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  1. 41 Su8

    Please help ID steering Wheel

    late '30's Packard
  2. 41 Su8

    1903 Packard F/S a Month Ago

    Not a real Packard. This car is a replica. The Packard Script in front is not even close to correct. The wheels look like Model T wheels. The hub caps are not correct. I have done some research on this car and believe It has a Briggs and Stratton engine. Probably fun to drive, but that's about all.
  3. 41 Su8

    What is it..

    1957 Olds
  4. 41 Su8


    Does not seem to be any wear on the drive teeth. The wheels have been spoken for. John
  5. 41 Su8


    Mark, I post regularly on that site. The wheels are already generating interest. John.
  6. 23 inch dental drive wire wheel for sale. Fit 30X3 1/2 tires. No sharp edges along clincher bead. One hub is a little pitted. Both wheels are good and strong. $200 each. Can ship Fastenal.
  7. Not a problem, glad you could find them.
  8. 41 Su8

    Car Logo Quiz...

    47 for me, but a few were guesses.
  9. No upper tail light lens, yes for parking light lens and clip. Will arrive Tuesday around noon.
  10. No tail light uppers, I do have the lens and clips for the marker light. Will arrive Tuesday around noon.
  11. Radio for a 1939 Chevy restored with AM-FM. Sell for my cost. Hershey C4Y-35.
  12. 41 Su8

    WHAT YEAR is this Packard Hubcap?

    Bob, it looks to me like 35-36 120 hubcap. Bill Hirsch gets $140 each for repops. I'll look at it in Hershey to confirm. John
  13. 41 Su8

    Unusual Cadillac/LaSalle

    The top and rear window treatment look a lot like a Derham bodied Cadillac that my family had when I was young. John
  14. Will have Packard lenses, door handles, dash items, cormorant and other Packard goodies at C4Y 34-37. Will also have a new head gasket for a 356 engine and Depress Beam headlight lens for early 30's Packard. John