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  1. Hum I asked that same question in the sticky ^ Yes what day would be best? Thanks
  2. Some progress this summer. Had new running boards made (first pic), powder coated and I have releasable them and installed on car. Reassemble luggage rack and installed on car. Painted, wet-sanded and buffed rear valance (cover over gas tank) and install.
  3. palosfv3, Will you be showing any of your cars?
  4. Geneva Concours d'Elegance 2011 I will be attending but once again only as a spectator. My car is road worthy but not 100% complete. Someday it will be.
  5. If we are back early from vacation that week what day would be the best day to go to see all the beauties. Thanks
  6. I purchased the running board trim for my '31 from here. Not sure what other years he covers. L & L ANTIQUE AUTO TRIM, Running board mouldings - Superb replica aluminum trims for most makes and models from the early 1900s. 403 Spruce Street, PO Box 177, Pierce City, MO 65723 (417) 476-2871
  7. Been working over here in Portugal for the last three weeks so Old Bessie is waiting for me to get back home to install her running boards and work on her fenders.
  8. Pictures of the rear bracket
  9. Good Morning Tim, Here are some pictures of the bracket of the front and rear brackets on the left side of the car. If you need any other angle please let me know. Don't mind the gray fender. I still need to get at painting the fenders. Packard Hood bracket pictures by packin31 - Photobucket
  10. Tim, I have a 833 Coupe. I can take some pictures of what you are looking for this weekend. 1. Images of the bracketry for the front hood clamp closure. Are you looking for the bracket that is bolted to the radiator? 2. Where does the cowl vent drain tube route? Mine does not have a tube. I don't recall seeing any evidence of any holes in that area for a tube. May be different for the convert. 3. We need a cowl vent lever handle. Either one to buy or borrow so that we can have one cast. My father had purchased a new one for my car but I can not find any receipts of where he did. If mine was no
  11. Hi Ron, I sent an email to the shop that did the metal work on my car. Here is a place he uses. Auto Machine 310 N. 6th Street St. Charles, IL. 60174 630-584-1188 Talk to Kim and tell him Dan from International sent you.Very knowledgeable and fair.
  12. Saturday April 16, 2011 My brother and I just spent 8 hrs today hanging the fenders so we could line them up with the new running boards I had made to drill the holes in them before I send them off with the neighbor to have them powder coated. We had a set back getting to drilling the holes because one fender was giving us a ruff time since the mounting holes on the main body are off the mark . We will have to do some modification to the fender in order to get all the holes to line up.
  13. Received mine the other day and skimmed through it until I stumbled over the GTO pages. I had to close it up because tears started to run down my cheek and I did not want to get the pages all wet. O how I wish I still had my '70 GTO with the 455 HO motor..... Keep up the great work on the magazine.
  14. I am also an AutoCad user. HandBak, Nice work there. What program are you using to do your modeling and rendering?
  15. Mark,Welcome to the AACA. Very interesting forum name you have there. That is the same name I have for my AOL email. Hope we don't get confused here. You have yourself a sentimental Packard there if it were mine I would keep it and restore it. Any chance you you can share some pictures with us, Good Luck with it.
  16. Yes I have put 350 miles on her since getting her back out of a long hibernation. Was hoping to get the rear fender painted last summer but they needed more work then I had originally thought. Hopefully this summer I can get them painted and then onto the front monsters.
  17. Here are some photos of the roof material that my younger brother and I install late last summer From My other blog "With the help of my younger bother last week. We got the windshield installed. We also install the fabric/vinyl roof material. It was not as hard to install as one would thought. I think the installation went a little easier is because I took out the chicken wire for support of the material and replaced it with a 1/8" thick piece of birch plywood. I glued and screwed the wood to the bows and on the edges I used some top of the line block urethane caulk. Before installing the mat
  18. Hi Phil Have you try looking over at this site Auto Color Library - The World's Largest Online Color-Chip Library http://www.tcpglobal.com/aclchip.aspx
  19. Maybe here Fairchild Industries :: Extruded Rubber, Molded Rubber, Automotive Industrial Rubber Weatherstripping, Trim Seal - Fairchild or Your Search Results - JCWhitney
  20. Mine was when our great uncle would take us for a drive around Marquette Park in Chicago in his '31 Packard. Which is the same car I own today. :cool:
  21. B, I had asked Bob (the gent I purchased my material from) and this was his reply.
  22. Snooze I loose... Maybe another one will come around
  23. Good Morning Mike, Can we get some dimensions please? Thanks
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