
  4. What Kingston model # are you looking for?
  5. Looks great Roger! The engine and frame have turned out very nice. Let us know when you get is started.
  6. Alright I do have a picture, but the Cranbrook is in the background. It is teal car behind the red Vagabond. I really thought I had a picture of it. It was a really nice car and the first one I think I have seen.
  7. There was a Cranbrook at the Western Fall Meet in San Diego today. Once I down load my pictures I'll post a picture of it. It may show who the owner is.
  8. Yes I believe it is very close, but maybe lighter.
  9. The engie color is a very light green. I had some paint matched from my 1929. They did an ok job of it. Pretty hard to match 80 year old dirty paint fragments. I could look up the code for you. Maybe someone else has a paint that is a better match to the original.
  10. Today the greatest ambassador the Chandler-Cleveland club has ever known passed away. Fred Hansen led our club from it's inception to the point where his health would no longer let him be a leader. Like a good father he made sure the responsibilities of the club were in good hands before he passed. Fred and his wife Jan recently hosted a CC event in their hometown of NY. I wish now more than ever that I was able to attend. My last chance to say good-bye to a good friend. Please join me in saying a few words about Fred and to express our condolences to Jan and her family.
  11. Skinned Knuckles has a great series of articles on these. You can get reprints at their website.
  12. Looks to be a 1928 or 27. Shipping from Germany would be a bit expensive!
  13. Here are a couple of pictures a friend sent me of one of his relatives. The picture was taken around 1905 possibly in Southern California. The question is what make are they?
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dave@Moon</div><div class="ubbcode-body">
  15. Ron there is a car very similar to yours in our club. The owner lives here in Southern Cal. His car is a 1929 model 75. He has dual side-mounts and wire wheels. We found a luggage rack at a swap meet that we think is close to the original. These are great cars, though under valued and appreciated by most. You have a car that there are probably less than 10 left in the world. Most Chandler's are this way, but being an 8 cyl yours is generally more desirable. IMHO this car needs to be persevered and enjoyed. If you have not joined our little Chandler-Cleveland Club, please do. I can give you more info about if you wish.
  16. Check out this coolant filter from Australia. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Tefba-1-1...sspagenameZWD1V Advantages over the Gano are that it has a removable cap that allows you to check the filter and add fluid. They come in different sizes for your house size. I have few and love them. Sure does make it easier to bleed the air out of the system on my daily driver too. In the end worth the extra money as I can check the filter whenever the system is cool!
  17. James what is the diameter of the opening that screws onto the radiator? This and the TPI will determine what year Chandler it fits.
  18. I believe these were an optional assy. that could be bought from the dealer or after-market. The only thing that would make this year specific is the thread count and diameter of the "dog bone."
  19. Here is a link to a copy of AQ on eBay:http://cgi.ebay.com/AUTOMOBILE-QUARTERLY-24-4-ROLLS-ROYCE-AUSTIN-HEALEY_W0QQitemZ350019301262QQihZ022QQcategoryZ13567QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem and a link to Amazon for the Wagner book:http://www.amazon.com/Golden-wheels-automobiles-northeastern-publication/dp/0911704124 Enjoy them both!
  20. I agree it is a very cool car. It had many features other makes did not have for several years later. The issue you/we have is that the car is so unique, but not very different. It looks like so many other cars from the same time period. Many times I have had people ask what year "Model A" my 29 Chandler is. The two are alike only in that they are sedans. The Chandler has a much larger engine with a more advanced transmission. Here in lies our issue. The drive-train and many of the other parts on the car were made to high standards for the Chandler car by the Chandler company. No other company used the same parts. So for us parts are scarce. Our other issue is recognition. Which also means we are rare. There are very few Chandler cars on the road today (probably less than 50). Until you know the story of the make it is hard for most people to appreciate why these cars should be preserved and why they should bring higher prices. Our Chandler-Cleveland Club is trying to educate more people about our cars. This we know will take time. Someday when I tell a person I have a Chandler they will not ask me who made it. But then again I knew I did not buy a Ford and did so for that reason. Hopefully you will find a buyer for your car that will appreciate what it is and pay a fair price. If I can help by listing it in our Club newsletter (next issue is in April) let me know. I would also like to get the information about the car for our Chandler Car Registry. That will help us learn more about the cars and determine how many are left. If you care to participate I can email you a simple form to fill out.
  21. Barbara, What body style do you have? A sedan is much more common than a touring car. You might also post your question in the Chandler-Cleveland on this site. I can tell you not many Chandlers change hands each year. A sedan might bring $4-7 thousand dollars in good condition, open cars more. Where are you located? Our Chandler club has members in many parts of the world maybe we can help you out.
  22. BTW The Car & Driver story is in the new book and it is every bit as good as the first. can not wait for book #3!
  23. What a small world. Just yesterday Derek H sent me a piece of felt for my timing chain cover! Post a picture or two of your project when you get a chance.
  24. I recently went to the local Napa dealer to purchase a 6V battery. When the lady looked it up she saw the price was listed at $90. Before I could react she marked it down $25. They had two in stock. My Chandler will get it's first "jolt" in 40 years from one of them. i have been very happy with Napa over the years. They are the only chain stores that still have parts people that know what points are for. Just my 2-cents.
  25. There are no books on Chandler cars, but there are a few good articles to read. Look for "automobile Quarterly" v24 #4. Also get a copy of "Golden Wheels" by Wagner. He has a whole chapter devoted to Chandler. The book tells the histor of all the great cars built in Ohio.