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  1. When I did over my 41 plates, I painted the plate school bus yellow, which they were originally , and then took them to a vinyl sign maker and had him do the black numbers. He even applied them to the plates for $10 per plate. They came out perfect. John
  2. The alternate chrome and painted grille louvers also for the 1939 Super 8.
  3. My 41 had fender welt that was visible. It was painted the color of the car.
  4. He will be at the Rhinebeck Show and Flea Market both days.
  5. Maybach Mercedes
  6. The car appears to be '23-'25. There are many more hood louvers on a '26. The windshield stations on the 26-27 are very different where they bolt to the cowl. The radiator shroud does appear to be nickel which was on the 26-27 though. Could be added by the owner.
  7. I got my Model A Special Coupe off of CL 3 years ago. Drove 3 hours to pick it up after talking to the owner 3 or 4 times on the phone. Here it is with a friend of mine.
  8. The front fender looks to be 'un-skirted'. 1933 was the first year for the skirted front fender. That would make this a 1932. The split bumper would make this either a Deluxe Eight or a Twelve.
  9. The ones on my Coupe are painted.