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  1. I think it is an aftermarket switch for a Model T Ford. The key number is visible on the switch.
  2. Melissa, what you have is not a Packard trunk. You have a steamer trunk fitted with suitcases. The key ring is from a Packard dealership, the ultramatic tranny was produced from 1949 to 1954. The two are not related.
  3. Yes, they are still available. Sent you a private message. John
  4. The brake parts look very much like Packard. The brake drums with the locating pin is another Packard touch. I would say you are probably remembering correctly. John
  5. Looks like the one I had on my '39 Packard Six.
  6. One reason that Fordor Model A's are do desirable is due to the adjustable front seat. Another is the comfort. I have a '29 Special Coupe, the passenger compartment is quite small. Roadsters are even tighter. Large people just cannot fit in some of the Model A's.
  7. Note 5 lug Ford accessories
  8. Mark, if you read my post above, I clearly state that Firestone wheels had 5 lugs. Firestone were aftermarket wheels for the Model T. John
  9. It looks like a low radiator Ford. The windshield is another clue. 1917 -1922 Model T Ford. Firestone demountable wheels for the Model T had 5 lugs.
  10. One is spark advance, the other is throttle.
  11. Bob, I think what you are looking at is where the fold down rear cowl meets the door post. John
  12. I think the top mascot is an aftermarket Cadillac/LaSalle.
  13. The front of this car looks more like a '34. The '37 grill was canted back more than this car's grill. The headlight lenses are also '34.