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  1. Hi All, Been sometime since I have posted. I have finally dropped my 31 883 468 Coupe off at the upholsterer to have the interior finally done. The trim man had asked me if I knew how the Passenger Seat-back was fasten. Does anyone here know if it was fasten to the rear wood structure and if so how was it done or does it just set in place so it can be removable? Thanks
  2. Good Morning VintageLiterature, Any material for 1931 833 Packard? Or anything for a 1957 Chevy Belair (4-door)
  3. Hupp36, Roar are you a Lion? I have been in the Lemont Lions here in Illinois for over 10 years now. It is a great organization to be part of. To bad you weren't closer I would have love to attend the show.
  4. Barry, Outstanding work there. Congrats on getting it completed and good luck to you at Pebble.
  5. Tom M

    6v led bulbs

    Ron, Would you have a pictures of your setup in and out of the headlight buckets? Thanks
  6. RivRoger, What area of Chicago? Private owner or dealer?
  7. Hi Hupp, Curious does this car have the '32 upgrade? Oops my bad I re-read the first post it does Is the stone guard V-shaped also? Are they willing to sell the parts separately?
  8. Good Morning all, A few years back we had a bad storm roll through and our house was hit by lighting. What we learned from that is to go around and unplug things like the TV's, stereo etc. Well while we were going around to unplug things all of the sudden we heard a loud bang and there was very bright flash. Yes we were hit once again. As Sue and I were walking around the house checking to see what got damaged/blown she called me out to the garage. We had water coming in through the sills. As I walked around Old Bessie (Packard) I am like what the heck is this on the floor. I picked up the obj
  9. I have used these with some dish soap on my new white walls
  10. Hi Bill, D&D Classic Bright Works, Piqua, Ohio Here you will find before and after shots http://forums.aaca.org/showthread.php?t=213384&page=10&p=755718&viewfull=1#post755718
  11. I have had good luck using http://www.uship.com/ I have used uship to get bids on shipping tires back to the company I purchased them from. Had engine shipped to and from Ohio. You can set your price if you like.
  12. Curious would them Wire wheels fit a '31 833?
  13. You are not getting on my nerves posting photos. Always great to see that these car are still up and running around the world. Thanks for posting them and please keep them coming.
  14. So that is where my lost wrenches went too. Nice Art work
  15. Anthony, I believe I found your site http://www.redhotrelics.com/shop.php. You have some great looking signs there. For now I will have to take a pass since the price of them would take a good bite out of my restoration funds for the Packard. Maybe sometime down the road. Thanks
  16. Can you post what you are asking? Some of us don't us facebook Do you have any Phillips 66 signs? Thanks
  17. David, A few pictures of mine that was done by hand by a lady that works for the place that did the metal work on my car. She did an outstanding job. It is now reinstall in car which I sill need to get some photos of it with all the chrome trim back on it.
  18. Hi Matt, Sure hope I don't run into this matter with my tires again. Already had to replace them once. See my thread here http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=11476&forum=4&post_id=119165#forumpost119165 I too had the rim all nicely painted and now from the dismounting of the tire and remounting of the new tires my rims got a little beat up also. Like you Matt I like the looks of the White's and the tread pattern of the Firestone's. If they are to yellow again I am not sure what I will do?
  19. Taylormade, I used their primers and trust what the user here have to say about it. http://www.spiuserforum.com/showthread.php?682-Sandblast-then-Epoxy&highlight=sand+blast
  20. Hi Josh, I am also a DIYer. Here are some products that I have used on my restoration. I am very please with their service and support. The primers I used are from Southern Polyurethanes, Inc http://www.spiuserforum.com/forum.php Paint was Prospray which I purchased from Chad at Auto Rod Technologies/Chad's Paint and Audio Home Page.
  21. Barry, Wow very impressive 3d work there. What cad software and rendering tools are you using?
  22. Dave, I am not sure if mine are original either. But will get a photo for you.
  23. Do you have in your stock the golf door lock for a '31? How about Door handles for a '31?
  24. What quick service I have received from Universal Tire. When we got home from work on Friday four tires were sitting on our front stoop. My twin and younger brother came over on Saturday and help me dismount the other tires. My nicely paint rims got a few chips here and there I knew that was going to happen because them snap rings are not the easiest to get off and on. A little sanding and touch up will be needed. Before mounting the new tires we took the rims over to a tire/truck repair shop. They put them on a machine and four out of the six had noticeable out of roundness to them. The two
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