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  1. Hi Janet, I am off next week and may swing by your shop one day to get some quotes on some pieces. What would be the best day for me to stop by? Also will need some directions to your shop from I55 and First Ave? Thanks
  2. The odds were on his side to find this car. Sure would be nice to know where the cars we regret selling are now and like to own again.
  3. <!-- google_ad_section_start -->Two Saturdays ago I spent the time reinstalling some new and some of the original wood for the interior. In the forth picture you can see some of the original wood. The one with the 468-503 is an original marking. I left that one unpainted when I went and sprayed the rest of the wood with some truck bed coating.<!-- google_ad_section_end --> Thanks all for your inputs. We all learn something new everyday on our old beloved hunks of Iron
  4. Who are you calling late model GUYS I could not resist after rereading the title.
  5. Jeff, Thanks for taking the time and taking the extra pictures. Those are diffidently different then the ones that are on my '31. That is to bad since yours are in better shape then some of mine.
  6. Jeff, If you can please take some pictures of the caps in your upper right picture of the threaded side with a ruler up next to them. I like to see if they are the same as mine. Thanks
  7. Steve, Thanks for the complements. It sure makes one feel proud. I would love to do another one. But as you know how life goes. So this one will be probably be my only one. Unless my wife will let me do a old farm truck for her. See see likes them old stake bed trucks. Old Bessie here is a keeper. My goal for this car was to do the best that I could with what I have at hand and turn her into a nice driver. Plus that is what my Great Uncle and Father would of wanted anyways. I still remember the days My Great Uncle would take us out for rides around Marquette Park. We would trade off riding up
  8. Actually for me it be Priceless. But to be honest I would think about doing it.
  9. If you were closer to Chicago I would have liken to take a look at the Wheel Hub caps in your upper right picture. FYI. I will be in Wyoming, MI on Friday the 28th until Sunday for a Car Show there. Will you be attending it?
  10. Jeff, Where are you located?
  11. Tom M


    That things is going to be a beast when you finish it. What are you expecting it to run?
  12. Wood replacement complete. http://forums.aaca.org/f134/31-833-restoration-213384-24.html#post676041 Thanks all for your input
  13. Spent all day yesterday reinstalling some new and some of the original wood for the interior. In the forth picture you can see some of the original wood. The one with the 468-503 is an original marking. I left that one unpainted when I went and sprayed the rest of the wood with some truck bed coating.
  14. Frank, Thanks for your response. I meant for the flooring, seat back and storage compartments. Not the actual framing or sills (which I had a friend redo for me out of Ash).
  15. Restor32, Thanks I am at the point of replacing the flooring and some side panels and was in awe that plywood was used. I have a few pieces I am going to reuse plus one of them still has the original factory grease pen number written on it. Was looking at regular plywood at home store and it looked like junk so I splurged a little and bought a sheet of hardwood plywood instead. I think is was Birch and made in China. Go figure.
  16. I asked this question in the Packard forum also but no reply's so I ask here in the General Techy forum also. Curious does anyone know when plywood was the norm for use in earlier model cars (20ish, 30ish years) that had used wood for the interior framing. The plywood would have been used for interior panels and flooring? Thanks
  17. Curious does anyone know when Packard started to use plywood for interior panels and flooring?
  18. Hi Dave,This was my first time and experience at a full restoration on my own. I did spray an old El Comino years ago but I would not consider what I did to that car as spraying compared to what I have done with the Packard. It is never out of the question if you are willing to take the time to read up on it and ask questions. The net is a wonderful place for all you want to learn. Suggestion and Steps involved? That all depends on what shape your car is in to start with. If you look back at some of my posts my car was rusted out in a FEW areas. For that I had found a fabricator (by word of mo
  19. Steve, Thanks for that. Have had my up and downs on the painting side of things but over all I impressed with myself for how it has turn out for my first time at spraying. If I ever do it again there are some things I have learned and that I would change before tackling another massive project like this. Hopefully in a few weeks we (couple friends that were over on Saturday offered to help) will get the upper part of the engine reinstalled. I have it all laid out on the floor along one wall ready to go. Will keep you all posted. PS, Steve bring it on over and and we will see what we can do fo
  20. Some updated photos after buffing. This one I used my air brushing skills. Not really but I think I will print this one off full size and hang it in the garage
  21. LINC400, What shows do you attend in the Chicago area?
  22. Tom M

    Spoke Finish

    I will be watching for answers myself on this one here. See the wood spokes on my car are painted as of now but I will be stripping them and was hoping to go to the natural look also as long as mine are in decent shape to do that if not I will paint. Thanks
  23. I see you all over there like the American Iron for Drag racing. :cool: Thanks for sharing the pic's.
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