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  1. Sorry for the delay, was in the hospital with Covid. The book is still available. Pm sent.
  2. The full wheel covers tell me it is probably the Deluxe Catalina
  3. 1928 Buick Standard 6. Standard 6d bumpers were different than the Master.
  4. 1928 Oakland Landau Sedan. Medium priced car above Chevrolet. Replaced by Pontiac in 1931.
  5. Looks like an aftermarket commutator for a Ford Model T. Good luck finding the rotor that goes with it.
  6. Some early cars had these fastened to the running boards. Red was on the left and green was on the right. A carryover from port and starboard on boats.
  7. Many times when someone built a speedster they would use 2 sets of front fenders and reverse the set for the rear.
  8. Looks more like a windwing that would be placed on the side of the windshield. In my mind, a windscreen is a front windshield.
  9. You are right, I thought you were running a module. Sorry about that.
  10. Double check your voltage at the coil to be sure it is 6 volts. Pertronix needs a minimum of 4.5 volts to operate. If you don't have at least 4.5 volts you may need to run a dedicated wire from the battery through a switch and then to the coil.
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