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  1. Update over the winter the whites on the tires turned yellow. I wrote an email to the place I purchased the tires had replied back asking me few questions. Instead emailing I gave him a call back today. He stated that it a manufacturers defect on how they installed the white wall. So at no cost to me with shipping they will be sending me 4 new tires. All I need to do is send him back the other ones. Not sure if it correct for me to say what company it is but it is https://www.universaltire.com/
  2. Bryan, I with mrspeed and Matt this is a great idea. If you are ever in the Chicago, ILL area I'd be happy to give you a ride in Old Bessie.
  3. Ply33, Thanks for the how-to. I do not have a dial indicator but I am sure I can check with some friends who may have one. It is a bit cold out in the garage plus we have all the summer outdoor thingies in the garage that are in my way This procedure may have to wait. Am thinking out loud here. But what if I take the side-mount tires that have the old tires mounted to them and give them a run on the front. This may tell me if its the new tires?
  4. Tom, I did not check the rims for trueness before I mounted the new tires since they did not have any wobble before installing the new tires. Maybe they are out now I am not sure. If I need to check the rims for trueness does this mean I will need to dismount the tires? As you probably know it is not and easy task to dismount them and we would run the risk of scratching up the paint etc. Maybe I will just drive under 40 and live with it or is that not a good idear?
  5. 37gman, Now I see what you are looking for. Thanks for posting the picture. My '31 are wood grained. Could you find a metal fabricator to make them for you then have them chromed?
  6. 37gman, Would you have a picture of a spear. I have no clue what it is?
  7. Hi Tom, I have the wooden spoke wheels After paint, staining and Gloss Clear Spar Varnish As mounted on car So it could be I have some loose spokes? Thanks for feedback all
  8. Marty, Can all my NEW tires be that much out of round? Could having the rims and spokes sand blasted caused them to become out of round?
  9. 35Packard, Same with my car. I installed brand new Firestone's. I took the tires to a local truck tire place they put it on the tire machine and same situation as 34PackardRoadsta stated it would take a large amount of weights to balance them. I did not have this problem with the old tires and before I refinished the wooden spokes and rims? So where do we go with the tires if they are that much out of round? Thanks for you feedback.
  10. Jim, Sorry to here about your misfortune of the break down. But it is sure great to hear that the big parts supply house Autozone went out and actually delivered you the parts 120 miles away and at no charge. It is not to often you hear about big parts stores doing that. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  11. Pat, Nice start on your roof insert. I too used the wireon. I had a hard time trying to find the aluminum strip where did you find it? Instead of using chicken wire I purchased a sheet of birch plywood and screwed and sealed it to the top bows and along the edges. Should be leak proof now Hopefully Here is a link to some photos of mine after installation. Packard Top Installed Photos by packin31 | Photobucket
  12. Hi Marty, Mine measures ruffly the same as your car. So the one you are selling won't work for me
  13. Marty, I will take some dimensions after work and will get back to you either way. I will not be attending the Worlds greatest Car show.
  14. Marty, Do you know will this fit my '31 833 trunk rack?
  15. What a way to honor you father. Looking forward to seeing this photo. Fantastic, beautiful work you are doing there.
  16. Thanks all for the nice compliments, support and encouragement it sure really helps. It has been a long road, we are getting close to being complete.
  17. Thanks friends. It has been a long journey and it is getting there. As you can see I still need to tackle the front fenders and also need to find an upholstery shop to do the interior for me. That is one area I will leave to a pro.
  18. Tires mounted and took old Bessie out for a spin today. It was a beautiful day for it.
  19. Tires mounted and took old Bessie out for a spin today. It was a beautiful day for it.
  20. Left Bruce a message and he called me back with-in the hour. What a very pleasant person to talk to. He has email his catalog to my home email. I will look it over tonight. FYI, He stated he uses 303 stainless for the lugs. 3/4" is the hex-head of the lug. Threads are 9/16-18. Thanks HAVE A GREAT DAY
  21. I am having new bolts made by the machinist my brother works with but he had asked me few question which I hope someone here could help me out with his question and concern. Thanks for your feedback and help
  22. Ken, I was wondering to myself on how to protect the edges since them snap rings were a beast to get off. Thanks for the tips. Thought about painting after tire were installed but that would of been a whole lot of taping
  23. Some more progress on the rims. We did our traditional fourth of July at Indiana home. Got back home on Thursday morning so I spent most of the after noon, evening and Friday prepping the rims for epoxy primer and SPI SS Black. Got up early on Saturday did 4 rims and on Sunday did 2 rims. Each rim I sprayed two coats of epoxy primer let it setup for about four hours then sprayed 3 coats of the black. Last week I order tires from Universal and I received them on Tuesday two days earlier then I expected them to arrive. So now that I have the tires, rims all painted they are almost ready
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