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  1. Looks like the same one I have on my '31 Packard
  2. Guess my would be the 1931 Packard that I am restoring right now. Had other cars but they were drivers to some degree '70 Goat (rebuilt 455(boy do I miss that car and the muscle that engine had)). It was going to go under a restoration but had a Marquee turn in front of me and totaled it '76 Grand Prix which I had restored back in mid '80s and stored it at grandmas but once I got married it was turned into a daily driver
  3. Install new wiring Harnesses which I should have in 2-4 weeks. Install new glass in the doors. "I broke the drivers door trying to reinstall in last weekend" Install exhaust system List can go on and on.
  4. At a local cruise in one year I saw this nice GTO but when I looked the VIN tag it did not have the rights numbers to be a true GTO. My twin was with me at the time and I mention it to him as we look over the car. The following week guess what the same car was there but the VIN tag was covered up. Why hide it. There is no way he could pass it off as a true GTO when he turns around to sell it. A person can spend a lot of money trying to make a clone look like a true muscle car but it is still a clone. No ifs ands or butts
  5. This is the stlye truck my wife likes.Thanks to you and others for posting pictures.
  6. My wife is an old farm truck fan. You know the stake bed back with step-sides and color would have to be green. You know what would be neat if you all can link pictures to your favorites. That way I can show them to her and get her hooked and then maybe in the future I will have another project on my hands to do. That is once I finish up the Packard.
  7. Thanks Guys. I will forward on the info to her
  8. A lady my wife works with family once owned a farm in Nebraska. She has this old picture of the farm with a car sitting next to a trail home. She had asked my wife to ask me and see if I knew roughly the year and type of car it is but I am not to sure. I am thinking a 1950ish Chrysler. Anyone here have any idea? Thanks
  9. A little History I own a 1931 Packard Std 8 833 Coupe 468. It has been in the family since 1958. My Great Uncle owned it before my father purchased it from him in 1988. Dad did some work on old Bessie (that is the name my friend gave her) when he own it until he passed away in 1996 and left it in my hands. Well fast forward to roughly 2005 I had some engine problems and you know what happens once you start tearing things apart one thing lead to another now I am at a full down to the frame restoration. You can follow up on my restoration of a 1931 Packard 833 468 Coupe here 1931-
  10. My younger brother came over on Monday and we reinstalled the cylinder block and pistons. He also came back on Tuesday but before we did any work on Old Bessie we replaced the front hubs and front brakes on his Dakota Sport. After working on his truck we cleaned up the head for Old Bessie and reinstalled it. We put some old acorn nuts back on and put a fresh coat of Hirches green paint. It is not my best but it will make do.
  11. Another vendor Quiet Ride Solutions - Home I found while searching the net. Waiting for reply from them with picture.
  12. Thanks for the offer. Will have to think about it. I did however leave the hole in the firewall. So I can say the car belong to Al Capone at one time Actully the real reason why I left it because it brings back memories of my father when he was living back at home at Grandma and Grandpas in the Marquette Park area of Chicago. One day while my father was out in the garage working on the car a young individual walked by and said nice car. My fathers reply back to him was the car was once owned by Al Capone so watch it. There are a few reason why my father would say something like that but one
  13. I am off next week for another cost reduction here. If you like to stop by sometime next week PM me and I will give you my number and we can set up a time.
  14. Funny you state that. My lovely better half walk out to the garage the other day and said will that old car smell ever go away even after you have replace almost all the pieces. I said no that is the nature of an old charm like this. For me I am in this because Old Bessie (the '31 Packard) was left to me after my father passed away back in 1996 (he was only 54 at the time). I could have sold this car back then and bought my dream car a 1969 or 70 GTO Judge but I didn't because I know how much my father loved Packard. If he was still alive today he and I would have been restoring it together.
  15. Ken, Thank you very much. Never thought of looking at Max's Site. Wonder if they have any that has bullet holes in them.
  16. West, Thanks for the link and Phone number. I looked at their cat online and what I can tell the stuff they sell is the insulation. What I am looking for is what was used to cover the insulation. To me it looks like leather or some other composite material which has the look, feel and a grain effect like leather.
  17. Packard Friends, I have the original firewall material but it is very brittle? What type of material was used for the Interior firewall? I was thinking of purchasing some leather and just gluing it to what is there now. Is that a bad idea, good idea? A little extra info. The original is embossed with the the firewalls stamping and contours. I am at the point to reinstalling some of the doodads that attach to the firewall and found that this material needs to be install first. Any input would be great. Thanks
  18. Pat, That is you first name right? Which Brand do you recommend? Spar varnish - Google Product Search
  19. Another one he is selling Year - 1994 Make - Chevrolet Model - Corvette Price - Description - See EBAY LINK Location- Pahrump, Nevada, United States Contact Information - Will add to post when I hear back from him Ebay - Chevrolet : Corvette:eBay Motors (item 230384298434 end time Oct-10-09 12:39:24 PDT)
  20. All, I am posting this for a friend from another forum. This is my first time posting a for sale item so please bare with me if not filled out correctly. Year - 1962 Make - Studebaker Model - Gran Turismo Hawk Price - Description - See EBAY LINK Location- Pahrump, Nevada, United States Contact Information - Will add to post when I hear back from him Ebay - Studebaker:eBay Motors (item 230384297936 end time Oct-10-09 12:37:53 PDT)
  21. West, That what I was thinking since it is hidden just use today's type of wiring. I just wanted a second opinion. Thanks
  22. The original wiring for the dome light in the cab and rumble seat area is the cloth type wire. The cloth on parts of the wire in my car is deteriorating. Can I replace this wire with today's type of wiring or should I find a place that sells the cloth wiring and use that instead? Thanks
  23. Those look like the same ones that I have for my '31.
  24. Hi Janet, I am off next week and may swing by your shop one day to get some quotes on some pieces. What would be the best day for me to stop by? Also will need some directions to your shop from I55 and First Ave? Thanks
  25. The odds were on his side to find this car. Sure would be nice to know where the cars we regret selling are now and like to own again.
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