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  1. 41 Su8

    What is it

    The rear bumper on the sedan looks to me to be a split bumper with two bars.
  2. 41 Su8

    What is it

    The one on the left is possibly a 32 Ford.
  3. I used a pertronix in my 41 Packard. The unit will not work if you have less than 4.5 volts at the module. I had a large voltage drop at the ignition switch. I ran a separate wire with a toggle switch to the coil to overcome the voltage drop and everything worked fine. Never had a problem with the pertronix.
  4. These are hypoid gears, Model T had straight cut gears.
  5. Fat man steering wheels were an aftermarket accessory.
  6. Wills St. Claire had a goose for a hood ornament, but it's wings were spread. Possibly aftermarket .
  7. I think dustycrusty is correct. I do not see the windshield support rods.
  8. If it were a '13 or '14 it would have a jog in the windshield. The only difference in windshields for those two years is that one folded inward and the other folded outward. They also would have support arms going down from the center bolt of the windshield to the floor. This c.ar does not have them. With the absence of a filler board between the windshield and the firewall, I would believe it is a '12.
  9. There are many cameras to choose from, each has some benefits over others. I found when I installed a Hopkins brand for my trailer hook-up, the hard wired camera worked better than the one that was wireless. The wireless had too much interference on the screen.
  10. I'm not crazy about the color either, but it is a LeBaron bodied Speedster. 12 cylinder. If it were mine, I would get used to the color.
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