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  1. 1929 Packard 726, 733 Sales brochure in Hershey space C4Y 34-37. Many color plates of the body styles and of the specifications. Arriving on Tuesday around noon.
  2. Aluminum bucket seats with black vinyl upholstery. Only one set available. Will be bringing to Hershey Chocolate field north booth C4Y 34-37. $450
  3. Many 41 Packard items at C4Y 34-37. Narrow tail Cormorant, chrome center hood hinge, cigarette lighter, dash knobs, etc. Also headlight lens for '30-'32 Packard Standard 8.
  4. I have 2 NOS Packard Single Six distributor caps for sale. Will be at Hershey space C4Y 34-37. $90 each.
  5. Both touring cars are 1923 Buicks.
  6. The 8-31 Reo is the one that impresses me,
  7. Supposedly, one of the causes of the demise of the steam car was the outbreak of Glanders and Hoof and Mouth Diseases in the late teens. Steam cars could get water in the rural areas by drafting water from a stream. In cities the cars would get their water from horse troughs. Due to the spread of these diseases, most of the cities removed the troughs, thus removing the source of water for steam cars. Sounds logical. John
  8. Bob, check with Ron Gocek in Nazareth, Pa. He is in Hershey at the end of the chocolate annex. Possibly the beginning of the Red field. John
  9. Depending on the measurements, it could be from a Single Six. John
  10. If you google 'pitman arm' you will find it was invented by George Washington Pitman, a railroad engineer.
  11. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't think so. It was the inside lock for the drivers door. The drivers door did not have a lock in the outside handle. Only the passengers door handle had a key lock.