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  1. First car on the left and the second car from the right are Fords.
  2. The vacuum wiper on my '29 Model A Ford has a line that enters the passenger side of the firewall and travels up the inside of the windshield header and across to the wiper motor.
  3. hub caps are 1936. the 1937 hub caps were larger and not stepped.
  4. I once bought an MGTD replica from a gentleman in neighboring Conn. I had all the necessary paper work for the build and from the donor car. At the time the car was registered in Conn. it was given a serial number from the state and a tag was fastened to the door jamb. In that state, the procedure is to leave the original vin on the registration, put a line through the number and then put the new number above the crossed out number. When the title is processed, the line through the old number becomes imbedded in the document and not 'on' the surface of the document. New York Sta
  5. Looks like we were typing at the same time.
  6. Keep the oiler full and it will send oil where it is needed. It is probably a 'total loss system' and doesn't have a sump.
  7. Agree, notice the Cormorant on the hood?
  8. Packard books for sale. Prices as listed plus shipping. Can Bring to Fall Carlisle, save shipping. The Fall of the Packard Motorcar Company by James A Ward $20 Excellent Packard Crestline by George H. Dammann and $35 Excellent SOLD, PENDING FUNDS Packard Parts List 35 -41 Reprint Good Condition $35 SOLD, PENDING FUNDS Packard Standard Service Manual Reprint Covers 626, 633, 640, 645 Excellent condition Packard Service Parts List Covers Packard Eights 1st through 6th Series $30 Excellent condition
  9. Packard books for sale. Prices as listed plus shipping. Can Bring to Fall Carlisle, save shipping. The Packard Story by Robert Turnquist $20 Good Condition Packard the Pride by JM Fenster $45 Excellent Condition Packard by Dennis Adler $75 Excellent Condition Illustrated Packard Buyers Guide by Richard Langworth $15 Excellent Condition Packard, a Chronology of the Company, the Cars, and the People $100 Excellent Condition
  10. Second picture is parts for carbide generator. Third picture is parts for acetylene head lamps. Can't help you with the metal bands.
  11. I believe the civilian jeeps had a ashtray while the military jeeps did not.
  12. Four new in the wrapper Universal tires. 450/475 21. Bought tires last year in Hershey, now don't need them. Stored inside garage and never un-wrapped. $95 each . Will bring to Carlisle flea mkt. Save on shipping.
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