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  1. I agree with Mark. Used Lexol on a tufted leather seat that looked like it needed to be replaced. Used the cleaner first then the conditioner. Looks brand new now.
  2. The man with the skimmer hat in the right rear passenger seat looks like Teddy Roosevelt.
  3. 41 Su8


    Was a Ford plant from 1916. Now an apartment house.
  4. I saw this Loco at Lime Roc at the first Vintage Fall Festival. It averaged 100 mph around the track. You could fill the ground shake as it went by. Awesome! At the time it was owned by Peter Helck's nephew.
  5. I looked at the wrong left.
  6. Possibly a 1912 Packard Model 30
  7. The doors do not open like a '36 Hudson, and the fenders are not streamlined like a '36 Lafayette. I vote for a '36 Buick.
  8. The amusement park was called Gaslight Village and was owned by Charles Wood. And yes, the Garbo Duesenberg was there along with many other antique cars.
  9. possibly 1908 Cadillac
  10. I rode in Sam Barnett's Marmon a few years back. I insisted on riding in the rumble seat just for the experience. I enjoyed it so much that my next car was a rumble seat coupe. John
  11. Don't know about the coupe, but the sedan could be a '32-'33 Auburn.
  12. The aerodrome in Rhinebeck is fantastic. There is a show every Saturday and Sunday from June to late October. They just made a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis and fly it almost every weekend. I know some of the pilots, great guys. Lately they have had small car shows with the air shows. There is also a museum of planes in large Quonset huts. They also have a Fokker Tri-plane. Great place to visit. John